A Comprehensive Review of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Box

Sharing my unbiased review and my experience purchasing a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Box from his Valentine's Day 2020 collection. 

There's no denying that Jeffree Star Cosmetics has some of the most visually satisfying and well-formulated eyeshadows on the market right now. Whether you like him as a person or not, that's for you to decide. For me, I've been a fan of his since his MySpace days. I don't 'stan' him, by any means, but when his new YouTube video comes out I will absolutely drop whatever it is I am doing to watch it. Or when he has a new makeup collection release, I will buy at least one item from it each time something comes out. But that's because I have seen firsthand that the majority of the products he has released from Jeffree Star Cosmetics have had incredible formulas, gorgeous pigments, playful shades of color that many mainstream cosmetics companies are afraid to get close to, and because I enjoy the aesthetics of his packaging. 

But despite the fact that we were MySpace friends back in the day and while he was on Warped Tour, and despite the fact that I enjoy watching his YouTube videos and loved the series he did with Shane Dawson, I am still able to come to my own conclusion about whether or not the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Boxes are actually worth the gamble and shelling out hundreds of dollars to buy. 

I went out and bought my first ever Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Box--and I won't lie to you, I was really hesitant to do so. I consider myself an informed buyer and I will research a product thoroughly before I try it. But to fork over more money than I pay on my phone bill in a month to a company in hopes they will surprise me with makeup that not only performs well but also promises to be something I will like? That's actually really difficult for someone as controlling as I am. 

So I thought, for the sake of journalism, I grab my wallet and do some investigating for anyone out there who likes the idea of exclusive cosmetics but is fearful of surprise. 

Today, I am sharing my unbiased review (and unboxing via images) of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Valentine's Day Mystery Bundle. 

Please note, the whole point of his mystery boxes is that no box is the same and the products will vary. What I received in my box could be entirely different from what someone else received who bought the same mystery box. And the same goes for future mystery boxes---this post isn't meant to be the end-all guide to what to expect from a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Box. I simply wanted to take the opportunity to share my experience from start to finish of buying a product, and share any pros and cons for those who are considering purchasing a mystery box in the future. 

What Exactly is a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Box?

His mystery boxes usually contain an item that will never be made again. Meaning, if you don't buy into a Jeffree Star Cosmetics mystery box, you will miss out on the product he releases. Forever.

The most exciting appeal about his mystery boxes is the fact that he will never release these products ever again. So whatever shades of lipstick--or even palettes--he makes for this Valentine's Day launch will only be available this one time. After that, the products won't ever be made again. So the exclusivity of it all is beyond exhilarating for those who have a deep appreciation for collecting items as well as those who have a passion for makeup.

For this particular launch, Valentine's Day 2020, he released 3 levels of mystery boxes. Each box is a different tier and as the cost goes up the value of the items goes up with it. For example, the lowest tier box is called the "Premium" mystery box and goes for $60 (this promises 4 items and 3 of which are exclusive to this collection). The next tier is the "Deluxe" mystery box that costs $100 and contains 6 items (3 of which are exclusive to the collection). Finally, the most expensive box that runs for $145 is known as the "Supreme." The "Supreme" mystery box has 12 items in it, and 5 of these items are Valentine's Day launch exclusive items. Meaning, they will never be available for sale ever again.

Before the Launch:

Leading up to the launch, Jeffree Star and his official Jeffree Star Cosmetics social media team will tell everyone what levels of boxes there are as well as a general idea of the kind of items to expect inside without ruining the surprise. He will also tell us what day and time the official launch is, and encourage everyone to set a timer since his products typically sell out completely on the same day if not within just hours of the launch on his website.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is notorious for having epic launches---whether it be epically amazing or an epic fail, all eyes are on his website leading up to the launch. Known for having major crashes, email confirmations not being sent out, and massive delays in shipment, Jeffree hasn't exactly had smooth sailing on his prior launches just due to his massive popularity and his fulfillment team not be able to meet the excessive demand.

For this particular launch, I set 2 alarms on the morning of January 31, 2020. One just 15 minutes before the launch, and one 5 minutes before the launch. About 5 minutes out from the anticipated 10am PST launch, I sat down at my computer to get ready to go to his site right at 10am PST when the mystery boxes were supposed to be available for purchase.

The Launch:

Well, another somewhat failed launch for the Jeffree Star Cosmetics company. 

Thousands of people who tried to use the website on their phones (as opposed to on a computer like I was) were unable to select the dropdown box that allowed them to pick which size mystery box they wanted. The "Supreme" mystery box, which was the one that I ordered, sold out in just 8 minutes according to Jeffree's tweet

For about another 20 minutes or so, the "Deluxe" tier box was still available until that sold out before the first hour ended and only the "Premium" small mystery boxes remained. 

It was unfortunate to see so many people online say they had issues on their phones and were unable to get the mystery box they wanted due to website issues. Jeffree's had many website issues before, and this launch was no different. 

That said, I was one of the fortunate ones to get my "Supreme" mystery box ordered and I received my order confirmation within minutes of purchasing. 


I never actually got my tracking number to track the location of my package, but I got an email saying my order was shipped just the same. 2 days after I got that email, my box was at my doorstep. For reference, his shipping fulfillment facility is in California and I live in Arizona. 

Here's what I got in my box:

Exclusive Jeffree Star Cosmetics Valentine's Day Tote Bag 

There's no denying this heart candy print is cute as hell. But the quality of this bag? Awful. 

I was dreadfully surprised when I touched it how cheap and poor quality it felt. I had expected more from a Jeffree Star Cosmetics item. Admittedly, I won't be keeping this bag. 

Exclusive Jeffree Star Cosmetics Valentine's Day Pink PopSocket®

I have never owned a PopSocket® because I never felt like it was something that I needed. It's not something that I would have particularly expected to get in my mystery box, but I don't hate it. I may end up trying it out to see if I like having one, but I'm unsure if it will work with the phone case that I have on my iPhone right now.  

Exclusive Jeffree Star Cosmetics Valentine's Day Maroon Side Bag

This is absolutely not my taste or my style of bag that I like to wear, so I was not excited to see this in my mystery box. A lot of people love athleisure wear and go for the streetwear style side bags, but it's just not my cup of tea. Unfortunately, I won't be keeping this bag and will either resell it or give it to a friend who wants it. 

This side bag seems to be made and manufactured well and it's a nice color, but it's definitely not my style and handbags are so personal so I feel like it's not a good idea to include in a mystery box, but that's the gamble you take when you opt to buy into a surprise.

Exclusive Jeffree Star Cosmetics Valentine's Day Hot Pink Chrome Approved Hand Mirror

This is the one merch item I was the most excited about, and my Valentine's Day mystery box hand mirror is already on my vanity next to my Shane Dawson pig mirror. It's a gorgeous hot pink chrome color, and it has a nostalgic shape to it that reminds me of makeup items from the 90s. 

Exclusive Jeffree Star Cosmetics "The Gloss" in the shade "Softcore Sparkle"

You might not think that purple glittering lipgloss is your thing, but when you swatch "Softcore Sparkle" or apply it you find out just how gorgeous it is. This shade is like if a Unicorn went on a Valentine's Day date with a vampire. It's got a pretty, whimsical shade to it but in the light, it glimmers wet, shiny, and gives me a goth glam vibe. I absolutely love this gloss shade!

The Gloss in the shade "Ice Cold"

So out of the two glosses I got, this is one of the shades that's not exclusive to the Valentine's Day launch (i.e. you can buy it on his website when it is back in stock). This lip gloss is a lot sheerer than the "Softcore Sparkle" shade and it has cool-toned pearls in it, and it's definitely a beautiful gloss. The formula is great, and it's not too sticky. 

Brainfreeze Skin Frost™ Pro Palette

While I am swimming in highlighters right now, I won't ever turn away a new highlight to try. I remember when this came out and I thought how cute the packaging was, but I never ended up buying it. To me, $40 seemed like a lot to commit to a palette that had only a few shades I really wanted to try.  Which is why I didn't end up buying it. But now that I have it, I am happy to try some of these shades. 

While I haven't worn every shade yet, I am hesitant to wear "Cocky" and "Statuesque" because they are very warm toned and may not look flattering on my fair skin (and may flatter darker skin tones better than my own skin tone). But "Freeze Tag" will be my go-to winter highlighter when I am traveling in Alaska later this month, and "Frozen Fruit" will be such a gorgeous spring highlight that should pair beautifully with the pastels and pinks. 

Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette

I already own the Blue Blood palette. I absolutely LOVE Blue Blood. 

But....I don't need a second palette right now.


Velour Lip Scrub in "Rootbeer"

This is the one makeup item in my box I truly was not happy to get. I hate anything root beer flavored or scented.

Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the shade "Romeo"

The shade "Romeo" is a beautiful neon pink and should look really nice with my exclusive lip gloss. It's a brighter color that I think will be fabulous to wear later in the spring and summer months, and it's most definitely coming with me in my travel bag when I go to Mexico this spring. 

Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the shade "Doll Parts"

I have been using some of his nude liquid lipsticks for years, but I was so excited to see some pink shades in my mystery box that I have never used before! "Doll Parts" is a gorgeous cool-toned pink that was one of his earlier shades he came out with when he started Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 

Velour Liquid Lipsticks in the shade "Restraints"

This was kind of disappointing to see. But, at least the "Restraints" shade seems mildly wearable. 

One thing to keep in mind about his liquid lipsticks is that they can be used on the eyes, so I think I will end up using this shade as a liquid gunmetal eyeliner as opposed to an actual liquid lipstick. 

"Restraints," while it's not my favorite liquid lipstick shade, is still a fun play on the darker and sexier side of the Valentine's Day theme. 


#1 The launch was, and always seems to be, a nightmare.

Jeffree and his team still have a lot of work to do when it comes to figuring out how to handle the massive demand from consumers during launch day. During prior launches, I have been one of the people who missed out on a product due to a website glitch so I know what that feels like. But the fact that he's had numerous launches and has yet to figure out how to get his website/Shopify to work correctly is a flop. You cannot get emotionally invested in any of his products until you actually have a confirmation email. Otherwise #TheFOMOisreal 

#2 You may get something you already own.

I am already a regular Jeffree Star Cosmetics consumer, so for me, I received an item that I already own and use in my mystery box. Whether you want to see this as a pro or a con is entirely up to you--my optimistic side thinks, "awesome! When I hit pan, I have a back-up ready to use!" But if you wanted an entirely new set of items and you regularly shop Jeffree Star Cosmetics, you could probably expect to receive at least one item that you already own. 

Luckily, my repeat item is my absolute favorite thing I've ever bought from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and it made it onto my list of 'best of beauty 2019' list (which you can check out here if you missed it). I am not upset or sad I got a Blue Blood eyeshadow palette in my mystery box, but there was a part of me that hoped it was a palette I didn't already own, such as the Alien palette, so I could explore new eyeshadow shades. But hey, a mystery is a mystery!

#3 Or worse, you get something you hate. 

I downright hate the root beer flavor, so for me, this was something I definitely do not want and will not use. But honestly, if there was only one makeup item that I knew I would not like, I think it's a pretty good turnout. But frankly, this is the gamble you take when you commit to buying a mystery box. There is a good chance you may get something you do not want. 


#1 You own a few items that will never be made again, and that's special!

The exclusivity of owning a few things that will never be made and sold by Jeffree Star Cosmetics ever again is the kind of thrill that would sway someone who's on the fence about buying a mystery box. 

#2 The retail value savings seem worth it!

For the price you pay for the mystery box, you are certainly going to save money with the box as opposed to buying everything for a regular price on his website. 

#3 It's a fun way to #treatyoself

Sometimes we all need to stop and treat ourselves to something special that isn't for anyone else. For many of us, we look to shop for clothing, accessories, and makeup to invest in our image. But what's different about buying a mystery box is you're basically acting as your own Secret Santa. You have no idea what you're going to get, but if you know you already like most of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' makeup products, chances are you are going to be happy with what you get. 

The Final Verdict?

I will hesitate before buying another mystery box.

Of course, there are things in my box I am very happy to have. But it hasn't won me over entirely. 

While I'm not super picky about makeup and trying different shades, I was disappointed in the other non-makeup items I got in the mystery box. I know the hype is fun and knowing that I have a few items that will never be made again, but I don't think it was worth the money that I spent; not because of the value, because I can certainly see the retail value in this box, but shelling out as much money as I did I was disappointed with almost half of the items I got either because I had it already, I didn't like it, or I hated the scent/flavor. 

There were too many things I did not love in my box that will have me second-guessing whether it will be worth investing in another one in the future. 

Do you know someone who is considering buying a Jeffree Star Cosmetics mystery box? Be sure to save this post for later. 

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