Customize the Look of your Pinterest | Use Board Cover Themes!

Are you Pinterest obsessed? ME TOO!

Today, I am going to share a tutorial that gave me a total epiphany--this is a game changer for me: 

Changing Pinterest Board Covers!

I love themes--especially around holidays! This is the perfect way (especially if you are a blogger) to personalize, humanize, and brand your Pinterest profile! Having personalized boards says "hey, I am not just a robot here repining the gooiest cookies, sandiest beaches, and warmest sweaters--but I am in fact a person with great style so you should be my friend!" 

This tutorial is pretty straight forward, too!

First, pick a theme. Christmas was a given since it's December and I have been re-pinning a lot of Christmas and New Year's Eve stuff.

Second, plan your banner. The reason I say banner is based off of the 5 x 1 format that Pinterest uses. User interfaces change, so who knows how long this tutorial stays relevant (hopefully a while!), but currently, the first row of your Pinterest profile has 5 boards in a row. When designing your banner for your boards, keep this in mind--don't put too much text in there to make it difficult to read. Pick a simple background. Choose a standout font. Also, consider placement of where you want the words to be--do you want spaces? Do you want "wordsstrungtogetherlikethis?" Or "do you like this better" with spacing?

Third, start designing your board. I used something totally free that I am really comfortable with: From PicMonkey, choose 'design,' and choose your size. I used a simple square crop--the dimensions of my image I used for each board was 2000 x 2000.

Here is a sample of 1 image:

With it standing just alone, I know, it doesn't look right and doesn't make any sense. But using your creativity, you can turn an "AS" in "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

OK so here is the part some of you may not know:

Next, we need to pin the images to the boards you have along the top of your Pinterest. Now, if you need a tutorial on how to move them? Well, I don't believe in re-inventing the wheel, so if you need directions on that look no further than the Pinterest help boards! Learn how to "rearrange boards on your profile" from this Pinterest-made how to guide on this website here

Once you are pleased with the placement of your boards, pin your images in order to each and every board. (don't know how to upload an image to Pinterest? Check out this website here) For example, I pinned my image with "MER" to my first board which was "Christmas DIY and Home Decor." Boom. 

Then after I pinned the image to the board, I went back to my profile, hovered my mouse over my board, and then clicked on the button that appears that says "Change Cover." Automatically, it should pick the most recent image that you've pinned to that particular board. If you don't see your new image first pop up, chances are, you pinned it to the wrong board.

Then, voila! You will be good to go!

Hint: if you want to preview what your profile looks like to others, just log out of your Pinterest account and go back to your profile!

It's THAT simple! This project, having really no idea what I was doing until I started, took me no more than 15 minutes. Now that you have my tutorial, I would imagine it should take you 5 mins less! ;-)

Any questions? 
Please feel free to leave a comment below!
I am happy to try to help however I can!

Be sure to share our tutorial if you thought it was helpful, too!


  1. I have my boards with custom covers but I never thought to do them like this! Super cute idea!

    1. Thanks Sandra!! I will have to go check out your Pinterest and see how you have it!

    2. I found you on G+, but I cannot seem to find your Pinterest :(

  2. This is very creative ! Maybe I will attempt this !

    1. You for sure should! If you ever have any questions, just contact me! Happy to help however I can!

  3. Holy goodness gracious that i the cutest! So very creative!

    1. Thank you so much!! You just made my morning! ;D

  4. That is a super cute idea! Thank you for the tutorial!

  5. This is awesome! Going to have to try this.


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