Cheers to A New Type of Grilling Season

Since we started adapting to a keto diet almost one month ago, we have been changing how we eat and enjoy cooking and it's no different when it comes to grilling! Today, we're sharing our keto-diet grilling favorites inspired by our recent partnership with Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold and their refreshing low-carb beer!

About three weeks ago, Adam and I started adapting to a keto diet. 

We haven't had a chance to blog about it yet, but we will definitely share more about how it is going for us. But for those wondering what exactly a keto diet is, it consists mainly of consuming low carb, high fat, and moderate protein. Adapting our diet in this way is something that Adam has been wanting to do for quite some time now, and after some thought, research, and a good pep talk, I decided I was ready and we both purged our kitchen and pantry of foods packed with lots of carbs and stocked up on foods that would allow us to consume more healthy fats like whole milk, cheese, and avocado. 

Since we both made these changes to our diet, it has been much easier for us to maintain it and focus on eating the right kinds of food. We have already noticed some great changes since we adapted to a keto diet, like more energy and how our skin has cleared up drastically, and we have been enjoying the journey of exploring all of the different kinds of foods we can enjoy and focusing on what we should eat rather than what we should not be eating. 

Today, we are sharing what our favorite, keto-friendly barbecue must-haves are and what we've been enjoying cooking on the grill this spring. The weather in Phoenix is gorgeous right now, and the weather is only going to get warmer which means that it is barbecue season and that summer is on the horizon. Check out our favorite keto bbq foods, as well as the perfect low-carb beer option to enjoy this summer!

Our Keto-Diet Grilling Favorites

#1 Fatty Steak 

Adam is a total steak man and, honestly, he could spend all day talking to the butchers at the store (which is why I usually send him off on his own while I finish our shopping list!) Switching to a keto diet means eating fattier meats, so we have adjusted to buying more fattier cuts of beef like New York strip steaks, beef ribeyes, skirt steaks, and on occasion we may enjoy a pricier cut like a Delmonico steak.

#2 Brats or Sausages

I used to only eat brats with a hot dog bun, but since we ditched bread for the most part (since it is often too high in carbs), I have become accustomed to eating it sliced up and served with grilled onions. So tasty!

#3 Onions

Onions are great to eat as a side dish and lower in carbs compared to other side dish item choices we would have in the past while grilling. Adam enjoys cutting the onion into ringlets and cooking them right on the grilled and dripping in grass-fed butter. They taste amazing!

#4 Low-Carb Beer

Alcohol and beer are always a little tricky on a keto diet, but there are some options to look to when we want to responsibly enjoy a drink while we grill outside. Our favorite low-carb beer right now is Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold! Since it only has 2.5 grams of carbs per bottle, it is undeniably the best beer choice for our diet (which is why we stocked up on it while we could since it is only available in limited quantities--you can learn more about where to get it here). It's so refreshing and made with organic grains, and it's the best low carb beer we have found!

#5 Hamburger Meat (80% Lean)

Hamburgers are a grilling must-have for most homes, and the same goes for ours! 

The biggest difference for our burgers now that we've adapted to a keto diet is we eat them without the bun and wrap them in lettuce. We also have cut down on the condiments, like ketchup, that we put on our burgers. But where we've cut down we've also added more on our burgers--before our keto diet, adding bacon seemed like a splurge. Now, we eat bacon (that is not cured with sugar) numerous times a week since it's a good source of fat. We now decorate our burgers with things like mayonnaise, mustard, grilled onions, blue cheese, etc.

#5 Blue Cheese

The fattier the cheese the better for our keto diet, so we've discovered the best way to enjoy top off a hamburger or a grilled fillet is to smear it with softened blue cheese. So flavorful and crisp! It is also great to stock up on blue cheese for grilling, because it makes a great salad topping too (we enjoy putting a 1/4 cup of softened blue cheese chunks on top of our spinach salad that we share, and it's so good!) 

#6 Bacon

Bacon is so versatile and even though it can be eaten on its own, it's even tastier for grilling.

#7 Asparagus and Zucchini

Our favorite grilled vegetables on our keto diet right now are asparagus and zucchini--both taste great grilled with seasoning and topped with melty, grass-fed butter or wrapped in bacon!

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  1. With the warmer months right around the corner this is perfect for grilling and enjoying the outdoors. Good luck on the Keto diet!


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