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Celebrating our 7th Wedding Anniversary at The Hermosa Inn

This past weekend, Adam and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with a staycation. Today, I am sharing the details of our romantic, wedding anniversary weekend media stay at The Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley!

One of the many great things about living in Arizona is that we live so close to some of the country's most luxurious resorts and hotels. In the summer, when the temperature skyrockets to triple digits and the humidity settles in during monsoon season, almost all of the typical tourists that Arizona gets will opt to leave town (including many of Arizona's residences who leave the state to escape to cooler weather). The cities empty out, and with that, the prices at these four and five-star hotels go down. 

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 184

Good morning!

Tomorrow is our 7th wedding anniversary and we are spending our weekend relaxing with a quick staycation at The Hermosa Inn! We've always wanted to stay there but never got around to it since there are so many amazing hotels and resorts in Phoenix to choose from to take advantage of in the summer when their summer rates drop--we are ready to enjoy a cabana, sip some drinks, and have a romantic anniversary dinner and kick off the day of our real anniversary with some brunch (and some killer mimosas). 

10 Frozen Cherry Dessert Recipes that are Worthy of Cherryland USA

After our recent trip to Wisconsin to explore Door County to taste their famous tart cherries, we were inspired to share a small collection of decadent, frozen dessert recipes packed with cherries that are perfect for summer!

On our recent trip out to Wisconsin to explore Door County for the first time, we learned all about how this part of the state was referred to as "Cherryland U.S.A" because of the high volume of tart cherries they contributed to the market here in the U.S. During its prime, before other parts of the state and surrounding Midwest cities got a hold of the idea to farm cherries for profit, this part of Wisconsin was best known for being the top tart cherry contributor. 

One of our favorite parts about visiting Door County is the food! They have an exceptional array of different restaurants and cafes that are almost entirely all family-owned, and a vast majority of these spots have something cherry-related that they specialize in. If you are a fan of tart cherries, Door County is a must-see spot along your summer travels! 

After my first visit to Door County, I was inspired to reach out to some of my favorite fellow foodie bloggers to see who had an amazing recipe to share that calls for cherries. Today, I am sharing a roundup of cherry recipes that I curated that reminded me of how much I enjoyed the trip out to Cherryland U.S.A (including this easy, black forest no-churn ice cream cake recipe from Dani's Cookings shown above!)

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 183

Happy Saturday!

The heat wave that we are expecting this weekend is no joke, which is why we are going to try our best to get all of our packing we want to get done between now and Monday completely finished before the triple digits hit in just a few hours. 

After we pack up some boxes for a few hours this morning, Adam and I have plans to try to cool off at the pool (thank goodness our pool is air conditioned, so it actually feels refreshingly and cold when we jump in!) With only a few weeks left until our new lease starts, we are anxious to begin packing up our stuff and prepare for our move into Phoenix.