Wine Candles! Two of Our Favorite Things!

You'll need: paper (of some sort like vellum or homemade), lamp template, wine glass, flameless tea light, scissors, and a hole punch (totally optional if you don't own one)
Find the template I used here!
Scissor quality is SUPER important when you're working with vellum!
Crafting scissors are a must!
Honestly, I don't love this template, 
I think if I had a hole punch for that exact shape I would like it more, 
but it does add a certain je ne sais quoi!
I have to be honest. I didn't love the way the vellum looked so much. It's very cute, don't get me wrong, but I'm much more of a vintage-inspired decor gal. I decided to make my own antique (ish) paper by rolling a tea bag over a piece of printer paper. To dry it, I put it in the microwave for 3, thirty second intervals. It worked fabulously!
This is the incredibly GENIUS Martha Stewart punch I own! You pretty much have to go with the Martha Stewart hole punch line if you're OCD like me
(and you have to buy it when you have a 50% of 1 regular priced item at Michael's!)
My homemade paper on the left & the vellum paper on the right...this photo doesn't showcase the homemade one as much (because the second I went to take the photo, the flameless candle flickered and the light almost immediately went away, but I wanted to include this to show off the amount of light coming into the bedroom from the window.
As the afternoon progressed and it got darker, I came back into the bedroom to show off the nice contrast between the darkening of the white walls and how it gives off cooler tones, coupled with the warmth effect the flameless tea lights give off. 
Fabulous, right?!


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