Tulle Skirts and T-Shirts

Sometimes I just want to feel like a ballerina. Tulle skirts aren't necessarily the most convenient thing to wear, especially if you're planning on running errands all around town (and heaven forbid a gust of wind comes along and tries to give you a Marilyn moment). But you know what? I don't care if it's weird that I want to wear a tulle skirt with my every day wardrobe. So what if I want to rock my girly outfit to the grocery store? Don't feel like you need a special occasion to splurge yourself on something that makes you feel beautiful! This tulle skirt gives me so much life and I feel awesome in it!

Much like the homely caterpillar, with about a pound of makeup and some contacts, I too can transform into a pretty butterfly! (but seriously though, I should wear contacts more often)

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