Eklectic Pie is Coming to Mesa, AZ!

Hey Greater Phoenix! Guess what?! There's a new pizza sheriff in town!

But seriously, I am so excited for September because that is when Eklectic Pie is opening up in Mesa, AZ! I know a lot of my dietary restricted friends will be stoked too, because they will have gluten-free crusts, non-dairy cheeses, and even tofu available to accommodate pizza pies for a wider range of guests!

As you know, I love to support Arizona local business as much as I can. Well, so does Eklectic Pie! Many of the ingredients on their menu are locally sourced, including some brands like Queen Creek Olive Mill! Remember my tour over at the olive mill? I love that place so much! I am so excited that I can look forward to enjoying their ingredients when I stop by to visit Eklectic Pie.

Not only does Eklectic Pie use the freshest ingredients, they are also aiming to have affordable dining options for their guests. Each pizza at Eklectic Pie is priced at $5.49 for a seven inch, and $7.99 for an eleven inch pie (and that's with endless topping combinations!)

Eklectic Pie also offers a “make-your-own” pizza option with traditional or gluten free dough ($2 additional charge) and nine sauces, eight kinds of cheese, 10 meat options, 16 vegetable toppings, five kinds of fruit and nuts, and 13 “finishers” including items like spinach, sprouts, basil, cilantro and more.

They have a special online ordering system in place for busy pizza fans on the go available at www.eklecticpie.com. A customer loyalty program will launch when the restaurant opens and will offer rewards for repeat purchases and more. Their grand opening will be in September 2015 (date TBD), and their location is 1859 South Stapley Drive, Suite 106 in Mesa.

Are you planning to check out their grand opening in September?

Friendly note: I do not own the rights to these images, but I received them from PR/media working with Eklectic Pie to use them to promote the grand opening. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me directly. Thank you! 


  1. I truly did not know how many Arizona bloggers there are! Mhhmm, this makes me really hungry! I am down in Tucson, but I think I could come up to Mesa for some good pizza! :-)

    1. Oh my gosh there are so many, Lauren! I hope you can make it up here to the valley for some pizza, and to come to the next Arizona Bloggers Meet Up event! I know you're a member of Arizona Bloggers group, but you're definitely in the meet up group too right?


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