Our Weekend in Sedona Exploring the #SedonaSecret7

Sharing all of the details from our overnight trip in Sedona this week hosted by Visit Sedona!

Earlier this week, Adam and I made the drive from our home in Phoenix up to Sedona for a quick overnight trip. 

We have both been up to Sedona a number of times, but when we heard about the #SedonaSecret7, we were dying to know more and try to see this beautiful town from a different perspective this time around. 

It's hard to pinpoint what I love most about Sedona. Between the cooler weather and the beautiful scenery, there is so much to appreciate. There's nothing quite like a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of downtown Phoenix like a short drive north to the red rocks of Sedona! This week, Adam and I made the trip up once again and we were hosted by the Visit Sedona tourism board (so we were able to take in the sights from new ways we had not yet thought of!) 

When we first arrived to Sedona, we checked into our room at the Sedona Rouge. The Sedona Rouge is a boutique hotel just 5 minutes from downtown Sedona--we enjoyed how quiet the hotel was, and that it was not swarming with tourists since it was a little bit off of the beaten path and a few miles from downtown. 

Sedona Rouge is a gorgeous hotel with beautiful style and decor influenced by the Southwest and Mediterranean. All of the attention to detail that was put into designing the hotel and the rooms was well-executed! 

After checking into our room at Sedona Rouge and relaxing for a bit, Adam and I jumped in our car and drove a few minutes down the road towards the Sedona airport for a helicopter ride around town with Sedona Air Tours!

This was my first helicopter ride, and with my fear of heights looming, I was feeling a little bit woozy and nervous leading up to our helicopter ride. After having gone up there, I would say that I definitely recommend everyone should experience on a helicopter tour at least once! 

The flight itself was smooth and felt very safe. All of the employees and pilot were friendly and professional, and I never felt scared again after I got over the initial anxiety of boarding the helicopter for the first time. But the views of Sedona from above? Absolutely incredible! I learned so much about all of the different mountains and canyons of Sedona and got some great advice for which trails to check out (you can learn more on the #SedonaSecret7 website here!) 

Be sure to watch my Instagram video I made from our helicopter tour!

After our 15-minutes helicopter tour of Sedona, we touched down and got back in our car and drove another couple of minutes until we arrived at ChocolaTree. 

Adam and I enjoyed an early dinner at ChocolaTree, which is an organic oasis right down the street from Sedona Rouge. We really loved the atmosphere and enjoyed the garden, and everyone was so friendly and willing to answer our questions we had about the menu! There were a few firsts that we tried while we were at ChocolaTree, and I discovered that I really like seaweed crackers! 

We enjoyed our meal at ChocolaTree and then we got back in the car and drove back to Sedona Rouge to call it an early night (the helicopter ride gave me so much anxiety and then once it was over it left me so tired I was ready for bed at like 8pm!)

After a great night's sleep and resting in our room for a while, Adam and I grabbed a cup of coffee and lounged around for a bit enjoying the comfortable bed in our room at Sedona Rouge. 
It was hard to pull myself out of bed because it was so comfortable, but it made it a little bit easier knowing I had to get ready to go because I had a massage to look forward to at A Spa for You!

Only a few minutes down the road from our hotel, I arrived at A Spa for You and was greeted by the nicest masseuse I had ever met! Thea, my masseuse, was so knowledgeable and had such a peaceful and calm aura about her I felt instantly relaxed once I started talking to her. Before my treatment, she asked me a few questions and wanted to get to know what my muscle concerns were and what I was hoping to get out of my appointment. After a wonderful massage (and a facial massage--which is amazing and I definitely recommend getting one), I thanked Thea and went on my way back to the Sedona Rouge to meet with Adam. 

Just an hour or so later, we packed up everything from our trip and grabbed a quick brunch in downtown Sedona before we hit the road and headed back home!

Sedona is such a wonderful place with so much to do! Whether you prefer being active and hiking and walking the trails, or if you prefer exploring the arts district of downtown and then treating yourself to a massage, there are so many wonderful choices you can make when it comes to traveling to Sedona! 

Click here to visit the #SedonaSecret7 before your next trip to Sedona!

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Thank you to the Sedona Tourism Board for hosting our adventures!


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