Our Weekend Staycation in Bisbee, Arizona

Are you thinking about making a trip out to Bisbee, Arizona? Check out all of the details from our weekend staycation at The Shady Dell, as well as what we did for fun and what we ate while exploring around Bisbee!

If you were to drive just three hours south of Phoenix, you would end up in the Mule Mountains and become transported to a timecapsule town that was once one of the most populated cities in America. 

Bisbee at its prime, in the early 20th century, housed tens of thousands of residents during the peak of the mining industry. Copper Queen Mine was once a resource for millions and millions of mined resources, and greatly attributed to the success of the copper mining industry in the United States. Make your way down to Bisbee now, with only a few thousands residents, this once-booming western mining town is now an eclectic, historical and picturesque city nestled in the mountains.

Adam and I decided to make our way down to Bisbee for the very first time--before this trip, neither of us had ever made the drive down since it sometimes seemed so out of the way. After having made the relatively short road trip down through Tucson and into the southeastern part of Arizona, we discovered just how inspiring, beautiful, and fun the town of Bisbee truly is!

Once we made the drive down, we checked into The Shady Dell for the weekend and unloaded our bags into our very own 1947 Airporter bus! While we were looking online for places to stay in and around Bisbee, we immediately fell in love with the idea of staying overnight in a vintage trailer court! We booked our reservation with the tiki bus, but we also got a chance to walk around the trailer court to admire all of the other vintage buses and trailers some of the other guests were staying in. 

We loved 'glamping' for the weekend in our very own vintage bus, and I could not help but carry my camera around with me because of how well-thought-out all of the details were when it comes to time-period decorations and activities. Everything around the court and in our bus made sense that it belonged there; rather than having a coffee pot like a normal hotel or bed and breakfast would, we had a percolator in our bus! 

With all of the period-appropriate details in place, our weekend in our vintage bus at The Shady Dell truly felt like we stepped back in time and we appreciated how authentic all of the restorations and amenities were. Even our radio in our bus was vintage and programmed to an oldies channel, and we would sit and listen to it while we played vintage board games before we made our trip out to downtown Bisbee to explore all of the shops, galleries, restaurants, and bars.

On foot, we made our way through all of the nooks and crannies of downtown Bisbee. Only a few miles stretched out, it was fun to walk around and explore all of the different art galleries and shops. Along the way, we found some really beautiful paintings, photographs, and handwoven baskets. While you make your way through the town, be sure to look up at the walls and the staircases for hidden murals and gorgeous street art! It was wonderful to see so much creativity and inspiration both inside of the downtown art galleries, as well as outside of the buildings on the walls and across the alleyways.

There were a few tours that we had looked into doing during our visit, but since we knew that we only had the weekend in Bisbee, we opted to give ourselves a walking tour instead and then we went on a tour of the Copper Queen Mine. Both of us learned a lot about the mining industry and how significant Bisbee was back during that time period, and we enjoyed our train ride 1,500 feet straight into the middle of the mine with all of the other tour guests. After we spent our afternoon walking around town and touring the mine, we made our way over to the brewery district and took in an evening showing at The Bisbee Séance Room! 

If you are a fan of card tricks, hauntings, and learning about the macabre side of the cities that you visit, be sure to check out The Bisbee Séance Room! Magic Kenny Bang Bang, the creator and star of The Bisbee Séance Room, told us a handful of hauntings and delighted us with his successful card and magic tricks. Without spoiling his show, in case you decide to go, he gave Adam and  I goosebumps with a book trick that he did. It was something neither of us had ever seen before and we couldn't figure out how he did it! After we took in the show, we walked a few feet and explored some of the bars and enjoyed some late-night eats. 

When you plan your trip to Bisbee, if you are a foodie, make sure you map out what you want to eat beforehand. The only reason we suggest that is because some of the restaurants and bars have strange hours of operation, and we learned that oftentimes, some of the restaurant owners will take an entire month off and will close shop for any given weeks at a time. 

We had some tasty food while we were staying in Bisbee, but our absolute favorite meal was at Bisbee's Table! Drunken mushrooms (yes, that's a thing), were the best bite in all of Bisbee! Soaked in pilsner, these mushrooms were sauteed in butter, roasted garlic, onions, and cream and served alongside freshly baked bread. We also enjoyed their spicy diablo pasta and the table mac and cheese, and we even indulged with a few bites of their brownie explosion dessert.

After a weekend of walking around and exploring downtown, touring the mine, tasting some of Bisbee's best foods, and having our minds blown with card tricks and spooky stories of Bisbee's past, Adam and I decided that we would definitely make a trip back down to Bisbee in the future!

Check out all of our favorite pictures that we took from our first weekend exploring Bisbee, Arizona!

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What do you think? Would you ever visit Bisbee?

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