My $12 Corkboard

I found this gorgeous frame at Michael's for $6! It's an 18" x 30" frame on clearance!

I decided to make a corkboard for our living area that was a for sure upgrade compared to our one from Target. I bought foam board and adhesive cork board, and used my own measuring tape and box cutter to size the cork board properly to fit the frame. 
It was super simple & only took me 20 minutes to make!
I still don't understand how this frame was on clearance for $6! It's beautiful, well-crafted, and extremely detailed! I would highly recommend this project to anyone interested!


  1. that is so cute :)

    i like your DIY!!
    and by the way i was tripping for a minute
    i thought you had a chandelier and next
    thing i know its a sticker hahahahaha!

    you tricked me :P


    Melina ♥

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  2. Haha!!! Don't you love my chandelier wall decal?! It trips everyone out...even when people are there in person! Thanks so much for your kind words again--happy new year to you, too!


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