A Comprehensive Review of Jackpot Candles & My Ring Reveal

Have you heard of those candles with mystery rings inside of them? Today, I'm reviewing one of the most popular mystery ring candle companies, sharing my experience with it, and revealing my candle ring. 

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On one particular Saturday in the middle of self-quarantine, I was scrolling mindlessly looking for entertainment on TikTok when I watched in awe while a stranger pulled a diamond ring out of a candle. 

I had never seen anything like this or had even heard of these novelty candles, but apparently, mystery rings inside of candles have been a novelty gift that has been around for a few years now. There are a number of big companies that sell candles with mystery jewelry and other gifts inside of candles, but for this particular video I saw, the woman had ordered a Jackpot Candle and pulled out a gorgeous diamond ring from inside of it. 

Like any normal person would, I felt skeptical. "Is this a scam? Or are people actually buying these candles and pulling out diamond rings that are valued at hundreds and even thousands of dollars?" 

So I took to the internet and watched a number of unboxing videos on YouTube and saw a variety of different review channels talk about their candles they ordered and showed off the different kinds of rings they got inside their candles. I think the most expensive ring I saw that was unboxed on YouTube was appraised at $3500. 

Curious and still a bit skeptical, I decided that I wanted to order my very own Jackpot Candle and investigate. I enjoy being able to share reviews on my blog when I feel like something may be too good to be true, so I bought this candle with every intention of reviewing it here on the blog. 

When I ordered my candle on my desktop, I ran my Honey Chrome extension to grab a 50% coupon code, and ultimately I paid $20.43 for the price of the candle, tax, and shipping costs. If you want to order a candle and save with a coupon code (and get coupon codes automatically applied at almost every other website), I highly recommend installing the Honey extension for Chrome if you don't have it already. If you use my referral link here to install the free Honey extension on your computer, we both get a $5 gift card to use towards our next online purchase through Amazon, Target, or Sephora!


What are Jackpot Candles?

Jackpot Candles are "cruelty-free, natural soy candles" that have a mystery ring inside. They also sell mystery bath bombs, but in this review, I will talk exclusively about my experience with their candles.

How does it work?

Each candle you purchase comes with a mystery ring stored inside of it. To reveal your ring, you must burn your candle. 

The ring is stored inside of wax, and then the wax is placed towards the middle of the candle. You will not be able to reveal what kind of ring you got until you have had your candle burning for quite some time. 

Do I get to choose the candle, ring size, or the style of my ring?

They have a variety of different scented candles on their website that you can choose from including scents like "warm apple pie," "pumpkin spice," "eucalyptus," "lavender," "caramel coffee," etc. Most of the candles available on their website are 12-ounce candles that come in 15-ounce jars that burn with a wooden wick. They do also have a candle that is entirely a mystery, so both the fragrance and the ring will be a mystery if you choose this one. If you plan on buying one of the Jackpot Candles, I would recommend buying a scent that you know you will actually like instead of going for a complete mystery. But of course, it's entirely up to you!

Once you have selected the fragrance you want, you will see a dropdown menu where you can select your ring size. The smallest ring size that I saw on their website was a size 6, and the largest ring size I saw was size 9. There is also an option that you can select that says "Surprise Me." If you want to elect to pick the ring size that you wear, you will want to choose that from the dropdown menu before you add the candle to your cart, apply a 50% coupon with Honey, and then purchase your candle. 

Unlike the scent of your candle and the size of your ring, the ring style is a complete mystery! Jackpot Candles claims that each ring inside their candles is valued between "$15-$5000." This is where the "jackpot" part of this comes into play. It's like those "everyone's a winner" raffles you may see, and it is entirely up to your luck if you end up with something that's cheap or maybe you get lucky and get something that's worth a lot of money. 

The mystery is the fun of it, and the candle you picked out is the satisfaction that you didn't entirely waste your money if you end up with a ring you don't love. That is, if you choose a scented candle fragrance that you know you will like! 

How do I get to the ring inside of the candle?

You will only be able to get your ring once you have burned your candle for quite some time. For my 12-ounce candle, it took approximately 3 hours to burn until I could easily grab my ring inside the candle. Mind you, I am sure I could have let it sit there for a few more hours, but I did end up jiggling it back and forth to get it out with little to no pressure. 

Once I saw the ring encased in its wax container, I carefully used tweezers to lift it out of the candle that was still warm. Be careful to not burn yourself, and make sure you put the flame out before you try this! To clean the wax off of the ring, I boiled some water in a coffee mug and placed the ring wax piece inside and swirled it around for a few minutes, and then used the tweezers to gently pull it apart. 

three stone amethyst cz silver ring inside of a Jackpot Candle

My Ring Reveal!

Here is a photo of my mystery ring that I got inside of my Witch's Brew candle from Jackpot Candles. 

According to the JackpotCandle.com website, my ring's value is appraised at $25. 

The ring has three center stones that appear to be amethyst, and those three stones are surrounded by 20 cubic zirconia miniature stones. So that is 23 stones valued at an estimated $25. I'm not certain how they determine the value on an individual ring basis, but just from my experience with jewelry, I would think this ring would be valued closer to $50 than $25. Either way, I am happy with the style and appearance of my ring! 

In-person, the quality of the ring is above average. The 3 amethyst stones are gorgeous and reflect light beautifully, and they seem to be well-set inside the ring. But the silver ring outside of the stones and the cubic zirconia looks average. The size and fit of the ring are accurate--I ordered a size 9 and it fits just like a standard size 9 ring is supposed to fit. 

I did a wear test overnight to see if I would find green or black residue on my finger the next day, and there was no trace of anything. I would doubt that the ring was made of copper, but I wanted to be sure for the purpose of this review that I wore my ring for an extended period of time to test the plating.


#1 The scent of my candle was light and lovely.

I ordered their "Witch's Brew" candle that features "whiskey, woods & witchcraft." Adam and I love candles that remind us of the fall season, and while I enjoy pumpkin and apple scents, this one just seemed more appealing to me at the time. We had this candle burning in the office while we were working and we both enjoy the fragrance of it. This is the kind of candle that you have to leave burning in the room for an hour or two before you really feel like it fills the air with the fragrance. I don't enjoy candles that are super pungent anyway, so for me, this was a huge bonus! 

#2 If you pick the fragrance you want, it's a win-win situation! 

I mentioned this before, but they do have an option to order a mystery candle with a mystery ring inside. I get the excitement of a complete mystery unboxing, but for me, I want to ensure that when I spend money I know that I'll at least get something I can enjoy even if the ring isn't crazy valuable or even my taste. If you end up ordering a Jackpot Candle for yourself or someone else, I would recommend choosing a scent for them so you have some control over whether or not they will even like the scent of the candle while it is burning to reveal the ring inside. 

#3 I adore my ring!

I may have gotten lucky here, but I really like the style of my ring! I'm quite happy with the size, fit, and style of this ring and I will be keeping it for myself. I had seen other people on YouTube unveiling styles and cuts that are not my style, but I really like the look and feel of this ring and I'm happy with my purchase overall. 


#1 The shipping took longer than I would have liked. 

We live in an immediate gratification world, and with services like Amazon Prime and Sephora 2-Days shipping, it's no fun waiting longer than a few days for a package in the mail. I placed my order on May 30 and my ring was delivered on June 12. I would say this is the biggest downside to purchasing a Jackpot Candle. If they could speed up the shipping and fulfillment process, the experience would be much better.

#2 Don't expect to win the lottery.

It does not bother me that I got a ring valued at approximately $25 because I had low expectations going into this experience. I would say if you are considering getting one of these candles that you do the same. Set low expectations, get a candle scent you know you will enjoy, and treat the ring inside as an added bonus. The candles themselves are lovely and I'd definitely reorder another one. 

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Jackpot candle 5000 dollars mystery ring candle review

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  1. Horrible company cheap walmart rings you cant get anyone to answer go with a different company

    1. I wouldn't consider the ring I got to be 'cheap' looking I quite like it! But it's all your own style and what you prefer. It's meant to be a mystery and kind of like a lottery/gamble to see if you get the fine jewelry or more costume jewelry like the one I got. I wouldn't necessarily blow them off if you're fine with the odds of getting costume jewelry, and I think this is definitely the preferred brand over the others I have seen for mystery candle/mystery rings. But I hear you and thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog! Have a nice day!

  2. The ring I got in my candle turned my finger green in 20 minutes of wear. Definitely not a 25$ ring as it says from the code. It was definitely a pretty ring but it’s kinda sad that i got the candle to be able to wear the ring and not just throw it away.

    1. That's too bad! I had a lot of luck with my ring and I've worn it numerous times for the entire day and haven't had my finger turn green. I am sorry to hear yours was not a good experience, though! That sucks! :(

  3. I ordered one for my girlfriend about a week ago, it only took 2 days to deliver and the ring is said to be worth $1,400. So I think it was a good buy, only thing is she thought I was popping the question and now I'm getting married lol Stupid ring candle. just kidding it worked out great.

    1. Haha, Congrats on the wedding! :-P I am so glad it worked out for you!


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