The Pros and Cons of Couponing

Hey guys!

I hope you enjoy our new look we have goin' on here! So here's the latest with us: In all honesty, it's been a rough end to the summer. 

We've been struggling with choosing which bills to pay over others, and we've had a suuuper empty cabinet more than I'd like to admit. There have been a few strings of days when, quite frankly, we didn't know if we were going to eat that day or not. I recently became a fan of couponing--which in case you don't know what that means, (where have you been?!) it means you clip excess amounts of coupons and shop strictly to whatever will save you the most money. 

And believe me: it HAS worked! But what I'm coming to discover about couponing is that we can kiss our efforts to eat healthy "goodbye!" Seriously, the only kinds of companies that put out printable coupons include: Kraft, Lays, Bisquick, Coca-Cola, Betty Crocker, etc. Not ONCE have I found a coupon like, "Buy 12 apples and save $1!" 

I honestly can't remember the last time I bought fresh sad is that?! I think the last thing I bought was frozen vegetables, but that was only because of my coupons! UGH!

How do you guys save money on groceries? 
We don't normally go out to eat on a regular basis, so I'm just wondering what we're missing here in our efforts.


  1. Do you have a farmers market near you? My aunt and uncle have small fixed incomes, and that's how my aunt buys produce. You can usually find fantastic deals on produce there. Also, as awesome as coupons are, I save tons of money by buying generic instead. For instance, when I go to Fry's, I buy Kroger brand cereal, coffee creamer, etc. instead of the big labels. Also, Sam's Club and Costco can save you big buck in the long run.

  2. Sorry, my comment posted before I was done. I was gonna say that although Sam's Club and Costco can seem like an uber expensive shopping trip, you'll be buying in bulk, and usually that stuff can go a long way, and in the long run, offers big savings.

  3. Or, you can grow your own produce! Even if you don't have room for an outdoor garden, you can buy some pots and seeds at Lowe's or Home Depot (I've even seen seeds at Dollar Tree).

  4. Thanks, Christine!! Unfortunately, the farmer's markets around here are very expensive. I think having our own garden will be something we should try for next year! For sure! I have also given Costco a thought...maybe that will be something I have to add to my list for Samta Claus ;)


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