A Gift for Him (That is Actually More Like a Gift for You and Your Sanity!)

Kill two birds with one stone--save yourself some sanity, and stock on Christmas gifts for the loved one in your life who often misplaces or loses important items! Thanks to Tile for sponsoring this post (and for helping me save my sanity ever since I discovered them!)

When Adam and I first moved in together, I cannot count how many times he misplaced his keys/wallet/phone/anything relatively small in size. In fact, this was one of those first marital issues we had to overcome together as newlyweds that was the cause for more than a few arguments. 

Many times, I found myself in line at the local hardware store waiting to have a key made after my husband lost his set of keys. Or waiting by the door for the mailman to come to bring my husband's replacement driver's license that was lost or often misplaced (which we found after the replacement card arrived, of course). If you can sense a bit of hostility coming from me, well, you are right! Like I mentioned, Adam and his inability to keep track of important household items is certainly an issue that we deal with and is oftentimes the source of an argument and an inconvenience for the family. That is until this amazing product came into our lives and changed the game for us (and now we don't have to argue about misplacing items!)

I first heard about Tile a few months back when I saw a friend's post on Instagram talking about her son losing his favorite teddy bear. Once I learned what Tile was and how it helps you keep track of stuff that is often misplaced, I jumped online and ordered two of them that day (one for Adam's keys, and one for his wallet). Tile uses Bluetooth technology to help you keep track of whatever item you attach it to! 

Even though we use Tile for common items like keys and wallets, the possibilities are endless! This month, I got a Tile Multi-Pack for each of us and put them in our backpacks for when we staycation. I had an incident last year where I misplaced my backpack (which was an argument in itself since I am usually the one arguing with him about HIM losing his stuff, naturally he argued with me about losing my own backpack!) and thought it would be a good idea to stock up on more Tile products. Even those of us who think we are able to keep track of everything slip up from time to time, so that is why it is a good idea to think about investing in a way to keep track of the important items in your life.

You can stock up on Tile Multi-Packs for everyone on your list this year since they are affordable, too! At less than $20 each when you buy a 4-pack, Tile makes the perfect gift for anyone who misplaces their keys, wallets, or anything else that may be misplaced or lost. 

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