Date Night Idea | Bowling and Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golfing

Are you and your spouse basically just grown-up children? Adam and I are definitely big kids. 

We have spent our fair share of time playing video games and watching cartoons for sure, so naturally we'd enjoy ourselves for a night of bowling at glow-in-the-dark mini golfing at Fat Cats in Gilbert! Thanks so much to Fat Cats for hosting us for our date night, and today we're sharing the details from our night out last week.

When we first got to Fat Cats, we got a bowling lane and some shoes. I have to say, I was really proud of myself I remembered to bring socks for the both of us (because rental shoes are so so nasty!)   Adam and I realized that we had never actually done "grown-up" bowling before; when we were younger and growing up in Massachusetts, there were a lot of bowling alleys that had candlepin bowling balls, but we had never bowled with the 10 pound bowling balls before. It was a riot for the two of us at first, because we were struggling to figure out how to bowl with these huge bowling balls!

Full disclosure: I have competed in bowling before. Elementary school bowling league--what what! Haha but seriously, some of my natural bowling skills definitely came in handy after my first few tries. I definitely kicked Adam's butt in the multiple games we played, and I was starting to feel bad because he'd catch up to my score and then I'd just get another strike and mess him up (good spouses make us strive do better, right?!)

In-between kicking Adam's behind at bowling, we ordered some dinner and got some pizzas. Our pizza came right to our table in our bowling lane about 20 minutes after we ordered, which seemed really fast compared to how packed the place was! After we stopped bowling and enjoyed our dinner, we headed over to the glow-in-the-dark miniature golf area.

So, I may have kicked Adam's butt at bowling (OK, honestly saying that doesn't get old) but he kicked MY butt at golf. Yeah, golf is totally not my sport. I was so terrible I eventually just stopped keeping score. But it was fun anyway! 

The glow-in-the-dark golf had some really cool decorations. Pirates, treasure chests, underwater monsters, and really cool artwork on the walls--it was very neat, but I could see a younger kid being scared in there. When I was younger, this miniature golf would have totally freaked me out since I was not a fan of being in the dark. After Adam was done beating me at miniature golf (believe me, he had his moment gloating), we headed over to the arcade side of Fat Cats and played a few arcade games. 

Some of the arcade games were pretty fun--we ended up spending most of our time at this machine where they would a ball from the top, and then it would bounce and eventually land into a hole that determined how many tickets you got. We got the bonus a few times which was exciting! All of our tickets were stored on an electronic card that we got, and we simply took our card over to the prize section when we were finished. What did we grab as a prize, you ask? Why a Nerf gun, of course! Because what's better than pelting your husband in the back of the head with a styrofoam bullet? 

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Thank you again to Fat Cats in Gilbert for having us! We're very grateful that we had the opportunity to enjoy these accommodations in exchange for writing this unbiased, and completely honest blog post.

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