Girls' Weekend Travel Guide to Fredericksburg, Texas

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Are you thinking about planning a girls' trip or maybe even a bachelorette party in the spring? Now is the time to start planning. Pack up the trunk of the car, grab your phone chargers, start your GPS, and get ready for your weekend getaway with your besties and head out to Fredericksburg, Texas. Use this weekend travel guide to help you plan out what you and your girls want to do while you explore the scenic route in one of the best-hidden gems in all of Texas. 

Sure, big cities can be great. But they're busy, they're excessive, and oftentimes you don't get the right ambiance you want when you're right on the main road. So take the scenic route, head to the Texas Hill Country for their spring wildflower season, and see for yourself how wonderful Fredericksburg really is and why it's ideal for friends to enjoy some time away together to make those lasting memories you'll talk about for years to come. With so much you can do and see in this small city, I've narrowed down what I believe to be the ideal girls' weekend including where to go and where to eat in Fredericksburg

If you plan to travel from out of state to explore Texas as an out-of-towner, there are some different airport options for you to consider depending on how much driving you want to do. Fredericksburg is only about one hour from San Antonio, an hour and a half from Austin, or a 4 hours drive from Houston. It is an ideal road trip destination for many travelers of all kinds even if you do not live in Texas. The San Antonio Airport (SAT), the Austin-Bergstrom Airport (AUS), and the Houston George Bush Airport  (IAH) all have their own Alamo Rent a Car locations for those who plan to fly into the area and then begin their scenic travel out to Fredericksburg. 

Traveler's Tip: The most adorable mini cottages are available for rent at Fredericksburg Herb Farm which has a great restaurant and spa on their property. Each cottage has a king bed and bathroom, and there are fourteen total cottages for rent on their property. Be sure to call ahead to book with them so everyone in your group has a place to stay! One of the best perks of these cottages? No children under 18 are allowed, so moms, leave the kiddos at home and really let yourself relax and unwind during your time in Fredericksburg. 

Day 1

Brunch at Emma + Ollie

Start your girls' trip to Fredericksburg off on the right food with the best pastries in town! Whether you prefer sweet or savory, their cinnamon rolls or their bacon cheddar scones, or even if you want something on the lighter side (they have incredible oatmeal), you won't regret visiting Emma + Ollie

Enjoy a Wine Tasting

With so many options for wine tasting in Fredericksburg, it can feel overwhelming to try to choose which ones to go to during your weekend visit. Having already been to a number of wineries, I can tell you that there is great wine all around town and that you are sure to enjoy yourself regardless of where you go. These wineries are run locally and the people here are passionate about Texas Hill Country wine. If you want my personal recommendation, I would tell you that Signor Vineyards is not to be missed and to check out my wine country guide to Fredericksburg.

Traveler's Tip: If you're spending the day wine tasting, choose a designated driver to bring everyone to the wineries  you want to visit in your Alamo rental car or you can leave the car parked for a few hours and request a rideshare (don't worry--they have ride-sharing in Fredericksburg if you do want to take advantage of the wineries in Fredericksburg. Please, drink responsibly). 

Dinner at Altstadt Brewery

With a gorgeous outdoor patio and sprawling views of local farms, the sunset on the patio at Altstadt Brewery is where you and your girlfriends will want to enjoy dinner together. Don't let the name leave you hesitating--the Altstadt Brewery, while it does have excellent German beer and offers the complete brewery experience indoors, it is also the ideal spot to eat if you enjoy German cuisine. Indulge in a spread of Bavarian pretzels, charcuterie and cheese board, and chicken schnitzel and enjoy a taste of the Bavarian traditions that laid down the foundation for what Fredericksburg is today. 

Girls night out Dancing at Luckenbach 

As the saying around here goes, "Everybody's Somebody in Luckenbach, Texas." Legendary musicians Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings put Luckenbach on the map, and ever since then, Luckenbach has kept their country music magic alive. They offer live music every weekend and a dancehall, so round up your girls for a night out that is filled with line dancing and classic Texas Hill Country entertainment. 

Day 2

Breakfast at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm

After you catch some shut-eye, start off your second day with breakfast at the Farm Haus Bistro at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm. Located in a historic home from the 1890s and surrounded by the gardens, this breakfast spot is as relaxing as Sunday morning breakfast gets! If you and your gals enjoy mimosas, be sure to order their mimosa flight and sample a sip of their flavors like prickly pear, cranberry, peach, and of course a traditional mimosa. Some note-worthy breakfast choices from their menu include their Farm Haus Quiche and their Tomato Roquefort Salad. 

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

After breakfast, walk a few steps across the Fredericksburg Herb Farm property and you'll find yourself at Nature's Spa that is tucked away just beyond the herb garden and gift shop. Whether you want to treat yourselves to a day of pampering and get one of their spa packages or opt for a massage, facial, body treatment, or a mani-pedi, there are a variety of ways for you and your gals to unwind and enjoy the serenity of the Fredericksburg Herb Farm. 

Have a Wildflower Photo Shoot

Grab all of the travel pictures you want during the most beautiful time of year when the Texas Hill country wildflowers are in bloom in Fredericksburg. Texas Hill Country wildflower season typically takes place from mid-March through the beginning of May, so this is when you would want to visit if you want to experience the wildflowers. Some of the best photo spots for wildflowers in town is at Wildseed Farms

Take a cooking class at Fischer & Wieser
Known for their sauces and jellies, Fischer & Wieser hosts their very own cooking classes at their property located in Fredericksburg. 

The family-owned Fischer & Wieser Culinary Adventure Cooking School promises its guests an opportunity to experience hands-on and guided cooking with the help of their staff. Their chef takes the lead at the cooking island and shows you the steps necessary to prepare any one of their delicious recipes (many which often fair of German origin, since the city of Fredericksburg was founded for the German immigrants settling into the town). While you are already there for your class, be sure to stop in the main shop area to sample a variety of the different sauces, jams, and jellies and stock up on your favorite ones to bring home with you.

If you are wanting to take one of their cooking classes, you will want to take a look at their calendar and contact them to book your class ahead of time. They offer a number of classes that focus on a variety of cuisines such as but not limited to German, Italian, French, and Spanish.

When you embark on your trip to Fredericksburg, you will experience firsthand how wonderful it really is to vacation on the scenic route. If you are looking for more ideas of "great vacation destinations outside of Texas' big cities," Alamo Rent a Car's Scenic Route features some other areas you may want to check out! 

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