How We're Successfully Adulting with our Ooma Home Security System

Your twenties are a time when you are just figuring out what #adulting is. We jumped on the bandwagon and stepped up our home security--thanks to Ooma for sponsoring this post.

You don't realize how amazing it feels when you are successfully #adulting in your twenties until it is actually happening!

There have been a few moments in my life that I have had the sort of realization that I am, in fact, a functioning adult women (even though most of the time I feel like I'm stumbling through my life and just making it by when it comes to my responsibilities and taking care of myself and Adam). 

One of those times I had that moment of realization that I was an adult was when I did my taxes for the first time--right after we got married when I was still young, I had not realized my mom could not continue to claim me as a dependent until she texted me and laughed while complaining that she was bummed she couldn't write me off on her taxes (and I had that sudden realization that it was now my responsibility to take charge of that). Learning how to do my taxes and submitting them on time felt like a huge win. "Yay, I'm a real adult!" Another time was when Adam and I were sitting in the bank together going through our finances and hearing about all of the different options for long-term savings for our retirement plans. Overwhelming, but awesome, we began making some financial future plans with a headache but we got through it like the young adults that we are!

Moving from apartment life to condo life was difficult earlier this year, but such a relief once our move was complete! We have always felt safe in our new home, but when I heard there was an affordable home security system I could get that I would pay a small fee for every month, I decided to go an extra step further and bring us some extra peace of mind by taking responsibility and stepping up like the proper adults we try to think that we are!

Watch this little promo video I made and uploaded to YouTube!

Having and installing the Ooma Home Security starter pack is bringing us peace of mind, and we feel like successful adults with some added protection in our condo! Ooma has a family of products you can utilize to remotely watch over your home and sleep better at night. It is so easy to install you can do it entirely by yourself, so there's no need to send a technician into your home and you can set it up as soon as you receive it in the mail. 

The products in the Ooma Home Security starter pack work together, along with your Internet, to do things like sensor movement in your home, make 911 emergency phone calls remotely even if you are not at home (transmitting your address to first responders so they can go to your home to address an issue even if you are not there), and it can detect when any doors or windows have been opened wherever the Ooma sensors are installed in your home. With the use of your smartphone and the Ooma Home Security mobile app, you can watch over your home whenever and wherever you are as long as you have Internet access!

They have a variety of products they are working on that will be available to the public once they are ready for manufacturing, including an integrated video camera and additional sensors. They also have other services currently that you can look into beyond their starter pack such as their water sensor. 

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