Phone Photography: Taking the "No Filter" Pledge

The key to getting extraordinary photos from your phone is this: do not use filters.

Filters are great and all if you want to edit a mass amount of photos taken at the same place, same time at once. This way, you can ensure that there is a consistency as well. But by using a filter, you are constricting yourself to the exact exposure/clarity/brightness/saturation/overlay/etc the designer had envisioned....but don't YOU want to be original, and make it YOUR photo? That's what I thought!
Come learn more below:

Rest assured, it's really not that difficult. I would recommend starting with one app and becoming really familiar with what each option you can edit means, and know what kind of change it will bring to your photo. Over time, you will just inherently learn that darker photos need a little bit more exposure, and that photos taken under fluorescent lighting will need a bit of blue added to them to compensate for the overly-yellow nature of them. Enjoy, play, and have fun with it!

Here are apps I regularly do the most photo editing with on my iOS devices:
Afterlight, PicTapGo, VSCOcam, Mextures, and BigLens.

I challenge you to leave pre-made filters behind you, and invest may $1-$2 on a real, photo editing app for your phone. Remember, if you buy it for your iPhone you can always redownload it on another compatible iOS device in the future with the same account (directions here).
You get what you pay for, ladies and gentlemen! #truth

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  1. These pictures are amazing, you are so talented. xo

  2. Camera+ is my go to camera editing app. I've used it for years. I agree, no filter!! I try to not use a filter as often as possible.


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