DIY On-the-Go Mason Jar Drink Holder (and 100 Day Change Update)

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Just 35 days ago, I made a promise to myself to be active for 100 days straight. When I first wrote my blog post about The 100 Day Change, I mentioned that my goal was to just be active in some way each and every day; being a full-time blogger means I do a lot of sitting at a desk, as well as sampling a lot of delicious foods (that arguably aren’t always super healthy). I’ve been making small adjustments here and there, and even in just over a month, I already feel happier and healthier. On top of exercising regularly, I’ve also become more aware of my protein intake—that’s why I’ve started incorporating EAS Lean 15 Single Serve Packets into my daily routine. Today, I’m sharing both my update on my 100 Day Change progress, as well as how to make your very own, DIY, on-the-go mason jar drink holder!

 I like to enjoy my morning iced coffee and afternoon iced teas in mason jars--because let's face it, everything tastes better coming from a mason jar! Sometimes, I need to physically take my mason jar with me on-the-go, so I like to decorate and transform my mason jar into a portable drinking cup (with a few of my favorite accessories). 

To make my on-the-go mason jar drink container, I used: burlap ribbon, a hot glue gun, scissors, mason jar toppers, and a straw! Start by wrapping the burlap around the jar and trimming it to size. Then, use the hot glue gun to adhere the burlap to the outer sides of the mason jar.

These burlap-decorated mason jars make a lovely statement and they are very shabby chic!

There are a number of different mason jar topper accessories you can find both online, as well as at your local arts and crafts supply store! My two favorite kinds are these two--the floral-shaped one shown in the image above, and the netted-style shown in the image below. 

When I am looking for a topper for my mason jar, I like to bring a few of my straws from home with me to make sure that they will fit through the topper. Since I usually exercise right after I wake up, I usually end up enjoying my morning iced coffee with an EAS Lean 15 Single Serve Packet.

My 100 Day Change Activity Journal

Although I haven't been weighing myself or seeing if I have lost weight throughout my 100 Day Change, I have however been more observant of the amount of protein I am getting every day. These new Protein Powder Packets are perfect for those who are on-the-go, or if you're like me, for people who don't have time to cook a meal and are forced to eat their meals at their desk. 

When I am done working out, I grab an EAS packet to throw in my drink about a half hour after I'm finished exercising. 

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How do you get your daily source of protein? Check out some of these great ideas!


  1. Looks darling! We drink out of mason jars at our house. This is super cute! Great job on staying active!

  2. I love the ribbon you used for your mason jar! So cute! I like to get my protein through peanut butter, and we like to grill meat quite a bit at our house (usually chicken). My favorite is peanut butter, though.It's easy to throw in smoothies!

  3. Cute idea with the mason jar. I get my protein through protein smoothies for breakfast or lunch, and I usually have meat for dinner. We are big protein eaters in our house since we have 3 growing boys!

  4. Love, love the homemade mason jar. I have a tumbler from Rifle Paper &Co, which I adore. It really makes me want to drink more, and think this mason jar would do the same. We all need a little kitsch in healthy habits.

  5. This is such a cute idea, I love this! Mason jars have become so popular and this DIY will make mine stand out from everyone else's. I used to be such a huge fan of protein drinks, I drank them every morning, but lately I haven't been. Instead to get my daily protein, I eat meats, eggs and peanut butter!

  6. So cute! I try and get my protein form protein shakes and smoothies.

  7. Protein is something that we actually struggle with! Besides meat, we've been trying to focus on protein high foods that we can use in our meals!

  8. Oh my word. That Mason Jar is so darling! Love it!

  9. Super cute, Cathy! And that protein powder is so delicious! #client

  10. Love the wrap on the mason jars! I love getting my protein from nuts & peanut butter - both my weaknesses.

  11. I always drink my Shakeology out of a mason jar! I'm going to have to look for that floral topper you shared. I currently have the plastic ones from Wal-Mart which I also enjoy. How does washing the jars work with the burlap? They look super cute but I wasn't sure how easy they would be to wash!

    1. I hand wash mine, so I haven't ever run into any issues with getting the burlap very wet! :-)

  12. I've been seeing a lot of posts on mason jars – from making foodie gifts to mini-sized ones for shots. As for protein, I try to purchase healthy things packed with protein because I don't cook meat that often. I haven't really gotten into supplements yet.

  13. Cute jan and a great challenge idea! I need to get more active.


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