Our Mini Family: 5 of My Favorite Restaurants in Puerto Peñasco

5 of My Favorite Restaurants in Puerto Peñasco

Headed to Rocky Point? Check out my absolute favorite spots to eat at in Puerto Peñasco!

Last week, my friend Olivia and I drove from Phoenix to Puerto Peñasco to visit the beach and enjoy swimming in the water. Luckily, it's only about a 4 hours drive so it was a relatively short road trip and just a hop over the border and about an hour south of Lukeville, AZ. I was invited by the Puerto Penasco tourism board to stay in town and experience what Rocky Point has to offer as an Arizona getaway, and perhaps my favorite part of visiting was the food! 

What I really love about Puerto Peñasco is the endless food options! Whether you prefer authentic Mexican food, seafood, decadent desserts, delicious cocktails, or even "gringas" food (a more Americanized version of Mexican food), there's something delicious to enjoy for everyone! Throughout our stay, we visited and tried a number of restaurants. For the most part, everything we ate was good but these five restaurants stood out amongst the rest as our absolute favorite places to eat in Rocky Point!

Kaffee Haus

If you've got a hankering for a delicious, Instagram-worthy brunch spot you've gotta check out Kaffee Haus! Olivia and I stopped for brunch before our drive back to Arizona and it was our final meal in Puerto Peñasco. We had about a 30 minutes wait before we were seated (which is to be expected on a Sunday morning) but we immediately saw the service was impeccable and that the atmosphere was lovely!

Everything on the menu at Kaffee Haus looked so delicious it was nearly impossible to choose our meals! The menu has a variety of dishes to choose from, and everything is inspired by either Mexican or German influence. We both ended up having an omelet, we tried the caramel macchiato, and two of their desserts from the pastry case at the register. Everything was delicious and fairly priced--we'll definitely be making the drive back to Rocky Point if anything just to have brunch at Kaffee Haus again!

La Casa del Capitan

Our very first meal in Puerto Peñasco was lunch at La Casa del Capitan. If you like authentic and locally-sourced seafood, this is a must-stop on your travels to Rocky Point!

After talking to our waitstaff and learning more about the fish markets, I discovered that one of Rocky Point's most coveted seafood is the blue shrimp. My favorite blue shrimp I had all week long was served at Casa del Capitan--it was wrapped in bacon and so fresh and delicious! Alongside some blue shrimp, we also enjoyed ceviche, battered fish, oysters, and octopus. For dessert, Olivia and I shared decadent flan and raspberry cheesecake that melted in your mouth. Everything we tried for lunch was delicious, and the views from the outdoor patio at Casa del Capitan were absolutely breathtaking!

Peñasco del Sol (Miguels Restaurant)

Our sunset dinner on the beach at Peñasco del Sol was catered by Miguels Restaurant, and it was a magical meal! We really enjoyed watching the sun set over the water and overlooking the other side of the city, and as the sun set the sky lit up with bold and beautiful pink and purple colors as it became darker and darker outside. 

While we admired the beautiful sky, we enjoyed a delicious meal that started off with banderas--a 3-shot cocktail comprised of lemon, tequila, and tomato (to resemble the Mexican flag). After that, we sampled a variety of their well-known cocktails and enjoyed salad and flounder. Hands down, my favorite part of the meal was the flounder. It was so delicate, fresh, and beautifully cooked! Dinner ended with a delicious piece of flan and an optional cocktail.

El Tapeo Wine Bar

Our first night in Puerto Peñasco, we ventured a few minutes from where we were staying and drove down a dirt road to find El Tapeo Wine Bar. What looked like a dive bar from the outside transformed into a Pinterest-worthy wine bar once you walked in. All of the decor and details in Tapeo were darling and the lighting of the candles and uplighting near the live band stage was romantic--my friend @SLBtravels and I couldn't stop swooning over the decorations!

We started our meal with some drinks--we tried their delicious wine, sangria, and lemonade. Our meal started with a meat and cheese plate and our entree was authentic paella. This was my first time trying paella and I absolutely enjoyed it! A few of the women eating dinner with us were freaked out by the shrimp because it was large and the legs were not removed, but if you're no stranger to fresh seafood this is nothing out of the ordinary. Our whole meal was beautiful and delicious, and we really enjoyed dancing along to the live band that played after dinner!

Las Palomas (El Citron)

Our final meal in Rocky Point was at Las Palomas at their restaurant El Citron. We enjoyed dinner upstairs while there was a live band playing below--the semi-spiral staircase on our way to our table was beautiful and the glass chandelier added to the romantic ambiance at El Citron. 

Our large group tried a variety of different entrees, but what I liked about El Citron was the variety they offered. Not all of the food had a focus on Mexican cuisine or seafood, and one of the food bloggers at our party, @ArizonaFoodie, ended up having chicken fettuccine alfredo--El Citron would be an ideal restaurant to eat at if you're visiting Puerto Peñasco with picky eaters or those who prefer American cuisine over authentic Mexican food. 

Olivia and both opted to get different entrees and we each enjoyed a bite of each others food--I loved the shrimp salad and the salmon was cooked perfectly. We finished our evening with a bite of tres leches and chocolate cake--both so sweet and a wonderful way to end our last meal in Mexico!

Which of these dishes look the most delicious to you? 

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Special thanks to the Puerto Peñasco Visitors Bureau for hosting us in our foodie adventures!


  1. Very informative and interesting post, i am just loving all the desserts and this places are great place to spend time xo


  2. They all look amazing. Especially the desserts. Anything with shrimp in it I'm definitely down to eat. I would love to visit here! I love travelling places with great food.

  3. All of these look amazing and delicious. If I am ever in the area I know where to go.

  4. Wow, all of that great looking food! The atmosphere and ambiance in these places look wonderful.

  5. This looks like alot of fun. I am into the seafood and the three shot cocktail!

  6. Omg girl I just had dinner and you've made me hungry all over again!! These look amazing!

  7. These restaurants offer great food and I wanna try everything. I hope I can go there with my family soon!

  8. ommmggg that seafood plate from casa del capitan! Looks like you guys had fun :)

  9. I've never been to Puerto Penasco but I love to travel. I will for sure write the names of these restaurants down for when I go.

  10. Wow! These food pictures make me want to go to Puerto Peñasco just to eat! I think one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation is to try out the local fair.

  11. Its hard to pic the most delicious stuff from this list. Everything looks delish.

  12. I am absolutely in love with all of your pictures, they are gorgeous on every level!
    Thank you for sharing such an amazing trip, I am truly in love!

  13. Oh wow! All of this food looks so good. I'm currently on a diet and all of those desserts are so tempting right now.

  14. Looks like you had quite a foodie adventure. I adore trying new restaurants and cuisines when I travel. My favorite is to enjoy a good brunch or to relax by the ocean.

  15. These restaurants look SO good. I love exploring new foodie places

  16. What a wonderful weekend with your friend! There's nothing more relaxing than a weekend by the water like this! Everything looks so amazing, it's hard to choose a favorite!

  17. These all look amazing, but I think the Coffee Haus would be my favorite. I like the looks of them all, though. I could eat at every one of them and have a good time.

  18. what a great post!! will definietly pin it to my travel board so if we pass by there I know where we will be eating!

  19. I grew up spending summers in Rocky Point with my family. The last time we were there was for a friend's wedding about 10 years ago. I would love to go back and will honestly share I'm a little bummed I didn't get invited on this media trip. That just means I need to plan a family visit soon!

  20. These places look amazing! I have never been here and while I don't think we will be there soon, I do think that I'll save this!

  21. Ahhhhh making me hungry just looking at all this yummy food!!!! Every last restaurant sounds absolutely delicious!!!

  22. It is hard to choose just one. They all look delicious. But I am a sucker for deserts, so by default the tres-leche is the winner!

  23. This all looks absolutely amazing! I have never been to the area, but I would happily eat my way through all of the above options.

  24. These restaurants sound like they are great places to eat. I love getting delectable recommendations to restaurants and cafes.


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