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Our Mini Linky Party | Week 180

Good morning!

After an insanely busy week full of travel and adventures, Adam and I are ready to relax and take things easy this weekend. We have some errands to run and we have a bit of grocery shopping to do, but other than that, we are taking some much-needed time to kick back and take things at a slower pace.

Last weekend, we took our very first road trip in our new RAV4 and we headed southeast to make our first trip out to Bisbee, Arizona! We had a great time and we really enjoyed the small mountainside town vibes--and we had a blast talking and singing in the car making our way down there and back up through Tombstone. If you wanna see the details from our road trip to Bisbee, you can check it out here from one of our most recent travel blog posts. After our road trip, I emptied my weekender bag and then refilled it with clean clothes, and made my way out to Texas for a press tour of Schlitterbahn New Braunfels (I will be sharing details from that trip in the coming days, so stay tuned!)

10 Low Carb Bacon-licious Recipes

Do you love bacon? Are you trying to cut back on carbs, or maybe you are on a ketogenic diet like we are? Try these delicious, bacon-licious recipes from some of our favorite fellow bloggers!

Over the last three months, Adam and I have adapted to a keto diet. Back in March, when we decided we wanted to eat a ketogenic diet, we did all of our research on it and purged our home of ingredients that were packed with excess carbohydrates and anything that was not good for us. 

With only a few slip ups here and there, we have successfully cut out majority of all pastas and breads from our diet. I have mentioned this in the past, but I struggle with binge-eating. For me, one of the biggest non-emotional triggers of my binge-eating is bread and pasta. Not sure why that is, but ever since I can remember I have had that issue. Doing away with all bread and not eating pasta for a full two months gave my body a chance to recover from my addiction to carbs. I did, however, have a small amount of bread on a recent press trip to Wisconsin, and I did not feel the urge to binge-eate the bread like I had dealt with in the past. 

Cutting out excess carbs and adapting to a low carb diet, that is the ketogenic diet, has aided me with putting a stop to binge-eating and also giving my body a chance to feel what it is like when I am truly hungry again. People always joke that you can only eat cheese and bacon on a ketogenic diet--although there are plenty of other foods loaded in good fats, I will admit that we have kept more bacon and cheese in our refrigetator than we have in the past. 

Bacon has absolutely become a staple ingredient in our home, and because of that, today I am sharing some delicious, blogger-made recipes that are packed with bacon and low in carbs (including these mouth-watering, pimento cheese bacon jalepeƱo poppers from Buy This Cook That blog!) 

Our Weekend Staycation in Bisbee, Arizona

Are you thinking about making a trip out to Bisbee, Arizona? Check out all of the details from our weekend staycation at The Shady Dell, as well as what we did for fun and what we ate while exploring around Bisbee!

If you were to drive just three hours south of Phoenix, you would end up in the Mule Mountains and become transported to a timecapsule town that was once one of the most populated cities in America. 

Bisbee at its prime, in the early 20th century, housed tens of thousands of residents during the peak of the mining industry. Copper Queen Mine was once a resource for millions and millions of mined resources, and greatly attributed to the success of the copper mining industry in the United States. Make your way down to Bisbee now, with only a few thousands residents, this once-booming western mining town is now an eclectic, historical and picturesque city nestled in the mountains.

Adam and I decided to make our way down to Bisbee for the very first time--before this trip, neither of us had ever made the drive down since it sometimes seemed so out of the way. After having made the relatively short road trip down through Tucson and into the southeastern part of Arizona, we discovered just how inspiring, beautiful, and fun the town of Bisbee truly is!

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 179

Happy Saturday!

Adam and I are going on a bit of a road trip soon and we're so excited! 

We will be exploring all around Bisbee and Tombstone, AZ! It is hard to believe after all of these years living here in Phoenix we have not spent much time traveling south of Tucson, but we finally decided to carve out some time from our schedules to make a little road trip from the valley to explore the Mule Moutains and Copper Queen Mine. Stay tuned and see all of the details from our trip to southern Arizona coming soon to the blog and our Instagram Stories!