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Our Mini Linky Party | Week 255


We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a chance to celebrate the holiday the way that you wanted to celebrate! Quite a few of our friends decided to work through the holidays to bring in some extra money, and we spent some time with Bowie, one of my good friends, and her dog through the holiday. 

Over the holiday, we spent plenty of time relaxing and trying to stay off of our phones and honestly, I think we will try to do the same through the weekend. Adam has quite a few days off that we had not planned him to get this week, so we've been able to take things at a slower pace when we hadn't expected to which was really nice! The only plans we have today include catching up on YouTube videos we missed and watching The Mandalorian.

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 254

Happy Saturday! 

Adam and I are gearing up for the holidays next week, so we are spending some time this weekend preparing for a bunch of things and cleaning around the house. Bowie's birthday is coming up as well which is super exciting, and I am hoping to bake him a dog-safe birthday cake (if anyone has any tips for dog cakes, please let me know!) And no, he will not be eating these chocolate cupcakes pictured above but these OREO cupcakes are an absolute dream and I totally making them again this year! 

Beauty Must-Haves for Christmas 2019

Not sure what beauty products to try this holiday season? Today, I'm rounding up a few of my favorites! 

The gift-giving season is here and Black Friday is only a few days away. Since the time to shop for our friends and loved ones is finally here, I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products that I have tested and fallen in love with that I believe are great gift ideas for beauty and makeup lovers. 

Today, I am sharing my curated beauty favorites and must-haves for the holiday season, so be sure to save this post and stock up on these gifts for the ladies on your list, or treat yourself to some of my absolute favorite products that I will be using from now through Valentine's Day.