A Comfortable Winter Date Night Outfit

Comfort is just as important as feeling chic and fashionable. Thanks to Dreamfit for sponsoring this winter date night outfit post, and for providing me with my new favorite bra!

Nothing and no one can stop a woman when she's feeling comfortable and looking chic! 

I have always been more keen on being comfortable and never believed in the ideology that "beauty is pain." Working from my home office, I typically don't wear jeans. Or shoes. Or sometimes even a bra, for that matter. So when I get dolled up to leave the house for a night on the town with Adam, I find myself curating more and more clothing and accessories that double as comfortable and also fashionable. 

For example, I have this pair of deceptively comfortable stiletto pumps that I can actually walk in but always make me feel super put-together and sexy. My skinny jeans fit me like a glove, and I can still comfortably bend over without feeling like my pants will give and rip at the seams whenever I move. But just until recently, I had struggled with bras. Many of the bras I have cost upwards of $70 and they only last a few months from general wear and tear. It's a big investment I don't love to make (I'd rather that kind of money go toward a new handbag or some cute sunnies), but I recently discovered an affordable bra at Walmart that is both comfortable and stylish that really compliments my wardrobe and brings my outfits together! 

In-between all of the deadlines and the intensive workloads, Adam and I always make time for our special weekly date night. Whether we are sitting on the couch binge-watching our favorite current show or getting dolled up and hitting the town, I try to doll myself up a little bit to feel cute and let my adorable outfit put me in the best mood possible for my special time with my husband. 

My typical, go-to date night outfit is comfortable and also fashionable. Dressing in layers is important in the winter time here in Arizona, since it is relatively warm in the day and very frigid at night. I have a closet full of comfortable and trendy tops, along with some comfortable heels and stretchy skinny jeans that are always perfect for date night. 

But my favorite new accessory for my date night outfits is my Dreamfit bra! It fits wonderfully, keeps me comfortable, gives me the support I need, and best of all it's affordable compared to all of the older bras in my closet! This Dreamfit bra from Walmart is classic, chic, and perfect for any lady looking to update her closet without breaking the bank!

Enter to Win one of four total $250 gift cards to spruce up your bra wardrobe with Dreamfit!

Just think how many bras you can stock up on with a $250 gift card! Learn more and enter to win by visiting this site, and keep scrolling to see more inspiration from Dreamfit! 

Dreamfit bras are available at Walmart stores--that is where I have been buying mine! After I bought my first one at Walmart, they kindly sent me an adorable gift bag filled with fun swag (like their 'hello beautiful' t-shirt, a water bottle, a bag, measuring tape, a journal, and a hand mirror). I adore their classic and sophisticated (and most of all supportive and affordable) styles they offer ranging from deep plunging necklines to full coverage bras with back smoothing. 

You can learn more here about Dreamfit bras before you head to Walmart to shop!

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