Download these Apps to Help you Pack!

Got a trip coming up you need to pack for? Here are some of my favorite packing apps!

Packing is daunting. And I put it off as long as I can!

I remember when we were gearing up for our trip to explore Cape Ann that Adam and I were up packing just an hour or so before we had to leave for the airport. Talk about cutting it close! Anxiety is common when packing is necessary--but I would hate to let packing suck all of the fun out of traveling. After some research, I have compiled a list of apps you can download for your phone or tablet to help you pack and get organized (so you don't have to be like us and pack right before you leave!) 

Is it Free? No, $2.99

If you like to buy apps knowing you'll get the best of the best performance, you will be pleased with Packing Pro. Packing Pro's interface works almost flawlessly and there is a reason it currently has a perfect customer rating in the App Store. Also, if you like to have the ability to customize your experience more than the average Joe, you will enjoy the ability that Packing Pro gives you to further customize the app and the way that it looks (i.e. colors, design, font, texture, etc).

Is it Free? Yes, with in-app upgrades available


TripList works as a packing list and a travel to-do list manager, so this app is great if you are looking for an overall travel managing app. It also calculates your progress in how far along you are with packing, so if you are like me and get motivated to do things once you start to fall behind you will benefit from TripList.

Is it Free? No, $3.99

Stylebook also doubles as a wardrobe organizer and I'd recommend it for anyone who consider themselves fashion-forward. Setting it up will take time, but it is totally worth it! Make sure to download Stylebook and begin cataloguing your wardrobe well over a week before your trip (unless you can work lightning fast!) 

Is it Free? Yes!

Similar to Stylebook, Closet+ is another image-focused packing planner that will give you the ability to search through your wardrobe to pack cohesively. One setting I really enjoy about Closet+ is the ability to choose items from your wardrobe based on color themes! They recently did a redesign and the app itself is very minimalist and clean.

Travel List
Is it Free? No, $1.99

If you have an Apple Watch, I definitely recommend Travel List! Their app pairs so well with the Apple Watch and has the best reviews regarding syncing with the watch. Arguably, Travel List is also the most masculine of these apps since Adam preferred this one the most and he said it "wasn't over the top" or "too much like Pinterest." 

Is it Free? Yes!

My favorite interface of all of these apps was PackPoint. The color scheme and the design is appealing to me (aka "too much like Pinterest" in Adam's words) and I liked how it synced up with my EverNote and TripIt apps. It is also worth noting that PackPoint is also available on Google Play, so for those of you who have a non-Apple smartphone you can possibly get the app as well. 

Are you preparing for an upcoming trip? Where are you headed?

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  1. I am heading out Monday will be using these tips

    1. Awesome! Would love to know which app you prefer after your trip!

  2. Thanks for sharing these apps! I'll definitely be using them on upcoming trips :)

  3. great apps! i just downloaded closetspace after checking some out!

  4. I had no idea that there was an app for that! :) Some of these apps sounded great. I'll have to check it out before my next trip. I usually pack at the last minute because I find if I pack earlier, then I end up forgetting things or packing funky outfits. These apps should help!

    1. You should find these apps useful then--you sound a lot like me, and these apps were game-changers!

  5. I'm excited to try out some of these Apps. I've got several trips and staycations (every weekend for the next 5 weeks) and I think this will definitely help!

    1. Woohoo! That's awesome! Enjoy your trips, Trista!

  6. I didn't even know there were travel packing apps. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I didn't know there were travel apps. It's be cool to just save the items that are needed for every trip and specify only certain ones individually.


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