5 Beauty Brands You Haven't Heard of and Need to Try this Spring

Sharing 5 beauty brands you may not have heard of but you definitely need to try this spring.

Before I finished editing this post, we hadn't all been faced with self-quarantine due to COVID-19. 

I had just no idea while editing this post that I'd be spending a lot more time indoors (and by "more time" I mean all of my time) since we're all facing our duty of social distancing ourselves from others to avoid spreading COVID-19. 

We hope you are doing okay and that you and your loved ones are healthy. In the meantime, I plan on continuing to update the blog as I had planned with a few projects that were already in the works. I'm not entirely sure how long COVID-19 is going to take control of the outside world, but from our little corner of the world in our house, we are going to try to continue living our lives like we normally would, but, just living it more remotely. 

Since Adam and I put ourselves into quarantine, we are spending every waking moment at home....well, other than buying groceries or occasionally grabbing takeout from a local restaurant that needs our support. While there's a lot to be done at home both with work and also catching up on household chores, I've also taken more time than I normally would to practice self-care and spent more time enjoying multi-step skincare and haircare routines. 

Today, I want to share with you a handful of beauty brands I have been testing over the course of the last couple of months that I believe to be the brands to look out for in 2020. There's a chance you may have heard of one or two of these, but for the most part, these brands can often fly under the radar. I want to share these with you because they have great products and because I like what they stand for from a sustainability standpoint. 

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Maria Nila

There are so many good things I have to say about Maria Nila. But, let's start with their shampoo. 

I have tried and broken up with numerous "clean" shampoos. By "clean" I mean free of ingredients such as sulfates and parabens, and the most common issue I've encountered with most of them is the lack of shampoo lather. I've dealt with lackluster shampoo for the sake of better ingredients, but now, I don't need to sacrifice better ingredients for a rich later. Having tested and fallen hard for the Marila Nila Pure Volume Shampoo, I can finally say that I've found the one! Their Quick Dry Heat Spray has come in handy while I have been taking the time to actually blowdry and style my hair while I am social distancing at home and not able to go to the salon to get a blowout. 

Beyond their vegan formula, they are also "climate-friendly." Among a handful of reasons to consider Maria Nila "climate-friendly," most notably, Maria Nila supports the Taking Root project; the Taking Root projects aids in reforestation by connecting with and employing farmers to replant their under-utilized parts of their farm. Knowing I can support a brand that is not only aware of deforestation and the consequences that it brings to our planet is a better feeling than any salon blowout could give me.

They carry a variety of hair care, color, and styling products. Every product that I've tried from them so far I have enjoyed and have felt that it improved my hair. Their products do not sync up with drugstore haircare prices, and there's plenty of reason for that. Not only is this a 'feel good' kind of haircare brand because of their care for their consumers, animals, and the environment, it's also an approachable luxury item. Their vegan products are produced in Sweden, they feel and smell expensive, and the packaging is just as chic as you'd expect it to be. While it is an investment if you want to get the shampoo and conditioner, I can attest that it's worth every penny. 

Jane Iredale

If you're no stranger to vegan beauty, there's a good chance you've already heard of Jane Iredale. They are also one of the top recommended brands by most dermatologists in the U.S....and for good reason! Their products are widely recommended for those who lean towards having skincare sensitivities, and the ingredients used in their mineral products offer a cleaner alternative. 

I've only been testing their products for a couple of months now, but I have enjoyed everything that I have already tried! Right now, the Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen mixed with some hydration spray is my favorite way to apply sunscreen for spring. It gives me a little bit of luminosity with SPF coverage without feeling sticky or having my entire face smell like sunscreen. Jane Iredale is a brand you most definitely should check out this spring if you haven't already! 


Amorepacific prides itself as "the pioneer of green tea in skincare." What their packaging may lack in color, their formula makes up for in nutrients. With ingredients like EGCG polyphenol from green tea, bamboo sap, and red ginseng, their products are formulated with the belief that beauty secrets can be unearthed from nature. 

I have only had the chance to try a handful of products from Amorepacific since they are a bit costly, but the one product I am always happy to pay to refill is their Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder. I have been using this for a year or so, and the formula of this cleansing powder has drastically helped to improve my skin texture and the look of my pores. It has papaya enzymes in the formula which are proven to help with turnover and this is by far one of the best deep-cleansing exfoliating products I have tried....which is why it's one of my holy grails!

Once I am able to make an online order, I plan on trying a number of other products from Amorepacific that I haven't tried yet. I enjoy that their brand has a focus on ingredients and since their Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder is my holy grail cleansing powder, I can't wait to see what other products of theirs that I will fall in love with. 

Georgette Klinger

I first discovered Georgette Klinger when I was looking up information about skincare ingredients. They have an extensive list of what certain ingredients can do and how they can benefit your skin on their website, and I often reference this list when I am shopping for other brands' skincare products as well. Their focus on skin care education is refreshing and they have a pulse on what most skincare fanatics yearn for---transparency in ingredients and the chance to learn something new.

I'm a big fan of the Georgette Klinger Ceramide Reparative Serum, which goes on like a dream and leaves my skin looking plump in the best kind of way. I also noticed that in the evenings when I apply this serum that my face doesn't look as flush as it usually does, so it's definitely helped reduce the appearance of redness in my cheeks and chin. Their Phytic Exfoliating Mask is excellent if you're wanting to treat textured and/or dull skin. I deal regularly with texture on my cheeks and chin, so when I notice my skin needs some extra care in those spots I will apply this mask where I need it and it works really well! 

REN Clean Skincare

After trying their Clean Sunscreen last year, I knew I wanted to explore more products from REN Clean Skincare. Having tried and fallen for a number of their products, they definitely have my attention and I'll be keeping my eye on them to see what else they come out with during 2020. 

If you're looking to treat yourself and make an investment in your skincare this year, you will want to check out REN Clean Skincare. If you're unsure where to start, I would recommend checking out their travel kits that are available on Sephora right now so you can try a variety of products without committing to a full-size product since they can be a little more costly. Every product from them I have enjoyed and saw good results from, so I would feel confident recommending any one of their products for you to try this spring. But the best part about REN Clean Skincare is its focus on sustainable packaging and gathering ingredients from sustainable sources. 

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