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Our Mini Linky Party | Week 188

Good morning!

It may start to look like fall in our home this week, but our triple digit temperatures here in Phoenix are still very much a thing and it's kind of hilarious that I'm daydreaming about sweaters and hot cocoa while it's really 110 degrees outside. 

We have the triple digit heat stick around pretty much through September, but since we are headed out of town a couple of times in September, we will have a chance to escape the insane heat and have the ability to enjoy some cooler weather and embrace fall around that time of year along with the rest of the country! Our trip out to the east coast will for sure be a shock, because there is no doubt that we'll be going from triple digits to lows in the 50s. I say, let's bring on the cold weather! 

For now, I'll just continue to live in denial that it's ridiculously hot here in Phoenix and will continue to decorate our new place with autumnal leaves and pumpkins until it's socially acceptable to start decorating for Halloween.

Low Carb Pumpkin Cupcakes (with Not-So-Low-Carb Cream Cheese Frosting)

Need to whip up a dessert this fall for someone or a few people who are eating on a low-carb or keto diet? Leave half of the batch unfrosted, and then pipe and decorate the rest of the cupcakes with this not-so-low-carb cinnamon cream cheese frosting recipe for those who aren't on a low-carb diet to enjoy this fall season!

Fall will be here before we know it which can only mean one thing: pumpkin spice everywhere!

I know what you're thinking. It gets old by the end of the season. But every summer, I remind myself that fall is coming and along with all of the excessive amounts of pumpkin spice flavored everything also comes the cooler weather. So a hint of fall in my kitchen this week was welcomed, and today I'm sharing this keto-friendly, fall pumpkin cupcake recipe! 

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 187

Happy Saturday!

Our move is finally over, and now we are left with unpacking and organizing (and also decorating) our new home. This last week was a bit brutal, if I'm being completely honest, and the heat was not forgiving to us while we were moving. We were dealing with high humidity and 110 degrees afternoons while moving everything, so as you can imagine, it was a mentally and physically exhausting week and a undeniably a difficult move we made. 

But, now that our move is over, we can focus on unpacking everything and making our space feel like home! Every afternoon this week, Adam and I jumped in the pool and cooled off. Luckily, our new place has a lot of shade at the pool, so the water was actually cold (if you live in Phoenix you know what I am talking about) which was totally refreshing and a great way to relax after a long and physically demanding day of moving boxes and furniture across town and up three flights of stairs. This weekend, we will be spending some time unpacking and we also have to deal with some issues with our car, but hopefully, we can enjoy a little bit of downtime in-between all of the adulting we've doing!

10 End of Summer Cherry Recipes

Celebrate the changing of seasons coming soon with a summer send-off barbecue, and prepare any one of these delicious cherry recipes! We did some light traveling this summer, and my favorite trip was to Cherryland U.S.A.

Before we know it, summer will be over for everyone and the fall will be on its way (and with it will come to the end of Phoenix monsoon season and we can say goodbye to the humidity). 

This summer, I took two trips out to Wisconsin to explore different parts of the state I had not been to before. I had a chance to visit Fox Cities and got a taste for their diverse foodie spots, and I also had a chance to travel to Door County to see the Cana Island Lighthouse and also experience Cherryland U.S.A. firsthand and learn about the consumption and distribution of the tart cherries coming out of Door County. I also had a chance to explore Bisbee for the first time, and Adam and I had quite an adventure of a road trip getting out there! Plenty of delicious food was enjoyed this summer throughout all of my travels, but perhaps my favorite part of summer was trying all of the delicious, tart cherry recipes in Door County!

Today, I am sharing a roundup of cherry recipes inspired by my summer travels this year to Door County. These recipes are some of my favorite fellow foodie bloggers that packed with cherries and perfect to enjoy at an end-of-summer barbecue (including this recipe for a tart cherry vodka sour shown above from Home and Plate blog!)