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My First Reupholstery Project EVER

OMG! I was so nervous to reupholster these chairs. 
Mind you, they are our hand-me-down chairs from Adam's mom, but STILL: these are our only dining chairs and if I screwed it up, we would have had no where to sit!
This first thing I did was strip the seats from the chairs. I had to do a little inspecting on the bottom side of the chair to see what tools I needed (i.e. a screwdriver, flat head, and some Clorox wipes to get the dirt off of the metal before I spray painted).
Simple enough! I just did the exact same thing with the new fabric, lining the edges with stapes & started my pattern from the center and on both the left/right sides. 
Once I cleaned the metal thoroughly and let the cleaning supply dry, 
I took it outside to spray paint it. 
Spray painting was a piece of cake! 
I was very careful, though, that I chose a metallic paint. 
I would think it would look rather funny spraying a matte color onto a metal surface. 
Isn't this fabric darling?! I found it on clearance for $9 for 3/4 of a yard!
So I hacked away at the fabric, adjusting it so it was just right for my oddly shaped seats, and then I began stapling away! It's way simpler than I thought! 
I wasn't exact with my staples. I don't care what it looks like at the bottom!
All I care about is if it will stay in place and looks great on top!
This was also my first time using a staple gun! That was interesting. I had no idea what kind of kickback I was going to get when I dealt the first staple. I imagine that's sort of what firing a gun feels like, after you pull the trigger and you feel the aftermath of the release. Anyway, not that it's a huge deal, but for me: using a staple gun successfully for the first time seems like an accomplishment (since I didn't staple my finger to my chair).

I love how it turned out! This was definitely a transformation! 


  1. wow i seriously can't
    believe how good that chair looks!

    you did an amazing job!
    it went from plain black
    to a retro looking chair!
    loving the colors you picked

    Melina ♥

  2. These look great! I love the fabric! Thanks for sharing at Fabulous Friday!

  3. Super Cute! The first time I used a staple gun was also quite the experience, but fun!

  4. Awesome Makeover. I love the fabric.
    Greetings from Germany

  5. What a great Job :)

    and do not miss,,,,




    It´s Fun :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  6. The new chair is AMAZING! You just inspired me to do my first reupholstery project.

  7. Hello! Coming over from Gingerbread! ;-) LOVING your {new} chair! You're already a professional! I bought a sander about 6 months back and am afraid of it....I have a couple pieces that I want to sand and paint, but have found every excuse under the sun not to, but I am feeling a little more confident the more I click around the blogosphere! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! XO

  8. Your chairs look super! Great job and love the fabric!

    1. Agreed here! The fabrics are bright and cheery, and very modern looking. Great choices!

  9. I love your site. Is there any way to sign up for your blog? I only have e-mail.

  10. Hi! Thank you so much! You can go on the left sidebar and just above the "Blog Archive" is where you can enter your email to follow my blog!

    Thanks for the support,


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