Exploring the Roosevelt Row Murals

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Adam and I had some fun travel plans in mind for the fourth of July, but we had a few circumstances come up that prevented us from going on a fun road trip through our beautiful state. We were totally distraught that our plans fell through and we had some family matters to attend to here in the valley, but after the holiday passed and everything at home was sorted out, we packed a day bag and decided to explore our city! We weren't going to let an opportunity to take a fun day trip slip away, even if that meant we had to stay a little bit more close to home than we had hoped. 

We decided to spend our entire day exploring in and around Roosevelt Row, and we wanted to check out all of the beautiful and inspiring murals all around downtown Phoenix!

Today, I'm sharing some of the photos Adam and I took from our day exploring the Roosevelt Row murals and our day trip we took downtown! 

Before we hit the road, I made sure we had a bag packed for all of the adventures we would be taking that day. On our way into the city, we stopped at a Walmart Automotive Care Center for a quick Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® oil change, and while we waited for our car we shopped around for a few goodies that I packed into my day bag for our adventure along with all of my other road trip essentials including our cell phone chargers, a road trip jean jacket with patches (because seriously, how cute is it that I could not bring it), amevie sunglasses, pretzels, and a few bottles of water. Luckily, our quick pit stop at Walmart for our oil change didn't keep us too long and we were able to grab a couple of fresh cold brew coffees downtown before we went exploring around Roosevelt Row!

All of the murals of Roosevelt Row lie within a few blocks--most weeks out of the year, you could totally get away with making away around the city on foot. But here in Phoenix, the summer heat becomes almost unbearable for more than five to ten minutes at a time, so we thought we would take our car around downtown checking out all of the artwork and murals on all of the buildings in the neighborhood!

The murals along Roosevelt Row bring tourists from all over (and even locals) to come visit the arts district within downtown Phoenix. In this part of town, it is hard to walk even fifteen feet without stumbling upon a gorgeous piece of street art worthy of an Instagram picture! To visit Roosevelt Row, you do not need to plug in a specific address (unless of course, you have a specific coffee shop or exhibit you already have in mind that you want to check out). Simply drive to downtown Phoenix, and park anywhere along Roosevelt Street with public parking in-between 7th Avenue and 16th Street. 

Just see for yourself--keep scrolling down and enjoy some of the photos from our day trip exploring Roosevelt Row!

Here are 12 Must-See Murals along Roosevelt Row

#1 Centennial 
#2 Untitled collaboration between Lalo Cota and Thomas "Breeze" Marcus
#3 Phoenix
#4 Untitled work by Douglas Miles
#5 Tribute to Margaret Killagen
#6 Untitled collaboration between Lalo Cota, Pablo Luna, and Thomas "Breeze" Marcus
#7 Three Birds 
#8 Los Tres Grandes
#9 I Like You 
#10 Long, Silent Scream
#11 Phoenix Goddess 
#12 La Mano

After such a great day exploring downtown Phoenix and all of the public murals along Roosevelt Row, we took so many pictures and had a great time checking out everything this part of the city has to offer! Adam and I always enjoy taking road trips, even when that means our GPS takes us only an hour away from home.

If you're headed to Phoenix sometime soon, be sure to make some time to explore Roosevelt Row! Before you hit the road, head to your nearest Walmart Automotive Care Center for a Pennzoil® oil change (and click here to learn which Walmart near you has a Walmart Automotive Care Center, as well as the Pennzoil Rollback!) 

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  1. Wow, I didn't realize Phoenix has so many awesome murals! I've heard the news about the heat out there in Phoenix, so that was a good call to turn the walking tour into a driving tour. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the heads up on the Pennzoil rollback, too! #client

  2. Oh my goodness those are some beautiful murals, I love how some people can really brighten up the look of a place with wall art.

  3. I didn't even know these were there when I visited. I do remember there being a lot of art events though. Very cool!

  4. It's apparent that I need to go out and explore more. All those murals are beautiful. I swear people are so creative and talented I would love to check out Roosevelt row!

  5. Wow, I love art murals on walls like this. I find them to be such great personal expression and impressively well done.

  6. I absolutely love a good mural and this sounds like a great list of ones to visit!! Love your photos too - you've captured them so clearly!

  7. I had never heard of Roosevelt Row before. This is definitely something that my kiddos and I would love to check out together!

  8. Those are seriously so cool! I would love to check them out. I drag my kids to every road side attraction, so they would appreciate the upgrade to art!


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