2011: In a Nutshell

Wow...I can't even believe how much has happened this year. 

My 3 favorite things about 2011:

#1 Graduating from ASU!
#2 Moving into our first apartment together!
#3  Our wedding day!
I am so excited for 2012! Even though this year seems kind of epic (in the grand scheme of things), I am looking forward to settling down even more with Adam. Bring it on, 2012!
Let's just not make it as epic as 2011, okay? Thanks!

Hoping everyone has a happy, happy new year's eve! 


  1. I just found you off Craftgawker and saw you graduated Omega Phi Alpha! I was the membership director and president of OPhiA about five years ago in Northern Arizona! Love your stuff!

  2. Oh neat!!!!! We made a trip up to NAU my first active semester for a sisterhood retreat, and then we all went to the Grand Canyon! Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog!

    Cathy Mini