Our Mini Family: 7 Reasons to Make Phoenix Your Next Vacation Getaway

Sep 22, 2015

7 Reasons to Make Phoenix Your Next Vacation Getaway

For the last 7 years, I have been able to call Phoenix my home. Having grown up in suburban Massachusetts, moving out West to Arizona was an exciting and completely extraordinary feat. But since the day I have moved here, I have felt like I have lived in America's best kept secret; Phoenix is such an incredible city and has so many unique quirks to it. This city is vivacious--not only is it a great place to live, but it's an even better place to have a vacation!

Today, I'm talking about seven reasons why you should make Phoenix your next getaway!

#1 The weather is perfect 10 months of the year!
Seriously, have you ever been outside and thought that the weather felt like nothing? It's a very strange and awesome phenomena you experience when the weather is so perfect outside that it feels as if there is no weather at all! The air and temperature feels so comfortable that it's essentially nonexistent. This is what Phoenix feels like for majority of the year--this part of Arizona has a comfortable warmth for about ten months of the year.

#2 The lush, desert landscape is beautiful! 
It's more than just dirt and cacti, y'all! I know when we were all learning about the desert landscape in grade school we were taught that it's just dry and hot. I would be lying if I said Phoenix wasn't dry and hot (because it is), however, it is much much more than just a bunch of dirt and some cactuses! There are lush neighborhoods spread all around the city filled with citrus trees, and the mountains that surround the Phoenix valley are stunning! 

#3 Phoenix has some of the best resorts in the country
Adam and I frequently take staycations--that is basically taking a vacation, but not leaving where you live! Since Phoenix has some of the best resorts in the United States, we like to take a few days off to unwind at a local resort. One of our favorite resorts to stay at is Hotel Valley Ho! And if you can brave the summer heat (I'm talking about those 100 degrees days), I guarantee you that you will get one of the most luxurious vacations of your life--all of the 4 and 5 star resorts drop their prices dramatically in the summer, and the vacation savings are amazing!

#4 The food scene is on the rise
Have you ever been on vacation somewhere and felt like you couldn't have a cultural experience? I've been to a few cities and most of them have the same, boring American cuisine restaurants I grew up with. In Phoenix, there is a large variety of bars and restaurants that well-represent Southwestern culture! But maybe you don't like tequila or you can't eat spicy food, and that's OK! My mom can't eat jalapeños, but we can always find a new place to eat together when she comes to visit us; Phoenix has a very diverse food scene, so if you're not into Mexican food you can still enjoy a number of different cuisines out here, too! 

#5 It's a more affordable version of Los Angeles (with less traffic)
Los Angeles is a nightmare! The population is so large and it's all squished into one small area. If you're looking for the LA vibe without the hassle, come to Phoenix! We have the same gorgeous streets lined with hundreds of palm trees, beautiful weather, a large population that's spread out across the large city, amazing and photogenic sunsets, extravagant mansions to swoon over--just like you would want from Los Angeles. Except it's not LA. The people here are also significantly nicer and staying here is way more affordable!

#6 It's just a few hours drive from The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is stunning and a must-see! If you're interested in checking The Grand Canyon off of your bucket list, vacation here in Phoenix! It's only a few hours drive away, and there are a variety of bus shuttle services that will take you (so you don't have to necessarily rent a car if you do not want to). Also, if you want to see The Grand Canyon to go hiking, you don't even have to drive to The Grand Canyon! There are a number of mountains you can hike right here in Phoenix (Camelback Mountain is a local favorite!)

#7 Experience the heart of the Southwest
The Southwest is unlike any other part of the United States! It's truly something that every person should see at least once, and Phoenix is the heart of the Southwest! 

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