Self-Care and The Formula for the Perfect Self-Quarantine Bath

Today, I am sharing some of my best self-care tips for while you are social distancing. 

Most importantly, be kind to yourself through COVID-19

I fully recognize that many people have lost their jobs and been sent home from work without pay due to COVID-19. I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a bunch of beauty products that aren't essential if it's something that will prevent you from what is essential like a roof over your head, food, and paying your bills. 

But let's be clear about one thing: self-care is crucial regardless of your situation. 

Self-care will vary from person to person when it comes to how self-care works--but for me, I enjoy self-care with my skincare, doing my hair and makeup, and getting dressed even though I'm not going anywhere. 

What's most important is that we all remember to be kind to ourselves and others through this period of time that is filled with plenty of unknowns. Being kind to yourself and putting yourself first can come directly from self-care. If that means you turn your phone off for a few hours to watch some television, or if you want to watch a few YouTube workout videos to release endorphins and mentally escape from the madness of the outside world, that works too. Whatever works for you! 

But don't forget to be kind to yourself and take care of yourself as best you can. 

If you're new to working from home, establish a workspace

The hardest part of working from home for the first few weeks is establishing a routine that is going to set you up for productivity. Having a separate work 'space' in your home that's away from where you would normally sleep, eat, relax in general is ideal. 

If space is limited, try sectioning off one part of your room by moving a table towards a window or wall where it normally isn't and then making that your designated workspace while you are working remotely at home. 

If you're wondering what this has to do with self-care, it's really about setting yourself up for before, during, and after your work shift. If you work from home long enough, you fall prey to feeling like you're always working. Having a 'separate' space where you work that's away from where you relax and unwind will ease the transition from working to not working while trying to unwind at the end of the day. 

Stepping away from work is a form of self-care that is crucial for those who are learning to work from home for the first time. Since we're in the process of social distancing amid the COVID-19 precautions, leaving the house isn't necessarily an option. If you can, you can go for a short walk outside to reset your day after you are done working. Or, if you can't go outside, take a shower when you are done working and then when you leave your bathroom it's like you are reentering your home after your shift has ended. 

Tune in when you need to, tune out when you can

The world we live in has 24/7 news coverage. We also have more ways to stay in touch electronically than ever before, and with social media, most if not almost all of the 'news' we see on our feeds comes from questionable sources. Under normal circumstances, it can be annoying. In these circumstances we're living in now, where we're all cooped up at home while we are social distancing, it is damn near intolerable. 

Don't feel like you have to tune in all the time. If what you're seeing and hearing is driving you insane, do yourself a favor and turn off your phone. Turn off the television. Seriously. Or, at the very least, mute the accounts that are driving you insane or unfollow them entirely. 

Put your phone in airplane mode or do not disturb mode whenever you can--this is what helps me. Before COVID-19, every night, once I was done with all of my workloads and talked to friends and family, I put my phone in airplane mode until the next morning. Now, with COVID-19, I tend to keep my phone in airplane mode longer into the morning and then put it into airplane mode after dinner. I know I need to have a balance between what is staying informing versus being overloaded with information. Silencing the noise keeps me sane. 

Embrace the quiet

Once your television is off and your phone is in airplane mode, do something to embrace the quiet. 

Read a book. Solve a puzzle. Play a game. Whatever it may be that you enjoy doing when you're not working that doesn't involve social media, do that. If your days are getting tougher while you are social distancing, you can look forward to this part of your day since it's something that is consistent and something that brings you joy. 

Go that book, and take that bath

When I try to relax sometimes I can feel guilty and like I'm not working on the things I need to be, or that I am somehow slacking in other parts of my life. But especially now that we're self-quarantining to avoid passing COVID-19, don't feel guilty when you go out of your way to indulge in self-care time at home. 

One of my preferred ways to indulge in self-care at home is reading in the bath. I elevate my regular skincare routine to include a few more steps than I might regularly take. My favorite bath products? Here are a few: 

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The Formula for the Perfect Self-Quarantine Bath:

#1 Cleanse, tone, and apply your favorite mask(s).

Before you take a bath, start your regular skincare routine. For my skincare routine on a regular basis, that includes cleanser, toner, and serum (followed by oil and moisturizer and/or sunscreen). If I am going to use a face mask, I will do that after I tone my face. 

With COVID-19, my skin has been leaning towards the red and angry side with the added stress I've been feeling. I would recommend if you are feeling the same to look for a face mask that has cooling ingredients. My go-to face mask when my skin feels red, irritated, overheated, or just needs a little extra love is the Glo Skin Beauty Soothing Gel Mask

If your skin is on the congested side and you're wanting a skin clearing mask, Glo Skin Beauty also makes a Beauty Refining Face Mask made for oil-absorption or problematic skin. 

If you haven't tried them yet, I highly recommend the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks. These are the best foil eye masks I have ever tried, and they have the best cooling effect and always leave my undereye feeling supple. 

#2 Draw a hot bath--the key to a relaxing bath is eucalyptus. 

Anytime I take a bath, I reach for something that has eucalyptus. 

Eucalyptus has calming properties and it can help with dry skin and inflammation. If I am feeling down or I'm starting to feel sick, I take a hot eucalyptus bath. 

There are plenty of ways to bathe with eucalyptus, but I really like the Pursoma Just Breathe Bath SoakIf you want to give them a try, they're doing a 40% off for 40 days discount on their website with code "TAKECARE" for anyone who wants some extra self-care at home during COVID-19. I also really like their Hot Tub Bath Soak which is perfect for seasonal allergies and cold and flu season. 

#3 Light a candle.

I enjoy lighting a fragrance candle before I take a bath, or if I don't have one, I will light a couple of unscented tea light candles to create the right feel for the bathroom. Having candlelight helps with the lighting in the bathroom and softens the look to make it feel more comfortable since most bathrooms have fairly harsh lighting. Scented candles bring the obvious benefit of having a pleasant aroma to enjoy while you take a bath. 

#4 Grab some ice water and get into the hot bath.

Drinking cold water helps to cool down your body, so this will help with overheating as well as replenishing hydration while you take a bath. If you're bathing with any kind of bath salts, depending on the sodium levels, you may end up feeling dehydrated if you don't drink enough water before or after your bath. Some bath soaks or bath salts may have recommendations for how much water you should drink in their instructions, but even if they don't have any information about how to use their product, it's best to drink water if you are going to have a bath. 

#5 Remove your mask(s) and apply face oil. 

I know for me personally, I really enjoy applying face oil and one of my favorites is the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Antioxidant Face Oil. A little bit goes a long way, and if I feel like I have grabbed too much oil I rub it into my cuticles and on my elbows and anywhere else that can feel dry after a really hot bath. It leaves my skin feeling nurtured and I always have a nice glow. 

If for whatever reason you are not a huge fan of face oil, my next suggestion would be to apply a cream moisturizer instead. I really like the BELIF True Cream Moisturizing Bomb and have kept reaching for that after having tried it over a year ago. 

#6 Drink more water and get cozy in a robe. 

There's just something serene about sitting or laying down in a cozy, comfy robe drinking water and just relaxing. I like to sit in my robe and read before I get finish getting dressed. Lounging in a robe helps me extend the relaxation I had from my bath. Now is as good a time as any to relax in your robe! 

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