Santa Hat Frosting

For the red part of Santa's hat, you will need a Wilton's #10 round frosting tip. 
For the white parts of Santa's hat, you will need Wilton's #21 star frosting tip.

1. Bake your favorite cupcakes as desired. For us, we made a traditional dark chocolate cupcake.
2. Thoroughly let your cupcakes cool before attempting any frosting.
3. Using 2 separate frosting bags: fill one with red frosting with the round tip, and 1 with white frosting with the star tip. 
4. Grab your red frosting first. Starting from the outer edge of the cupcake and moving inwards, create an even spiral and work your way upwards. Finish off your red spiral after 3 layers or until its height is about 2 inches tall. 
5. Grab your white frosting and create a border along the bottom base of the red frosting (as show above). Frost multiple stars in a row for the effect we went for. 
6. Finally, top off your Santa hat with a larger star on the top of the red layer.

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