Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza Bracket Sweepstakes

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Last week, Adam and I were incredibly busy every single day; we've been struggling to play catch up with everything we have on our plates right now so that we can take some time off next week. Neither of us had the energy to make anything for lunch, and even just the thought of having to cook dinner felt awful. Exhausted and hungry, we dragged our feet across the street and into our neighborhood Papa Murphy's and picked up some of their take and bake fresh pizza (along with some other yummy treats) and brought everything home. 

Since Adam and I discovered our local Papa Murphy's down the street from us, they have been our go-to for picking up gourmet pizzas. Today, I'm sharing some information about the $1000 value prize you could with through Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza Bracket Sweepstakes, as well as how Papa Murphy's works if this is your first time hearing about them!

Ordering "take and bake" pizza has been a tradition for us since we moved to the valley. When we first found the Papa Murphy's by our house, we went in expecting to get a cooked pizza we could eat in the store but quickly discovered that Papa Murphy's was unlike anything else we'd ever experienced. The artform of "take and bake" pizza is genius--you order the kind of pizza you want and then it's made fresh-to-order right in front of you at the store (we later found out you can actually pre-order online, too!)

Every pizza is made fresh--their stores do not even have freezers! Their dough is totally made from scratch early in the morning, they hand slice their own vegetables, and they grate their own 100% whole-milk mozzarella cheese every day. They have been establishing their locations all around the United States since 1981, and just last year they opened their 1,500th store.

Interested to learn more about the Papa Murphy's story? Click here!

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n’ Bake Pizza Bracket Sweepstakes
  • Papa Murphy's is hosting an exciting sweepstakes from March 7 through April 4, 2016.
  • Five lucky winners will win pizza for a year ($1000 value!)
  • Enter to win the sweeps by voting for your favorite pizza in all the active bracket match-ups.
  • Any vote automatically enters you to win in the sweepstakes 

My first round pick in the sweepstakes was Chicken Garlic--which actually lost to the Cowboy pizza in Round 1 face-off! Bummer! Well, at least I know that my votes still count even though my choice lost! I think I'll be rooting for either the Cowboy or Heartbaker pizza--which ones will you vote for?

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  1. I love Papa Murphy's. It's a regular treat in our house and don't even get me started on that cookie dough. Winning pizza for a year would be dream.

    1. That's awesome! And yes the cookie dough was so good!


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