AZ Bloggers Meet Up | Galentine's Day

As we normally do every 3 months or so, the Arizona Bloggers group met up--and this time our theme was to celebrate Galentine's Day! 

And it was FABULOUS!

When I heard that our meet up was Galentine's Day themed, I went completely Leslie Knope excited! For those of you who don't watch Parks and Recreation, here's a quick run down of what Galentine's Day is:

*Correction: waffles! And they were Waffle Luv waffles! 

Waffle Luv was da bomb diggity! I had never had it before and it was like an explosion of rainbows and unicorns in my mouth--aka amazingly delicious! Be sure to like Waffle Luv on Facebook, so you can track their weekly schedule and see where they will be to get some yummy waffles!

And we also were sponsored by the fabulous and decadent Shari's Berries! If you have never had one of these you are really missing out--we got to have 2-3 of them at our event, so I made sure to bring them home so that Adam could have one too! Adam loved them (of course) and we wished we had a few more--I know where I'll be buying my next chocolate covered strawberries from!

If you are looking for a great dessert to bring to an event or party, be sure to follow Shari's Berries on social media for information about their latest gifts and goodies! They have these awesome new St. Patrick's Day gifts on their website that just look to-die for! But the classic ones we had at our event were amazing--and went really well with the Galentine's Day punch we sipped on, too!

So the main portion of the event (other than stuffing our beautiful faces with delicious waffles and chocolate covered strawberries and networking) was to exchange gifts! Each of us had a gal we were assigned to who we would bring a gift for to celebrate Galentine's Day--it was such a blast!

We were all given a chance to talk about the blogger we were assigned to give a gift to, and also talk about the gift we gave them! It was so much fun and great to see everyone had a blast coming up with something to surprise their Galentine with!

My Galentine I was assigned to was Erica of Good Job Momma blog! 

I was so stoked to put together a few of my DIY gifts I thought she would like!

Erica is such a doll (like all of the other AZ Bloggers I have met) and her blog is so funny and genuine! She is light hearted and goofy just like me, and her voice comes through in her blog posts!

She loves cereal and falling asleep watching tv--so she is basically my spirit animal! 

If you have a moment after you finish reading our post, it would be totally rad if you went over to check out Erica's blog and said "hi!" She was such a doll when I met her in person, and I am so glad she loved her gift.

And I am so glad Erica loved it! She tweeted me when she got home after she opened it and I was so relieved she enjoyed it--gift giving can give me such anxiety! haha

The gift I received was from Melanie and she gave me a lovely bag (which was the color of our logo by the way--how awesome is that) filled with a few of my favorite things: a kitchen canister, a candle, and an adorable kitchen accessory in the form of a salt container! Thank you so much, Melanie! I am already using my candle and it smells amazing!!

Once we were all done exchanging gifts, we all took some time to take photos in front of this glorious photo booth! It was super darling and perfect for our Galentine's Day event.


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