The Easiest Chicken Parm You Will Ever Make

  • Chicken
  • Linguine
  • American Cheese
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sauce
  • Egg
  • Misc. Italian Herbs
Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Adam and I typically buy whatever chicken is on sale! We never get that precut, pretty & skinless chicken. Chances are, if I'm cooking chicken, I'm getting my hands dirty. So, if you don't have what I like to call the "pretty" chicken, you will have to cut it into whatever size/cut of chicken you want.

Next thing is to grab an egg and beat it in a bowl.
Grab a plate and cover it in breadcrumbs.

Fill a baking pan half-way with your sauce. 
(NOTE: it will clean much nicer if you spray it down first)
Cover the chicken in beaten egg, and then roll it entirely in the breadcrumbs. 

Go ahead and place your breaded chicken into the sauce. Repeat this step until all of your chicken is breaded, and placed into the sauce for cooking. 

Sprinkle your bread with whatever misc. Italian herbs you enjoy! Cover the chicken with more sauce, but don't overload it! Go ahead and grab that American cheese, and cover your chicken with it entirely. 

Bake for 40 minutes at 350.

About 10 minutes before your 40 minutes on the chicken is up, boil the linguine and toss it in sauce with similar herbs you used on the chicken.

You're done! And man is it tasty!


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  2. This looks delish! Yeah- I'm one of those "pretty" chicken buyers- my husband keeps telling me that it tastes better with the bones but I'm so afraid of accidentally eating one- I know, not likely. :) We will have to give this a try! I host a weekly linky party beginning Sundays at 4:30- I hope you'll stop by and join in the fun.

  3. I'm always just a little afraid to cut my chicken off the bone. Freaks me out even if it is cheaper! This looks yummy though.

    I would love for you to follow my blog too so that we can share ideas!

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