Easy DIY Foodie Gym Shirt

Foodies unite...at the gym! Make this easy, DIY food pun shirt to wear to your next workout! This craft tutorial doubles as a shirt to wear to the gym--this tutorial is sponsored by Dannon.

Recently, I attended a spin class and left feeling quite upset. 

Spin class is normally really fun, but when I overheard a woman shaming her friend for eating pizza and drinking beer the night before I could not help but feel sad and annoyed. How could that woman do that to her friend? Saying she would "have to attend 3 more classes to undo" her "mistake?" I bit my tongue, kept walking past them, and then it continued to eat away at me all day. As women, we should not have to choose between exercise and food. Why can't we enjoy both and have both in our lives? 

Life should be about balance--you can enjoy pizza and also enjoy going to spin classes, and no one should ever feel like they get to dictate whether or not you have had too much or too little of the other. Over the last year and a half, I have made a significant effort to eat healthier and exercise more and I have succeeded in doing so (while having managed to lose 70 pounds and keep it off). While learning to maintain a balance in my life and learning better portion control, I have found a way to still enjoy some of my favorite foods while pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Sure, some of my favorite foods like donuts, happy hour drinks and tacos, and even pizza have had to take a backseat and stay reserved for less frequent occasions. But I do not plan to stop enjoying the food that I enjoy, and no one can ever try to shame me into not eating them like the woman was doing to her friend at spin class. 

This week, after my incident at spin class, I wanted to find a way to turn my anger I felt towards a complete stranger into something productive. So I pulled out some of my arts and crafts supplies, and I made this foodie-inspired, somewhat-passive-aggressive food pun gym shirt that reads "donut taco bout carbs or you'll get a pizza me!"

To create my DIY t-shirt I used a plain white t-shirt, iron-on flocked letters, and also an iron. This tutorial is so simple and requires so few supplies, it is a great budget craft idea and really easy to make! I recommend creating this t-shirt for quick weeknight craft, or it would be great as a craft night with girlfriends while you enjoy wine and get your arts & crafts on!

DIY Foodie at the Gym T-Shirt Tutorial

For this tutorial, you will need a t-shirt, iron on letters, scissors, and an iron. That's it! 

Each set of iron on letters will give you a similar set of directions (i.e. cutting out the letters, sticking them upside down on the shirt where you want them, placing a piece of heat-safe fabric between the iron and the letters, etc). Be sure to follow the directions given with the iron on letters. 

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