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OREO Cupcakes and Cookies and Cream Frosting

Whip up a batch of these heavenly chocolate cupcakes and homemade cookies n' cream frosting for someone who loves OREO sandwich cookies! This recipe creates fluffy, decadent cupcakes that have a great texture.

Many of you may remember that Adam left his job at Apple Inc. A few months ago, he started his job working as an IT assistant at a school in Phoenix, and a few weeks ago, he was promoted to an IT manager position and he has already become an essential team member to their department. It is so wonderful to see him actually enjoying his work, because seeing Apple work him so hard and never give him anything to show for it was frustrating for me since I saw the toll it was taking on him.

This new-but-not-so-new job of his has already made him much happier every day, and he has expressed to me that he really enjoys working for a school and he enjoys hanging out with his co-workers. A few days ago, Adam came home from work and told me that we were invited to one of his superiors' homes over the weekend for a friendly poker night with some of the other employees from the school. 

He told me that he needed to bring some food and drinks to the party, and even though I had already packed up all of my baking supplies just a few days ago, I knew I needed to dig out the freshly-packed moving box and whip up a batch or two of homemade cupcakes for the poker night with his co-workers. Admittedly, it has been a while since I have done any baking with traditional flour, sugar, or cookies. Since we started adapting to a ketogenic diet back in March, I have switched to ingredients like almond flour and other low-carb and low-sugar substitutes. But being that this party was with his co-workers and one of his superiors was hosting the party, I knew I had to pull out the yummier ingredients and make these decadent, showstopper OREO cookie cupcakes. 

These cupcakes are packed with OREO cookie chunks and chocolate chips, piped with vanilla frosting inside, and then decorated and topped with homemade cookies and cream frosting made with OREO cookies!

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 185

Happy Saturday!

Being that this is our last week in our condo in Mesa, we are finding it bittersweet to go to the Gilbert Farmer's Market this morning one last time before we move out towards downtown Phoenix. 

When Adam and I first moved out to Arizona back in 2012, we moved into an apartment in Mesa and stayed there for many years because of how affordable it was and how it was near the lightrail and made public transportation a breeze. Last year, we opted to live in our first condo here in Mesa, and despite our wishes, we discovered that we would have to relocate well before we were ready to do so (both emotionally and finacially). Although, living in Phoenix will prove easier for Adam since he will only have a few minutes commute going into work which is great!

Since we only have a short while left before we move out of Mesa, we are going to try to enjoy this last weekend running errands around town, doing some more packing, and then going to hangout and enjoy a poker night with some of Adam's friends from work tonight. But as of next weekend, we will begin our move into downtown Phoenix.

Celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary at The Hermosa Inn

This past weekend, Adam and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with a staycation. Today, I am sharing the details of our romantic, wedding anniversary weekend media stay at The Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley!

One of the many great things about living in Arizona is that we live so close to some of the country's most luxurious resorts and hotels. In the summer, when the temperature skyrockets to triple digits and the humidity settles in during monsoon season, almost all of the typical tourists that Arizona gets will opt to leave town (including many of Arizona's residences who leave the state to escape to cooler weather). The cities empty out, and with that, the prices at these four and five-star hotels go down. 

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 184

Good morning!

Tomorrow is our 7th wedding anniversary and we are spending our weekend relaxing with a quick staycation at The Hermosa Inn! We've always wanted to stay there but never got around to it since there are so many amazing hotels and resorts in Phoenix to choose from to take advantage of in the summer when their summer rates drop--we are ready to enjoy a cabana, sip some drinks, and have a romantic anniversary dinner and kick off the day of our real anniversary with some brunch (and some killer mimosas).