My Hair Care Goals for my Thirties

Reclaiming my haircare and how I am putting some life back into it after almost 2 years of no maintenance!

When I turned 30 back in December, I set a quite few goals for myself and how I wanted to take charge of some things that I have admittedly been slacking on. I shared late last year about my plan to prepare my skin for my thirties by implementing a regular skincare routine packed with high-quality ingredients and a regular routine of essential skin care steps. 

Similarly, I am developing another plan for my haircare and last week I took one of my first steps towards overall better hair health. 

Throughout my teens and my very early 20s, I had all kinds of hairstyles and colors including rainbow hair, green hair, blonde hair, red hair, a short A-line bob, long long hair, and adorable fringe bangs that have always been my favorite. After one style I would get sick of it after a month, and then move onto the next style but it was never like that with my bangs. All the while, when I was experimenting on my hair with all kinds of dyes, products, and haircuts, I was not properly taking good care of my hair and not establishing a healthy hair care maintenance routine. My hair was getting damaged, I had acne all along my scalp and forehead, and I was using cheap hair products in-between trips to the salon. 

Fast forward almost 10 years later, my hair is down to my back, back to my natural color, and riddled with horribly split ends. For almost 2 years, I had avoided going to the salon because I didn't want the temptation to do something crazy to my hair and then regret it soon after. My bangs have always been my favorite choice I have made when it comes to bold haircuts, and I knew that I needed to go back to the salon to reestablish the start of my new hair care routine. 

Last week, I made an appointment down the street from where we live. I specifically chose this place because it is not even a 5-minute drive from where we live, so it will be easy to get to and they have validated parking right outside of the salon so it's still really convenient even though it's a busy mall every day of the week. Elise, the woman who cut my hair, is one of their veteran hairstylists and she was honestly one of if not the best hairstylists I have ever seen. She listened to what I wanted, consulted with me before and throughout the appointment as she was making big changes, and actually followed through and gave me exactly the haircut that I wanted and had asked her for! 

Now that my hair is cut, healthier, and looking cute, I have set the foundation for a better hair routine moving forward. Today, I am sharing my hair care goals for my 30s!

#1 Schedule regular haircuts

Over the last few years, I have been really terrible about skipping going to the salon and have just let my hair grow out without any trims. My hair had gotten horribly damaged at the ends and was becoming frizzy even without humidity. I have a plan to go to regularly scheduled haircuts to maintain my bangs, as well as the layers and ends of my hair. 

Thanks so much to Elise at Red Door Spa in Phoenix for giving me this amazing new haircut! If you're a Phoenix local, I highly recommend her! 

#2 Use products without parabens and sulfates

This goal has been in place for about a year or so already. As I mentioned before, years ago I was using the cheapest shampoos and conditioners that were pumped full of chemicals responsible for giving me acne all over my forehead and scalp. After doing my research on the most common ingredients that are the culprit for hair-related acne, I threw away what I had and started fresh with my hair products. 

Now, I only use hair products without parabens and sulfates. I also try to aim to use products with no silicone when possible. 

#3 Wash my hair less frequently

Just the other day, I was out shopping with my friend, Olivia, and I found this adorable, reusable waterproof shower cap that was too cute to pass up! In the past, when I have wanted to skip washing my hair while taking a shower, I would throw my hair into a big, messy top bun but I would always end up getting my hair wet in the long run. This shower cap allows me to gently tuck my hair into place without having to put it into a tight bun, and it does not budge one bit. Washing my hair less frequently will allow my hair to retain its moisture for a longer period of time, as well as make my hair less prone to breakage.

#4 Invest in better hair tools

I have fine hair that constantly gets knots in it even when it's not windy. Even when I'm sitting still at my desk it gets knots in it. Brushing my hair has always been a constant battle and it's hard to find a brush and a set of combs that stand up to the amount of abuse I put the combs and brushes through. I recently opted to get some high-quality hair brushes and combs that should last me for many years, so I am hopeful that it will help me keep good hair tools around as well as be gentler to my hair while brushing (my new detangling brush has already done wonders for my hair!) 

#5 Break up with my cheap hair ties

The black, elastic hair ties I have been using for years are finally gone and I am through with them. I am officially converted back to my childhood scrunchies! 

The harsh, elastic black bands I used in my hair would constantly get stuck in my hair in-between knots, and they would either snap in half or get stuck in my hair (leaving me having to either cut my hair or rip my own hair out of my head to the get cheap bands out of my hair). Now that I am taking better care of my hair and want to reduce breakage, I am switching to a soft, fabric scrunchie when I need to put my hair up. 

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  1. Your hair looks amazing! Love your tips. Investing in great tools upfront has really helped me.

  2. I'll have to try these out. My hair can be so unruly. It gets frizzy pretty easily. I only wash it once a week though. I find it works better when I do that.

  3. I was my hair every other day. However, I never use conditioner. I think because I don't use any conditioner, my hair is suffering. The last time I got my hair done, the hair dresser MADE ME by a moisturizing mask thing because my hair is DEAD (well yes, hair is dead)... But my hair is FRIED - and breaking. So I bought it. Now... I actually have to use it! LOL!

  4. Healthy hair products are important, the harsh chemicals do influence your hair growth and the overall appearance of your hair.

  5. My wife is always doing something different with her hair. But she is very strict about what hair products she uses.

  6. Love your hair! Thank you for these tips. I honestly wash my hair like three times per week, now I will need a cute shower cap!

  7. Getting regular haircuts is definitely important. Also it's essential to use the right products for one's hair texture.

  8. Good decision on wanting to wash the hair less. I wash my hair once a fortnight with conditioner and only once a month with shampoo and it looks so healthy

  9. These are all really good hair care goals. I've been trying to avoid anything with parabens etx. I've also been trying to wash my hair only when needed s avoid damage to the ends when straightening.

  10. Scheduling regular haircuts is very important for me. Good luck on your hair care goals.


  11. I think these are some great goals. One of the ones I need to do more, is to get my hair cut. I don't think I do it as often as I should. I know I'm in need of one soon too.

  12. These hair care goals are likely helpful for anyone that wants to up their daily haircare goals. Investing in quality hair tools may save money in the long run and the headache of fighting with the cheaper lesser quality versions.

  13. You have great hair! i don't, so I def. need some of these tips! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to try to implement some!

  14. I think I do most of these, except for regular haircuts. And washing my hair - what's that? Lol.. we are so busy that I definitely don't have time to wash my hair every night. I do think that dry shampoo dries out my hair a little too much though.

  15. AMEN ago all of this! Taking care of your hair is so important!!

  16. These are great goals. I need to do more hair cut since I has long hair I usually do hair cut during 6 month and no hair style changes. I think I need to change that.

  17. I think it is time for me to get into a salon for a haircut. I have been letting my natural gray grow in and it's time for a boost.I will have to start booking regular appointments again.


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