Staying Cool for 4th of July with NewAir AF-1000R [Review]

Thanks to NewAir for providing me with an evaporative cooler in exchange for an honest review.

This past weekend, Adam and I spent majority of our 4th of July inside our apartment. We left the apartment 2 times this weekend--once to go to the pool, and then one other time to light sparklers on our patio. Most of our weekend was spent relaxing in our living room in front of the television, and our days were filled with hours of Netflix binging and just trying to stay cool. It's hard to want to leave the apartment when our living room feels like paradise--it stayed below 75 degrees (F) the entire weekend and I didn't even have to turn on the air conditioner once! Ever since I got our evaporative cooler, the NewAir AF-1000R, both the temperature and our electricity bill has stayed lower than ever!

Phoenix is known for being a hot place to live for a reason--because it really is! We've had temperatures as high as 119 this year alone; if the start of this season is any indication for what we can expect for the rest of the summer, I am sure we'll have quite a few more days in the 110+ temperature range. It becomes kind of a joke with just how unbearably oppressing the heat can feel, too! All of us living here always kind of sarcastically chuckle and tell each other, "but it's a dry heat!" 

And Phoenix is definitely a dry kind of heat! But that's exactly why it feels uncomfortably hot: there's little to no moisture in the air. This is exactly the reason I was so excited to try out my evaporative cooler.

I love the look of it, too! It's a fun and bold red color that adds a nice pop of color to my living room.
Having an evaporative cooler has made my Phoenix summer actually pretty tolerable. I usually have to refrain from opening the shades and letting natural light inside, and I've even invested in a special type of curtain that keeps the heat out. But now I don't need to spend the day in my apartment in the dark! I love being able to let the light shine through while I sit and relax on the couch. The NewAir AF-1000R has a lot of versatile settings, so I can really get the exact kind of environment I want--there's multiple speeds for the fan I can alternative between, a cooling feature which fills the room with moisture and cools it down, and even a timer (so I can leave it on until we fall asleep at night!)

Interested to learn more about the NewAir AF-1000R and other evaporative coolers? Check out the NewAir site, or you can find them on Facebook too.

Have you ever used an evaporative cooler?

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