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Our easy, date night idea is brought to you by FX Networks and our love for tv premiere parties!

With an exhausting work schedule, date night becomes increasingly more difficult to manage this time of year. After the holidays, Adam has mandatory overtime that he is expected to work on top of his already rigorous schedule, and I am swamped with holiday campaigns deadlines I have to complete for the blog. 

Earlier this week, Adam and I decided to spend our date night curled up on the couch while watching television together. And you know what? It was great! Having a low-key date night at home is manageable for even the toughest schedules, and that is when the idea hit me: themed tv date night!

Take your date night watching TV at home to the next level by making it a themed night! By that I mean, depending on what you are planning to watch, plan on creating snacks or a meal inspired by what you are going to watch. 

When I first heard about the upcoming premiere FX Networks’ new gritty drama, Taboo, I began brainstorming some ideal food and drink options for a premiere party. Set in 19th century London, I found it only fitting to serve some scones and some tea for our date night.

The FX Networks marketing team sent us a gift--a Taboo spy glass!

Taboo promises a story filled with conspiracy, murder, betrayal, mystery, love, and treachery. 

Adam and I are anticipating Taboo to be our new, favorite gritty drama of 2017! After we learned about the plot of Taboo and watched the Taboo trailer, we became rather intrigued by its dark and Victorian elements. Mark your calendar for the January 10th premiere on FX Networks, and then be sure to click here to enter the Taboo sweepstakes for $3,000 worth of diamonds

If you're anticipating FX Networks’ premiere of Taboo, here are just a few snack ideas for a Taboo viewing party or date night:

  • tea sandwiches
  • scones and tarts
  • fruit pies
  • beef stew
  • meat pies
  • biscuits
  • pudding

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  1. What a good idea! Will have to think about this next date night with my husband :)

    1. My hubby prefers the low-key date nights more I think--he always seems more relaxed when we're hanging out at home!

  2. Different having a theme to work around what movie you have decided to watch. Never done this before, so going to do something different this time and go with a theme.

    1. Yes the theme aspect of it was a newer idea to me--I think it could be really fun with a variety of tv shows!

  3. That's so interesting... wonder what the hubby would think of it :)

    1. Yeah! Definitely see if he's into it--my hubby prefers the date night at home that don't cost a lot haha

  4. I love the idea of a themed tv night! We always binge different shows but other than gilmore girls, never thoguht to theme the entire night!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    1. Yes!! You could do a lot of themed ideas for it with Gilmore Girls and so many other shows, too.

  5. What a great idea. I am so looking forward to watch this. I am definitely joining the sweepstakes ❤️- meileilan

    1. Yeah, it looks to be a great new show for sure! And good luck on the sweeps!


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