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Our Mini Linky Party | Week 163

Ohhhh man!

Adam and I have both been down for the count this week and the flu is hitting us hard! 

I had to make a trip to the ER this week as well, which sucked since Adam had to miss work and go with me. But I am not getting worse, so that is good. He is still not feeling well, and we are both struggling to get through the day not feeling healthy at all. I wonder if this is that terrible flu that has been going around and everyone else has already dealt with, or if we caught something coming back from our trip to New Orleans. Either way, I will just be happy when we are both feeling better!

This weekend we will be trying to recover while also trying to get through the work day...at a slower pace. Being sick and having to work is as close to my own personal hell as it gets. But I am very thankful that I have the flexibility to be able to put work down and resume it later on when needed, since I don't have a strict schedule like Adam does. I am hoping we will have some normalcy after this weekend, and that we will both be feeling better in no time. 

Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

These blueberry cream cheese danishes are so easy to make, and are a perfect treat to enjoy at home! This simple and deliciously tempting danish recipe is inspired by my recently sponsored partnership with Left Field Farms.

After going on our first trip of the year, Adam and I have been enjoying spending time at home and taking it easy after having such a hectic but incredibly epic and adventurous week last week! 

Normally, we prefer to spend brunch together outside of our home and go out to enjoy an outdoor patio since the weather is so beautiful this time of year here in Phoenix. But since we came back from our trip, we have become homebodies again this week and been relaxing in our pajamas and comfy clothes at home (so the last thing on our minds is to get dressed up and go out for brunch). 

Right after we came back from our trip, we resumed our brunch tradition but had it here at home instead with a cup of coffee prepared with Left Field Farms Non-GMO Creamer and these beautiful and tasty blueberry cream cheese danishes that I made for us! 

Our First Trip to New Orleans

Happy Fat Tuesday! Check out all of the highlights from our recent trip to New Orleans below!

Adam and I recently went on our first trip of the year and we headed over to a new city to explore that neither of us had seen before--New Orleans!

We made our trip to the big easy during the first week of Mardis Gras, so we were able to experience some of the magic first-hand without the total chaos of the big weekend where everyone comes into town to celebrate. 

We opted to skip the tourist tours and just focused on exploring the different neighborhoods within the city on our own and on our own time. Today, I'm sharing an overview of some of our favorite places in both the French quarter and also the garden district from our first visit to New Orleans that we personally recommend for first-timers who are heading to the big easy for their first time!

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 162

Good morning!

Adam and I have been having a great time in New Orleans and it's been such a blast exploring the city! We have been sharing snippets here and there over on my Instagram, but I will also be doing a little bit of an update blog post coming soon that will share more pictures and details from our trip!

After this weekend, we will be back in the office and hard at work again. I have a few really fun ideas in mind that I want to share on the blog this month and throughout the spring, so stay tuned for some really delicious recipe ideas and fun spring tutorials! In the meantime, let's enjoy this link party!