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Our Mini Linky Party | Week 220

Good morning! 

We are so thrilled that the weekend is finally here because we have so much housework to do and with such a crazy work week and lots of things happening at home, we will be able to have a minute to breathe and try to catch up over the next two days. This past week was hectic, to say the least. 

This weekend, I will be catching up on laundry and some of my leftover items on my to-do list that I was unable to get finished over the week. Adam will be doing some cleaning of his stuff, and I will most likely be cleaning the kitchen and living room in-between loads of laundry. We were able to go out and have some fun last weekend, so it only makes sense that we stay home and play catch up this weekend. I will, however, have some time to get out of the house tonight since I was invited to a Poshmark party downtown! So I will be cleaning, catching up, and then taking a shower and getting dressed for a party tonight before I settle back in at home for the rest of the weekend. 

2 Keto-Friendly Recipes to Try this Weekend (Slow Cooker Chicken Bacon Soup & Berries and Cream Dessert)

Today, we're sharing two keto-friendly recipes that are both indulgent and creamy in taste, while not straying too far from the strict guidelines that fall within the ketogenic diet. 

The day Adam asked me to try the ketogenic diet, we sat and read e-books and cookbooks together for hours that day.

Looking into the benefits of eating this specific diet as well as what kinds of ingredients were included and encouraged to enjoy provided us with an overwhelming amount of information. But, after learning the overall basis of the keto diet and how it works (as well as why someone would choose to regulate their diet in this way), we agreed that we wanted to give it a shot and see how we felt while eating with this new lifestyle.

Like any major lifestyle change, switching to a ketogenic diet had its challenges. But in time, we started learning ways to enjoy the kinds of foods we liked but in a different way. Along the way, we both noticed how it changed our day and how it made us feel, which is why we have endured eating this strict diet. Now, with that said, I am a gal who loves food because it tastes good and not because of its nutrients. Sure, I want to get the necessities into my diet. But, every now and then, I just crave something that tastes comforting, creamy, and a little bit indulgent.

Whether you are adapting to a keto diet, or if you're looking to try out some new tasty recipes this weekend, both Adam and I enjoy this slow cooker chicken bacon soup recipe along with this berries and cream recipe for dessert!

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 219

Happy Saturday! 

We hope you have something fun planned this weekend, as we are excited to be celebrating St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! Adam and I have not had a real date out of the house since before we adopted Bowie, and tomorrow will be the very first time we go out without the fur baby. 

I am so relieved to be able to relax for a bit without having to constantly worry about things like "does he need to pee?" Or, "what is in his mouth now?" The puppy is adorable and a member of our family, but he is the most responsibility I have ever had, and frankly, I am ready for a little bit of a break tomorrow. We are fortunate that one of our good friends (you know, the really amazing kind of friend you have had for years that you consider family) is happy to come over and watch him for a few hours while Adam and I take an Uber out to go to an Irish pub for a few hours and sample some whiskeys. We are hopeful that it goes well, and since Bowie has already spent time with her and she's normally a dog watcher for other people's dogs, I am more than ready to put my helicopter dog mom skills aside for an afternoon away with just me and Adam while Bowie's auntie takes care of him.

Date Night Idea | Support a Local Fundraiser

This post is sponsored by Jersey Mike's, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Life with a new dog means simplifying our routine, and while Adam and I love the idea of being able to spend the entire afternoon and evening out on the town for date night, we realize that we are fortunate now to just get a small fraction of time together out of the house. Instead of going for dinner and a movie, going on a night-long bar crawl, or spending the night in a hotel for a quick staycation, our date nights these days involve staying local and spending just under an hour out of the house. 

Community service and getting involved with supporting local businesses that are raising money for organizations through fundraisers is something I have been doing since I was 19 years old. Being a sister of a community service sorority, I developed a passion for helping good causes and learning the joy that comes with it. Adam and I have done a few projects together, but admittedly, I wish we had more time to actually get involved directly rather than just donate or support sales that are direct fundraisers for good causes. 

But when time management becomes tough, we always enjoy finding a way to support local fundraisers. For our newest date night idea, we plan to head to our neighborhood Jersey Mike's down the street to support them in their "Month of Giving" initiative. 

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 218

Good morning! 

Our family is spending some time this weekend doing some major spring cleaning, and I am gearing up to list a bunch of items from my closet on my Poshmark to clean out my closet a bit. Adam has plans to do a bunch of laundry and reorganize his closet, as well as clean out his office desk and resort through everything so he can organize that as well. We hope we can make some major headway on cleaning with Bowie, and we are counting on him taking some midday naps after playtime so we can get a big chunk of our spring cleaning done today and tomorrow!