Date Night Idea | Go to a Local Painting Party

Most of us have seen the painting parties craze blow up on social media, right? My Facebook feed is constantly filled with pictures of friends standing next to their paintings and holding a glass of wine. I'm not going to lie to you--I've been pretty jealous and I've been dying to attend one of these parties! Well, I was beyond overjoyed when Paint Nite offered to sponsor our date night this week! And today, I'm sharing some of the details from our night in Tempe with our new Paint Nite pals!

We're sharing the details from our date night today, as well as a 45% off discount for Paint Nite! 

This was the first time Adam and I did anything like this--we had never been to a painting party, but we knew we had to give it a try at least once! Needless to say, we are hooked now!

After looking at the Paint Nite website and seeing which date and time worked best for us, we ending up choosing the event that had a painting project with "moderate" difficulty. Looking back at the project and having minimal painting experience, I would actually say that this project was quite easy (and would recommend for beginners who have casually painted before). Adam does not paint regularly, and even he thought that it was relatively easy to follow along with! There were a lot of people around us who were grunting and yelling at their paintings in anguish throughout the party, but everyone seemed pleased towards the end!

I liked how I didn't have to bring anything with me to paint--Paint Nite supplies you with your canvas, paints, brushes, and even a smock to protect against spilling paint all over yourself (Adam and I did pretty good, and we haven't found any stains on our clothes yet!)

Paint Nite isn't a painting class, but there is an instructor with a microphone who talks you through the painting process step by step! So if you are thinking to yourself, "I'm not creative enough to do that," this should not stop you from going to a painting party; they literally tell you each and every step as they do a demonstration for you, so you will feel confident as your painting starts to come together.

Our instructor was delightfully funny! My favorite thing about our instructor was how he described the two paint brushes we were using--one large one, and one small. When he was telling us which brush to use, he would refer to our "Schwarzenegger" and our "Christopher Walken" brushes--maybe you had to be there to get the joke, but he was talking about how the bristles on the brushes look like these celebrities' hair styles, and when he'd introduce us to using a different brush he would talk in the corresponding actor's accent. It was quite funny--he had Adam and I cracking up!

About an hour into the party, we got to take a quick break to stretch and order some drinks at the bar nearby. The whole night felt very casual, but since there was an instructor talking us through the painting, I did not feel as though I was left to my own devices to figure out how to finish the painting on my own. There was also another Paint Nite employee who walked around and was answering questions and offering advice, which was nice to see since there were some people who attended the party and had a few concerns about their individual painting.

Paint Nite isn't just in the Phoenix area! Paint Nite events are held in over 1,400 cities worldwide, so be sure to check their website for any events that may be in your area! Before you purchase tickets for a Paint Nite event near you, be sure to grab our 45% off discount code for you (see below)!

Needless to say, Adam and I loved it! No complaints and the pricing is very affordable for what you get in return! We had a date night that came with a souvenir we can hang on our wall ;-)

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Thank you again to Paint Nite for having us! We're very grateful that we had the opportunity to enjoy this painting party experience in exchange for writing this unbiased, and completely honest blog post. 


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