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An Amazon Holiday Gift Idea for Foodies

Looking for something delicious to send to someone this holiday season? Today, we are sharing a foodie must-have gift item available on Amazon--thanks to our friends at Beehive Cheese for partnering with us!

Adam and I cannot get enough of Beehive Cheese! It's such a great, gourmet gift idea or a wonderful option to splurge on yourself when you want to take your charcuterie boards to the next level! We have been enjoying Beehive Cheeses for a year now, and whenever we include one of their cheeses in our party spread we always get so many compliments on them. These cheeses are intricately flavored, and they stand out amongst so many of the different kinds of cheese we have sampled over the years. 

If you have a foodie on your holiday shopping list this year, we highly recommend you gift them with a box of Beehive Cheeses available on Amazon. Or, if you are a foodie yourself like me and Adam are, you could also add their sampler listing on Amazon to your wish list and treat yourself after the holidays are over. We want to take a chance to dive into greater detail about these delectable goodies from Beehive Cheese, as well as tell you about each of our absolute favorites! Be sure to take advantage of a special Our Mini Family discount here until December 19, 2018!

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 205

Good morning!

We are so glad that the weekend is here--we have some fun plans in store, as well as doing some much-needed deep cleaning around the apartment leading up to our winter break later this month. 

This morning, we will be tackling some cleaning around our place and catching up on more laundry and dishes. I also have to do some deep cleaning as a part of our preparation for our holiday hiatus later this month, since I will not want to be cleaning when we are trying to relax and enjoy the holidays together. Tonight,  we will be getting ready to go out and attend our first holiday party of the season. Tomorrow, we plan on playing some video games and relaxing, and of course, watch our Sunday football.

Taking a Much-Needed Holiday Season Sanity Break

This post is sponsored by Wente Vineyards but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

In-between all of the hustle and bustle of the season and running around town getting errands done while you prepare for the holidays, don't forget to take time for yourself and your loved ones. 

Sometimes, admittedly, I can find myself drowning in the seemingly inescapable holiday to-do lists, errands, and preparations. So I would like to think that I put in a respectable effort to try to keep my head above water when it comes to the holiday season, but in the past, I have unfortunately gotten so caught up with preparing and planning that when the holidays finally arrive I find myself feeling as though I did not really stop and get a chance to savor the joy of the season.  

It is because of this realization, in addition to Adam feeling in a similar position, that I have decided to take time off in December.