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Big Game Football Party Ideas

Get ready for the big game with these easy football party ideas we've shared on our blog! All of the tutorial, party, and recipe ideas below are from our favorite game day-inspired blog posts from OurMiniFamily.com!

The big game is only a few weeks away! Although Adam and I will be traveling while the game is going on, we still plan on celebrating with traditional game day party ideas and making them our own while we are out of town. 

Over the years, we have enjoyed hosting everyone at our home to watch the big game. Since we won't be doing that this year and we will be on vacation during the game, we wanted to share a collection of our absolute favorite game day entertaining ideas, recipes, and tutorials that we have shared over the years!

Below, you will find a collection of over a dozen ideas that you can easily incorporate into your game day festivities along with their recipes and tutorials to help you plan the best game day party you've ever hosted!

Egg White Spinach Superfood Sandwich

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I figured it was only appropriate that the first breakfast recipe I share in 2018 be one that aligns with my health goals for the new year! 

Every day, Adam and I make time to have breakfast. While I brew our pot of coffee, I heat up a pan and whip up a few eggs for the both of us to enjoy with either some toast, some veggies, or some hot sauce. Before Adam and I were together, he would only ever enjoy eggs on a special occasion. For me, eggs have been a large part of my breakfast since I was in college and when I began cooking for myself. 

Since my diet has changed over the last couple of years and I have become more aware of what I eat and just how much I ingest every day, I have been adjusting my breakfast routine along with all of my other eating habits to find a way to enjoy what I eat while not going too crazy and starting my day off on a heavy note. I always feel energized and ready to conquer my workload for the day after I enjoy a light and fluffy egg white breakfast sandwich that's packed with nutritious greens! 

This egg white, spinach superfood breakfast sandwich is a delicious and lighter spin on traditional breakfast sandwiches that are usually packed with foods that leave me feeling weighed down rather than feeling light and energized. After all, I want to feel ready to tackle my day after I eat breakfast (and not feel like I need to go back to bed and sleep it off). This breakfast sandwich is easy to prepare and it tastes delicious!

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 158

Happy Saturday!

Good morning! In-between the yawns and the multiple times I have to stop myself from crawling back into bed, I am going to attempt to get some work done this weekend. 

This last week was a hectic one with lots of curveballs thrown our direction, and it only made things more difficult and I found myself struggling when it came time to crack down on some of my projects with looming deadlines. I am so thankful we got our Big Fig mattress this week (they were kind enough to send us one as a gift to try out and it has already been helping us get a better night's sleep). For months, we have not been sleeping well on our old mattress since it started losing its shape and all night long Adam and I toss and turn and wake each other up. Now that we have our new mattress, it is so hard to pull myself out of bed since it's significantly more comfortable and letting me actually get some much-needed rest at night. 

Once I finally decide it's time to get into gear this weekend after lounging around in my pajamas and relaxing in our new bed with the iPad playing a few games, I will get my butt into gear and begin tackling my to-do list that needs to get done over the next few days!

My $8 Faux Fur Thrift Store Dining Chairs

If you get lucky enough, you feel like you struck gold when you go thrift shopping. Today, I'm sharing these dining room chairs I found and how I reupholstered them into our own style for our home with neutral faux fur fabric!

A few months ago, when we began moving into our first condo together, I found myself wanting to redecorate and redesign the look of our home. When we first moved into our Arizona apartment in 2012, we bought the cheapest furniture we could find since we had practically no money to work with and we had a pile of bills haunting our bank account for the first few months after our move. Not taking the time to invest in high-quality items led to broken appliances and worn out furniture. 

When we moved back in September, I made the decision to not take many of the older furniture items with us and forced myself to rely on my thrift shopping skills to find higher-quality items to curate and make a part of our new condo home!

While I was thrift shopping right after we moved into our condo, I found two distinct dining room chairs that caught my eye. I ended up paying only $8 for the both of them, and took them home before I figured the store would change their mind and ask me for more money (it truly felt like a steal of a deal!) 

I transformed these $8 dining room chairs into furniture that felt at home with our other appliances, decorations, and our modern-meets-shabby chic style! I used store-bought faux fur fabric to transform the seats into a more updated look and preserved the original fabric underneath as well as kept the original stain and classic wooden and wicker chair design.