Date Night Idea | Heart-Shaped Map Tour

Create and go on a heart-shaped map tour of your city for a fun, unique date night idea!

Adam and I fall into the same routine of where we go out on date night. 

Always the same bars, the same restaurants, and the same neighborhoods. We do try to make an effort to go out and explore the city sometimes, but when we are short on time and low on creativity we often revisit the same places for date night. 

Recently, we thought of a fun way to bring a new twist to some of the sorts of places we go for date night most often. One neighborhood we constantly revisit is located in Tempe, and instead of just heading back there and spending our night at one spot we opted to come up with an idea that would send us on an adventure of sorts. 

Rather than just visit our regular spot, we thought it would be fun to bring some new life to an "old neighborhood." We've been visiting this street for date night for almost 6 years. But we thought what better way to make it feel different than by turning this block of our go-to date night spots into a scavenger-hunt-meets-foodie-crawl date night adventure!

How to Create a Heart-Shaped Map Tour
  1. Brainstorm a part of your city that has a lot of spots to visit packed into a few miles.
  2. Open up a map on your phone or computer (we recommend using either Google Maps or even opening the app on Yelp) of the spot you are thinking of visiting and take a screenshot of the map. Or if you're old school like us, you can even print out the map and bring it with you!
  3. Imagine or draw out a heart on the map if you are using a paper map, and adjust the size and width of the heart shape to adjust where you want to go!
  4. Finish creating your heart map, and then jump in your car to take your tour!

So we grabbed our map of the neighborhood, drew a heart on it, and then visited the spots along the heart for a bite to eat at every spot. Check out some of our tasty treats we had along the way:

We were so lucky to have such a stylish, chic ride to enjoy our date night! The Lexus RC F was such a fun way to really amp up our date night! Adam even surprised me with a throwback playlist of songs that we used to listen to in the car when we started dating!

Do you find yourself falling into date night routines?

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Thank you to Lexus for hooking us up with a sweet ride all week long--such a thoughtful gift! 

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