Reminiscing...Glacier Bay

Today, I woke up from a dream. My dream was my recollection of visiting Glacier Bay with my mom a few years ago. Today, I went back to look at all of the pictures that I took from that trip--and now I want to share them with you!

Continue reading on to see the rest of my pictures from Glacier Bay!

I took these photos back in June of 2010 when my mom and I went on a cruise through Alaska! I took majority of these photos from our personal balcony on the ship, while we were docked in Glacier Bay. It is truly haunting and beautiful how big the glaciers are here, and although this isn't a photo of the glacier, it really shows off just how tropical the waters in the Bay look! It was cold, and the air was clean. Looking at these photos really has me missing that vacation. I hope Adam and I can someday afford to go, and bring my mom back with us!

I hope you enjoyed these photos I took from my trip in 2010!

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