The Best of 2017! My Top 10 Blog Posts

Looking back on my most popular blog posts of 2017 and most trending blog posts for the entire year!

This year, I shared 172 new blog posts! 

172 blog posts work out to be about 3 new blog posts shared each and every week, which is perfect because my goal for 2017 was to share a minimum of three posts per week. Smashing that goal I set for myself feels amazing! 

Not to mention, this was by far my most successful year in page views since I started the blog 7 years ago. My ad revenue, thanks to the page views, has helped support us in ways unimaginable and continued to help make it possible for me to blog full-time and pursue this passion of mine as a well-respected, creatively-driven career!

I am so blown away by how great of a year this blog has had, and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read my blog and share my posts that inspire you with your friends and family. Your support is incredible, and I want to take a moment to thank you for being here and helping me pursue my passion as a blogger!

Without further adieu, I wanted to wrap up 2017 with my yearly tradition of cracking the numbers and announcing the ten most successful blog posts of the year!

#10  One Pan Cajun Shrimp Pasta

Like many other people, Adam and I are huge fans of one pan recipes! They are simple, convenient, and don't leave you with a ton of dirty dishes to do at the end of a long day. This one pan, cajun shrimp pasta recipe was an affirmation that we are one of the many hundreds of thousands of people who love one pan recipes! This recipe post had the 10th most pageviews traffic out of all of my blog posts for this year. 

#9  Bacon and Queso French Fries

I pride myself in being a #TeamCocaCola blogger, and it has always been our go-to brand for soft drinks, teas, and bottled water. I love having the opportunity to partner with The Coca-Cola Company on a regular basis, and the blog posts I put together inspired by their products we love always do well on! This bacon and queso french fries recipe is perfect for an at-home indulgence, and it's a great recipe to save for game day (so for those of you planning to go to some Super Bowl parties this year, definitely save this appetizer recipe!) 

#8  Bunny Brittle

This adorable, brightly-colored treat I worked on in partnership with MARS Incorporated is the most shared Easter-inspired blog post I have shared to-date! This bunny brittle is so easy and fun to make, that is doubles as a recipe idea and an Easter activity to do with the family! It's no wonder that it's the 8th most popular blog post from 2017 since it's easy enough to make that anyone can tackle this DIY and it's such a colorful way to get into some spring fun!

#7  Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade

No doubt, this was my most popular blog post from the summer of 2017! As both a recipe and a DIY tutorial, it inspired many to enjoy the tutorial and share it with their friends on Pinterest and Facebook! Another post in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, this sparkling watermelon lemonade, and watermelon shape tutorial post was my 7th most popular post of the year!

#6  Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad

Flavorful and light, but also hearty enough to keep you feeling full longer than many classic salad recipes, this Southwestern grilled chicken salad recipe is my most popular healthier recipe I have shared this year. Another post in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, this salad inspired thousands of people to share this post with their friends on Facebook and saved it to their healthy lifestyle boards on Pinterest helping bring it to the #6 most viewed blog post of 2017!

#5  Italian Garlic Knots

My most popular, Italian-inspired recipe happens to be my 5th most viewed blog post of 2017--this Italian garlic knots recipe is easy to make and tastes amazing! With a few thousand shares on Facebook on the right pages, these knots brought in a ton of traffic from Facebook pages with similar styles as OurMiniFamily (and also bringing in lots of new followers on social media right around the same time!) Adam and I regularly make this recipe and it's repeatedly helped bring a pasta meal together. Be sure to save this one for the next time you're planning an Italian-inspired dinner with friends and family!

#4  Easy, Cheesy Baked Garlic Bread

I have to laugh at this because I just shared this easy, cheesy baked garlic bread post last week and it has gone practically viral on Facebook and brought in thousands and thousands of new views and new followers this month! It has not been shared as much as some of the other successful blog posts, but the views in such a quick turnaround time help bring it to the #4 spot in most-viewed blog posts of 2017!

#3  Southwestern Fried Pickles

These Southwestern fried pickles broke records for me this year! This recipe had the most page views for any Southwestern recipe, any appetizer recipe, and any blog post within just 1 week of going live! Within its first week, it had quadrupled my entire blog's page views for the month! My ad revenue spiked and I got a nice revenue bonus (sizeable enough it paid our rent and brought us a lot of relief that month) thanks to the success of these fried pickles!

#2  5 Must-Haves for Any Game Day

Game day is probably one of my favorite categories I like to create recipes and tutorials for! Our beloved New England Patriots make it so easy for us to fall in love with football season, so it's no wonder I get inspired to share fun and easy tutorials and delicious recipe ideas every year. This year, I partnered with The Coca-Cola Company to showcase what we consider are our game-day must haves (with Coca-Cola being one of them), and this game day-inspired blog post was the 2nd most viewed page on the entire blog for 2017! 

#1  Mongolian Beef Ramen

And the number #1 most viewed blog post of 2017 is this Mongolian beef ramen recipe I created in partnership with Conagra Brands! Like last year, I found myself surprised to see this post sitting at the top of a number of really successful blog posts. 

If you had asked me to think about which blog post was most viewed for the year without looking at my statistics, I definitely would not have guessed that it was this one! But looking back at the traffic referrals and reflecting on the times I have gone in and checked on posts to see how they were doing, I definitely remember this recipe consistently being toward the top of the list of referring pageviews every month. 

I took a chance with this recipe, as I have not shared too many flavor profiles outside of the Southwestern/American realm of flavor. After Adam and I tried the sauce a year ago and fell in love with it, and then later we heard there was another opportunity to create a post for Conagra Brands, I was unsure if it would be a flop since I typically share recipes that are more geared toward Southwestern and/or cheesy. But sure enough, it was very well-received by many and shared quite a bit on Facebook and Pinterest which drew in hundreds of thousands of new blog viewers checking out this easy and delicious recipe!

Wishing you a Successful and Happy New Year!

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