Our Weekend Staycation at The Strawberry Inn

Read more about our stay at The Strawberry Inn and our visit to Strawberry, Arizona!

Ready for an escape and not having much time to book a flight and head too far out of town, Adam and I decided to take a little road trip up north to Strawberry, Arizona. Our schedules have been insane lately, so it was really nice to take a weekend away from the office and have some fun. 

This past weekend, we packed our bags and then drove just under 2 hours from our home in Phoenix and checked into The Strawberry Inn for a weekend staycation! I knew the moment I saw their Instagram that I would fall in love with this luxury inn--all of their rooms have their own theme, and they are decorated and designed so immaculately that you feel like you are spending the night in a Pottery Barn (which is literally like Heaven on Earth for me!) 

We read online that The Strawberry Inn was recently renovated and redesigned, and when we arrived to check into our room it was obvious that a lot of thought and planning was put into it bringing a new life to this adorable roadside inn. I was blown away by the attention to detail in things like the room accents--one of my favorite discoveries is that our towels were scented like strawberries, and our room was filled with beautiful decorations that really brought out the beauty of the mountains and the Strawberry community! 

The owners of The Strawberry Inn were kind enough to even leave us a welcome basket filled with information about the town, as well as lots of goodies from some of their local businesses! 

Some of our favorites from our welcome basket were the Strawberry-themed items including a reusable grocery bag I've already brought with me to the store a few times, tasty Strawberry Blonde Ale from THAT Brewery, and some strawberry fudge from Pine Creek Fudge and Ice Cream in Pine, Arizona!

All of the information they gave us in our welcome basket was so helpful, and they also noted one of the more popular destinations in the area we should visit is the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Once we read about that, we decided to head out and drive a few minutes to go check it out--click here to see some of our pictures from our trip to see Tonto Natural Bridge!

After returning back to the inn from our hike at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, we got ready for dinner and headed out the door. 

After we relaxed for a little while in our room, we drove down the street and stopped by the Old County Inn for dinner in Pine, Arizona. It was only a few minutes down the road from where we were staying, and we had a wonderful meal!

When you first walk into the Old County Inn, it feels like a dive bar where the locals come to meet for a meal. It had a warm, lively crowd and we had a friendly waitress who was able to help us decide what to order. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Old County Inn is a culinary underground of sorts--their chef, cooking just a few feet from our table on the other side of the open area kitchen/bar, was experimenting and coming up with new appetizers and meals to bring to the menu. 

Everything we ate was absolutely delicious, and made with really high-quality ingredients! Adam and I have already agreed that we most certainly will plan on making the drive back up from Phoenix for another meal at Old County Inn sometime soon (and that if you are planning on staying at The Strawberry Inn you should definitely make the trip to eat at Old County Inn as well!) 

After our meal, we drove back to the inn and finished unpacking our overnight bag. We settled in, turned on the television, and fell asleep early knowing we had to drive back home in the morning. The bedding was so soft and high count it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud!

In the morning, we grabbed our things and left a note in the guestbook before heading home. From start to finish, our stay at The Strawberry Inn was so comforting and carefree! If you're looking for a place to stay in and around the Strawberry/Pine community in Arizona, we definitely recommend The Strawberry Inn! 

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Special thanks to The Strawberry Inn and Old County Inn for hosting us!


  1. What a fabulous place! I want to stay there! I love all the white in the room and what great personal touches they have.

  2. I love how clean and bright this place looks. It really does seem they actually care about taking care of their guests.

  3. That looks like such a relaxing place to stay. Wonderful that the staff is so attentive!

  4. Cute name, and I love the decor! I'll have to check it out next time we go to Phoenix!

  5. What a beautiful place! That food looks amazing!

  6. The Strawberry Inn looks so fresh and inviting. I wish I could staycation here! I love all the strawberry/red theme they have going on.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful place! Drooling over all that glorious food!

  8. The fudge looks really delicious.


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