Our Mini Family: Black Velvet and that Little Girl's Smile

Black Velvet and that Little Girl's Smile

Bringing back the occasional fashion blog post by popular demand, featuring this black crushed velvet t-shirt, vintage animal print jacket, ripped jeans, and a few statement rings.

Can I tell you how many times I have gotten requests to share more fashion blog posts? 

Seriously yall, I don't get it but I am so flattered nonetheless! For most of my formative years, I was bullied and made fun of for the way I looked and how I dressed. Even as a woman in her 20s, I still find myself feeling self-conscious of what I am wearing when I am dressing with the intent of being seen. 

You know what I mean though, right? 

It's like this--when I go to the grocery store with no makeup on, my hair is in a messy bun, and I've got leggings and an oversized Patriots jersey on, I don't care what I look like or who sees me looking like that. I'm going out to run an errand and that's that. But, when I'm going somewhere and it's socially expected of me to look put-together, or if I am going to an event to represent the blog and my brand, I start to get anxious when I have to pick something out to wear. 

Receiving emails, blog comments, tweets, and DMs of people saying I should post more fashion-focused content on my blog and social media has been difficult for me to really understand. Coming from a place in my mind where I struggled for so many years to 'get it right' when it comes to my wardrobe, I am honestly baffled and quite taken aback that complete strangers have told me they love my sense of style and want to see more from me and what I am wearing. 

Well, I've decided to cave and share a few blog posts this fall and winter with some plus-size friendly fashion looks and outfit of the day inspiration!

One of my favorite things to do is go thrift shopping, and oftentimes I like to share thrifting tips and tricks on the blog! It's how I have been able to afford and accumulate so many unique items for my wardrobe (like this vintage animal print jacket and my statement rings and costume jewelry). But whenever I cannot go thrift shopping to find clothes that fit me or have the higher quality thread count, I enjoy shopping at Last Chance in Phoenix to get really great deals on brand name items!

I found this darling vintage jacket at a thrift store in Mesa, as well as these statement rings that I have been told "are not real" even though I have been stopped a few times and been asked about my cornucopia ring (which many women have believed to be real diamonds, but I still don't think it is!) 

FYI--the links below are affiliate links, meaning, if you shop using my links from the pictures below, I would get a small commission from the retailer for making a sale (learn more here).

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Thanks to Ariel Miles Photography for her help with these fashion editorial pictures today!


  1. You look awesome! I love the leopard print jacket over that black velvet top. So sassy!

  2. You look amazing girl! Love how you styled the leopard coat, I've been thinking of getting one myself :)

  3. Wow you look amazing! I totally love the Leopard print jacket. It is beautiful.

  4. That coat - the cocktail ring - the SHOES! OMG you are ROCKING this look, girl! You look beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful outfit. I love the shoes! They are gorgeous. You look STUNNING!

  6. I totally love that cocktail ring! I love an outfit that makes you feel amazing and girl you are ROCKING it.

  7. That jacket is fabulous and you are working it girl! Love your eye makeup as well.

  8. You look so pretty! When velvet went out of style for the millionth time when I was 15 I never thought it would come back again!

  9. You are beautiful! Your outfit is stunning and I love it even more because of your thrift store finds!!

  10. Gimme that jacket! I love the fit and the print. Loving this look for fall!

  11. I need that jacket for my fall wardrobe. I love this look on you. Velvet has always been one of my favorites. I am so happy it is trendy again.

  12. It's awesome that you stumbled upon that jacket! I'm betting it works really well with a number of Fall outfits. Awesome look!

  13. This outfit looks fantastic on you. I like the vintage look and those boots.

  14. I'll have to watch for your fashion posts. I'm a plus sized woman and need fashion tips. I'm loving the animal print jacket.

  15. You look so pretty and happy in this great Fall look! That jacket is to die for.

  16. What an awesome outfit! It looks super good on you and I'm totally digging those boots. Sarah - Must Have Mom

  17. I clicked on this post because of your beautiful velvet shirt but also because my mom used to sing this song in her band when I was little! I love thrifting and those are some really great thrift finds.


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