5 of the Best Neighborhoods for 20-Somethings in Phoenix

Having spent all of my twenties living in Phoenix, I've discovered what I think are the best neighborhoods to live in. This list of Phoenix neighborhoods is inspired by my partnership with ForRent.com--share this list with a friend who is moving to Phoenix soon on Facebook!

It's no secret Phoenix has some of the best weather in the country, which is why so many young adults end up starting their lives here!

When I first moved to Phoenix, I was mesmerized by all of the cacti, palm trees, the sunshine, valley mountains, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets! Not to mention the fact that Phoenix is within driving distance to so many other incredible cities we enjoy visiting and would love to move to some day (like  Tucson,  San Diego,  Los Angeles, etc). Since I moved here 10 years ago, I still find myself in awe sometimes and consider myself lucky to be living in such a vivacious city with so much to offer me and my husband. Being in our twenties, my husband and I are not looking to settle down and buy a house. But it is great to know that there are plenty of great neighborhoods for us should we change our minds and want to invest in some property somewhere here in the valley. 

Having spent so much time living here and exploring Greater Phoenix, I've gotten a sense of which neighborhoods are right for us as 20-somethings with no children or reason to be tied down. With the freedom to move around the city, we've discovered a number of neighborhoods with awesome apartments and even some beautiful homes we have considered buying in the future. 

Today, I'm sharing what we think are  5 of the best neighborhoods for millennials here in the valley in Phoenix!

5 Best Neighborhoods for 20-Somethings in Phoenix

#1 Arcadia 

Quite a few of my friends who graduated with me from ASU live in Arcadia. It's a beautiful block of streets just outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, but it still has that city vibe where you know a few bars with the best happy hour specials after a long day at work (that aren't hyped up and overcrowded with all of the snowbirds visiting Phoenix). Arcadia is nestled in between Phoenix and Scottsdale and offers beautiful views of Camelback Mountain! It's more upscale than living in Tempe, but it's not as expensive as some of the apartments you'll find in Scottsdale or right in the heart of downtown.

#2 Roosevelt Row (RoRo)

If you're an aspiring artist or a frequent fan of attending First Fridays, RoRo (otherwise known as Roosevelt Row) would be an ideal spot to move to! Roosevelt Row is the arts district of downtown Phoenix--it is filled with hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, an abundance of art galleries, street art on almost every building, delicious bites, and hip bars. Compared to Arcadia, RoRo is much smaller in scale. The entirety of this neighborhood is walkable--and compared to Arcadia, RoRo would be considered a more social neighborhood since everything is packed tightly together.

#3 Biltmore

If name brand shopping is a must and your priorities lie in looking your best, the Biltmore is by far the best neighborhood for a successful 20-something. Living near the Biltmore Fashion Center, you'll have access to luxury clothing designers, retailers, and dining. Just a few blocks from the financial district, this upscale residential neighborhood is considered to be one of the most coveted residential areas in the valley. 

#4 Downtown Phoenix 

Right in the belly of the beast, the downtown Phoenix neighborhood promises and delivers on living the true  city life you've always dreamed of having! The hustle and bustle of Phoenix Metro Light Rail commuters, ASU Downtown Campus students, tourists, ball games, concerts, museums, festivals--downtown Phoenix is truly the most lively place to live in the city! With so much to do and see, you're sure to find a new spot or try something new almost every weekend!

#5 Central Phoenix (CenPh)

Central Phoenix, a larger umbrella neighborhood that includes Downtown Phoenix as well as midtown and uptown, is an ideal place to live if you're wanting to be within a few minutes drive of a little bit of everything within a few miles of all kinds of neighborhoods. Out of these 5 neighborhoods, you are sure to find the most affordable apartment to rent in Central Phoenix. This neighborhood is ideal if you're a college student living on your own, or if you're saving up money to buy a condo or a home in a nearby suburb. 

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  1. I love Phoenix and would love to live there. I don't see that in my future, but I love knowing the "right" neighborhoods, even if I am not a 20 something anymore!

  2. sounds like some great places to visit, I have never been to Pheonix but it's great that they are catering to younger generations :)

  3. I've only been to Phoenix once and it was awesome! Sure it was insanely hot, but where I live is also just as hot (centra California) :) and I really loved all the shopping they have to offer!

  4. I wish I had read this 10 years ago! I know a couple 20-somethings in the Phx area, I'll be sure to share this with them, thanks!


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