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Our Mini Linky Party | Week 229

Hey, y'all! 

Well, the long holiday weekend is here and schools are finally starting to close around town. Now that school has ended for Adam, his workload is only going to get more intense as we get further into the summer. We have some matters we need to attend to this weekend and into early next week, but after that, I am taking a quick hiatus to recover and get back into the swing of things. 

We hope you all have a nice weekend! 

5 Affordable Self-Care Beauty Tips

This post is sponsored by Colgate but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Having just turned 30 in December, it seems like a new tidal wave of ads has found me on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram filled with products claiming they'll help me relieve stress and maintain my youth and all the while making me look and feel beautiful. Every time I see one of these ads on my phone from another blogger I follow or a suggested ad on my timeline I think, "wow, yes, I want that!" But then I click on the ad, check out the beauty product they are trying to sell me, and it's either too good to be true or seems like a complete rip-off. 

These days, I just want to invest in my self-care in a way that doesn't break the bank and does not consume my entire morning or night. I mean, I am a busy woman. While time-intensive self-care routines sound great, and many YouTubers and bloggers alike will tell you they do up to 20 different self-care steps every day, I am here to tell you that they are lying to you. No adult in their right mind spends up to 2 hours each and every day on self-care. 

But we should not dismiss the idea of thought-out self-care since I think it is vital to taking care of yourself through your mind and your body. I have found a handful of things that I actually do every day that contribute to my self-care and all the while bring me small bouts of joy through just taking a few minutes out of my busy day to relax, unwind, and just take care of me. These 5 beauty hacks are not time-consuming, nor do they have to involve a ton of different beauty or skincare products at jacked up price points. Everything in this list is affordable, attainable, and relatable!

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 228

Good morning! 

I am feeling a bit under the weather today if I am being totally honest. I have not gotten very much sleep this week and have been dealing with some health concerns, so any plans that Adam and I had made for this weekend are now canceled. It is such a bummer to have so many things lined up for the weekend only to discover you just don't have the energy to get through them or knowing that if you follow through with everything it will only leave you feeling worse than you started. I am likely headed back to bed to try to catch some more sleep, and hopefully, by the end of the weekend, I am feeling more like myself. 

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 227

Happy Saturday! 

Adam and I are taking some time off from doing chores and putting aside some work to relax and celebrate this birthday all weekend along! Yesterday, Adam had to work late so it was difficult to manage plans with Bowie on his actual birthday. Instead of going out yesterday, we have plans today to celebrate and enjoy and we're happy to be spending time together after a busy week!

My Hair Care Goals for my Thirties

Reclaiming my haircare and how I am putting some life back into it after almost 2 years of no maintenance!

When I turned 30 back in December, I set a quite few goals for myself and how I wanted to take charge of some things that I have admittedly been slacking on. I shared late last year about my plan to prepare my skin for my thirties by implementing a regular skincare routine packed with high-quality ingredients and a regular routine of essential skin care steps. 

Similarly, I am developing another plan for my haircare and last week I took one of my first steps towards overall better hair health.