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Holiday Berry Kiss Mocktail

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Happy Monday! After a rather intense week filled with lots of emotional ups and downs, I have been listening to Christmas music on repeat and it has absolutely been helping me feel in a better mood, and we even began doing a small bit of Christmas decorating around the house this weekend (which was shocking to me, considering how Adam usually hates the idea of anything Christmas related before Thanksgiving). Last week, we went out and found some gorgeous Christmas candle votives and started decorating our tables with beautiful silver and gold holiday accents and candles. 

In the morning, while we were decorating, I grabbed our holiday glasses from storage and decorated our bar cart with our holiday barware. While Adam made us some brunch, I prepared this holiday, winter berries mocktail recipe for us to enjoy!

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 201

Good morning!

We had a rather busy, chore-packed productive week and we are happy that the weekend is here so we can relax and unwind a bit. My workload is beginning to finally pick up for the holidays, which is lovely, considering I work in freelance and this time of the year has a lot of potential for me to get work. But Adam and I agreed that it feels like forever (even though it was realistically just under a week) since we sat down and just talked for more than a few minutes at a time and enjoyed each other's company without feeling interrupted by work in some capacity. 

This will be the first holiday season that neither of us will be working for Apple Inc. No more required overtime shifts, and no more having to work on Christmas Eve/Day/Day after Christmas. We will actually be able to truly enjoy the holidays with one another, plus, we will be spending it with my mother and I am so thrilled about that since it has been almost 10 years since the 3 of us  have been able to have Christmas together (my mom worked in retail until last year, and she was never able to enjoy time off during the holidays until now, too!) Don't get me wrong, I like Thanksgiving, but this year I am more than stoked for Christmas for a number of reasons and I can't wait until December gets here! 

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 200

Happy Saturday, Happy November, and Happy 200th!

Wow! I am at a loss for words when I think about how excited and proud I feel that we've made it 200 weeks strong with this blogger/creative/creator link party! I mean, WOW! 

Holy smokes, Y'all! You continue to inspire me each and every single week to host this link party and offer a place for you to share your creations and meet other like-minded bloggers. I remember for many years when I was first getting into blogging recipes and tutorials that I would have the most fun going through link parties like this one and getting inspiration for new posts, as well as finding new bloggers to follow and become e-friends with online. 

Blogging can often feel isolating since I work from home and do most of the actual content by myself, but this link party hosted on our blog is truly one of those moments I look forward to every week. Going through and seeing all of your posts you add inspires me to continue to think about what I can do differently, what kind of projects I should work on next, as well as seeing some incredibly smart, creative, and motivated women is honestly just the best! 

Thank you for 200 weeks of our link party, and here's to many many more!

12 Comforting Fall Soup Recipes

Welcome the cooler, crisp fall weather with open arms by preparing some of these comforting soup recipes!

Fall is here, and for us Phoenicians, that means we can say 'adios' to triple-digit temperatures. Hooray!

We are finally at the point in the fall season now when we can actually wear a long sleeve shirt or a light sweater all day long and not immediately regret it (it's the little things in life, Y'all!) Now that the weather has begun to feel like autumn and we are thoroughly enjoying it, we have been craving all kinds of warm and delicious comfort foods. Soup, bisques, and stews are all I can think about when I am looking for a bowl of food to warm me right up! Today, we're sharing a dozen soup and stew recipes to try this fall season (including this one pot, easy lasagna soup recipe from I Heart Naptime blog!)