Pinterest Challenge: AZ Love / Nail and String Tribute to the Grand Canyon State TUTORIAL

Then using a (very) sharpened pencil, drag your pencil along the outline you want to imprint onto the wood! It's very important that the pencil sharp, so you can not only ensure it goes through but also so the line is as small enough so it won't show as much when you lay the nails down.

Once you are pleased with your outline, grab your hammer and nails and go to town!
Here is my finished AZ look! You can even leave it like this--I think this looks cute as is!

So in order to achieve the look of the photos, you want to use fine thread to weave in and out and between the nails and the center nails. This will give the web-like effect that looks so good! I would recommend listening to music while you weave your thread, as it helps keep the rhythm and makes it easier!

Don't be afraid to experiment with weaving techniques. Whatever you do isn't permanent until you run out of nails to weave in and out of, and even then you can always cut it and start over! 

...and most importantly have fun! The reason I craft is to escape the every day. 
Enjoy becoming enthralled with the project, and once you are done be proud of what you made!

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  1. HUM, How would you do FL? I live in central FL and the panhandle messes me up. Just curious if anyone else has done FL.

    1. Hi, Cindy! If I were to do Florida, I would do a much larger scale so I could get some of the details of the panhandle to come through. Doing this at a smaller scale would require much smaller nails and maybe a thinner thread to go with it. Hope it goes well for you!


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