Transform a Vase in Just 1 Easy Step

I bought this vase from a thrift shop down the street and it was on sale for $0.50. YUP that's right! And although I even like the color that it had when it started, I knew I wanted to add a little something just to really make it pop!

I've been really pressed for time lately, so I haven't had as much time for my DIY projects as I'd like to. In just one easy step thanks to Scotch Moving tape, I was able to quickly and easily spray paint my thrift store vase to 
get a more sophisticated look for less!

Once you have your tape, clean the vase thoroughly from dust and debris. Then, pulling the tape, create a line where you want the original paint color to stay (e.g. above, I did it going down the front part along the middle). Create the line by pressing the tape firmly onto the vase, and then using your finger press down on the tape and get rid of all of the air bubbles. 

Once you're happy with how your tape is laying on the vase, grab your spray paint and cover the remainder of the vase entirely. 

Wait for it to dry overnight and voila!

Just remove the tape and throw it away. You are done and now you have a much cuter, more sophisticated looking vase with just 1 step thanks to


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