7 Must-See Spots for Foodies in Fox Cities (Greater Appleton, WI)

Are you a foodie? Are you headed to the Fox Cities area in Wisconsin? Make sure to check out these 7 spots before you leave the Appleton area! Thank you to Fox Cities WI tourism for hosting our trip and our accommodations!

When you think of Wisconsin and food, the first thing that usually comes to mind is cheese! Since they are one of the top producing cheese states in the United States, Wisconsin has become known for all things cheesy. But after our recent trip to Fox Cities, the Greater Appleton area, we have learned that there is so much more to Wisconsin than just cheese!

Dairy, no doubt, makes up a large part of the local business scene and is the heart of the community in Wisconsin. After our press trip out to Wisconsin, while we learned that the cheese and dairy definitely exceeds your expectations and tastes wonderful, we also learned that there is so much more to enjoy while you are there! 

Excellent chocolate, beer, coffee, steak, and pastries are just the beginning of what you can expect from Fox Cities in Greater Appleton, Wisconsin. Check out some of our absolute favorite foodie spots in the area, and be sure to save this post to Pinterest to your travel boards (or share with your friends on Facebook who live near the area or those who are making travel plans to visit Wisconsin!)

Timshel Cafe

Your go-to urban neighborhood coffee shop with a small town vibe, Timshel Cafe is a great stop for breakfast in Neenah and around the Greater Fox Cities area! But don't let their small town vibe fool you--Timshel Cafe has a serious commitment to serving craft coffee that can please any big city coffeehouse goer.

If their freshly brewed selection of coffees isn't enough of a reason to visit, their French pastries will be! Their pastry chefs prepare fresh baked goods every morning, and to support their community, the cafe ingredients are often sourced from Wisconsin local farmers and growers.

It is also worth mentioning that Timshel Cafe is your go-to stop for your Instagram foodie photos. Want a beautiful latte art photo sitting by a large window that fills the room with light? They have it. How about a selfie with an art installation made out of hanging coffee mugs? Or, maybe you want a group photo sitting on the couch in front of their shabby chic-decorated fireplace? They have that, too. With great coffee, breakfast, and photo opportunities, Timshel Cafe is my favorite breakfast spot in Fox Cities!

Pullmans at Trolley Square

After spending a few days eating my way through Appleton and Neenah, my favorite meal was at Pullmans at Trolley Square (and perhaps the best steak in all of the Fox Cities area!)

Pullman's Tenderloin was by far the most flavorful and best-cooked steak on my recent trip to Wisconsin. Wrapped in bacon, this tenderloin fillet is smothered in bacon and blue cheese sauce and served alongside a creamy mushroom risotto and steamed broccoli. Seasoned and cooked to perfection, the Pullman's Tenderloin is a must-eat if you are visiting or exploring the Fox Cities area!

It is also worth noting that Pullmans has a sizable menu that includes a variety of traditional American cuisine. Another item from their menu that is a must-try is their roasted red pepper and smoked Gouda soup. Warm, inviting, and not too indulgent, this soup serves as a great pairing to the Pullman's Tenderloin.

Before you leave, be sure to take a photo in front of the decommissioned trolley stationed right inside of the lobby of the restaurant!

Stone Arch Brewpub

Opened in 1858, Stone Arch Brewpub is not only a must-try foodie spot in Appleton, but it is also a part of the town's history. Stop by Stone Arch to enjoy lunch or dinner, and sample any of their 3 dozen brews that make up their extensive taproom! 

Founded by a German immigrant in the 19th century who settled in the area, Stone Arch Brewpub has delivered fine beers and a community brewery since it first opened its doors well over a century ago.

Not a fan of beer and still want to enjoy Stone Arch Brewpub? They have got you covered with their speciality gourmet sodas made with pure cane sugar, and they often have different flavors on rotation to keep their menu fresh and offering variety.

Lamers Dairy

Embrace the rural community of Greater Appleton and be sure to visit Lamers Dairy! It may not be a restaurant or a bar, but Lamers Dairy is a dream for foodies who love to support local farmers and small businesses. You can even observe the milk bottling process through a 30-foot observation window at Lamers Dairy, and get a first-hand look at how their product is packaged.

Spend some time exploring the country store at Lamers Dairy, and browse their extensive variety of dairy products. You will find a substantial selection of Wisconsin cheeses and other locally sourced products in their country store. While you are there, you can pick up local Wisconsin gifts and souvenirs for loved ones that include anything from locally made gifts, cheese boxes, and gift baskets.

Before you leave, do not forget to sample their award-winning soft serve ice cream and their chocolate milk. Hands down, Lamers Dairy has the best chocolate milk I have ever tasted!

Wilmar Chocolates

Indulge your sweet tooth while you are visiting Greater Fox Cities and stop by Wilmar Chocolates!

Stop by Wilmar Chocolates for a free sample, and while you are there, visit their chocolate kitchen and build your own chocolate bar! 

The build your own chocolate bar at Wilmar Chocolates is an absolute must for anyone who considers themselves a foodie visiting the Appleton area in Wisconsin. Choose from a selection of fun ingredients when customizing your own chocolate bar--make your own chocolate bar with any combination of ingredients you so choose from (such as potato chips, cayenne pepper, Pop rocks, coffee, etc). Once you have selected your ingredients, watch the magic unfold as they make the chocolate bar right there in front of you!

There is no denying that Wisconsin is America's dairy capital, and the locally sourced milk and other local ingredients are what goes into what makes Wilmar Chocolates exceptional. Stop by Wilmar Chocolates for a fun foodie activity and the chance to sample the best sweet treat in Fox Cities.

Simon's Specialty Cheese

No trip to Wisconsin would be complete without sampling some delicious cheese, and Simon's Specialty Cheese is sure to please! A little slice of heaven for any foodie, their wide variety of specialty items will leave you wanting to sample all of their cheeses. 

Not just a cheese shop, Simon's Specialty Cheese is a one-stop shop for any cheese lover. Order any one of the dozen varieties of wine bottles and gift assortments they have for sale, and surprise a friend or loved one with Wisconsin specialty cheeses paired with delicious options such as meats, spreads, mustards, and even Wisconsin fudge! Browse the large non-cheese gift shop inside their store and find all kinds of gift items like clothing, jewelry, Wisconsin-themed souvenirs, Wisconsin sports fan memorabilia, etc.

Antojitos Mexicanos

I will admit when I first heard someone tell me that there was a spectacular, authentic Mexican food spot in downtown Appleton I was more than a bit apprehensive to take their word for it. Living in Phoenix, there is a bounty of authentic Mexican cuisine around the valley. Hearing that there was great Mexican food in Wisconsin had me feeling confused and uneasy, that is, until I visited Antojitos Mexicanos for myself!

If you were wondering if the Mexican food at Antojitos Mexicanos is delicious and inspired by authentic Mexican cuisine, the answer is yes. Giving them my Southwestern stamp of approval, I can say without a doubt that Antojitos Mexicanos is a great spot for any foodie visiting Fox Cities who is craving some Mexican food (and a happy hour fiesta--my drink of choice was their pineapple jalapeƱo margarita). 

After sampling a few items from the Antojitos Mexicanos menu, if I had to choose a favorite, my recommendation would be to order the enchiladas poblanas. Smothered in house-made mole poblana sauce, these shredded chicken enchiladas wrapped in corn tortillas and sprinkled with crumbled Wisconsin queso fresco are sure to please anyone who is looking for a taste south of the border while visiting Fox Cities! 

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