Here's What Happened When We Gave our Dog CBD Dog Treats

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Months ago, Bowie had an accident at the groomer where he fell off of one of their grooming tables. He had a bad limp and could barely put weight on his foot. We immediately went to our veterinarian to get his leg looked at, and in the process of these scans, we discovered that he has hip dysplasia. 

I remember when Adam and I saw the scans. I sat there in the vet's office quietly sobbing while our vet explaining to us that Bowie was likely born with this since it's a common genetic problem for dogs like him. Adam was confused, and I was devastated. And while this was a very emotional, stressful week it was also very eye-opening, and from this unfortunate accident, we learned that he's had hip issues all along without our knowing. 

We talked at length about our long-term options and our short-term options, and our vet said the first thing we should do is incorporate CBD treats for dogs into Bowie's diet from time to time. He said this would help with regulating any daily discomfort that he may feel because of his hip dysplasia. We began our treatment with him and within a few days, Bowie was walking and acting like his normal self. 

Since I'm not a doctor or a veterinarian, I want to remind you that I am not a medical professional. I can only speak to my experience as well as my dog's experience with CBD. So, before we go any further, this is your formal disclaimer to talk with your physician and/or veterinarian if you're unsure if CBD is right for your family.

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As soon as our vet recommended CBD for Bowie, I did a deep dive that stretched on for hours of reading online and researching brands for CBD and what exactly CBD is and how it can help dogs. Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is an active ingredient of cannabis. CBD is a naturally occurring molecule that works in the endocannabinoid system of a dog to help support its normal joint mobility and can soothe nerves. 

CBD products are generally made without THC, and it would require something to have THC for you to feel and/or get high. However, in my research, I learned that not all CBD products are the same. So, take a look at the ingredients before you buy it and especially before you give it to your pet. One of the brands that I found and has made a positive impact on Bowie is Lazarus Naturals. 

I can't say the same results will happen for every pet, but since Bowie started taking CBD, we have noticed a few things happen. I would say the best thing you can do as a parent to a fur baby is talk to your vet, do your own research, and test in small quantities with a trusted brand like Lazarus Naturals. Here's what happened when we gave our dog, Bowie, CBD. 

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Lazarus Naturals CBD Treats for Dogs Review

#1 He runs with less hesitation

What initially lead us to learn about his hip dysplasia came from an accident. But we also remember before that happened, we tried and tried to teach Bowie to jog with us and he never really seemed to have any interest in jogging or running. After a few minutes, he'd pull back on his leash and sit down in the middle of the road. Until we had started giving him treats like the Sweet Potato CBD + Vitality Dog Treats, we noticed he didn't want to go for jogs or runs with us. Now with the CBD treats incorporated into his routine, he will jog with us 2 times and sometimes 3 times longer than he normally would without hesitation!

#2 He seems less anxious

Living in an apartment complex, we tend to hear a lot of sudden and oftentimes loud noises. 

Plenty of new people are walking around visiting neighbors, and while this has been good when we were socializing Bowie when he was a puppy, as an adult he's entered the guard dog phase and will growl at people who walk by our door. The coming and going of strangers seems to unsettle Bowie, and since we cannot say goodbye to apartment life right now, we've been incorporating products like Calming CBD Oil Pet Tincture to help alleviate some of his stress. 

He definitely seems calmer after we give him some Calming CBD Oil Pet Tincture on a treat. And that's all we could want! I hate to see my dog looking and acting upset and pacing around the apartment and growling, and the CBD seems to really help him with that! This particular formula of CBD oil claims to have a slightly lower amount of CBD compared to some of the other products we've tried, which has given us all the more reason to give it to him nightly. 

We don't have any issues giving Bowie CBD, but a little bit of CBD oil at night and sprinkled on his dinner is the only daily routine we have that involves CBD. All of the other CBD products are used as higher-value treats, and used when we feel Bowie can benefit from them the most--which is not necessarily every day. 

#3 He seems to sleep better

Bowie sleeps more soundly now. He used to pace around the apartment trying to 'get comfy' and find the right spot to sleep. But since we've started putting some Wild Salmon Flavored Calming Pet CBD Oil Tincture in his dinner, he sleeps soundly through the night! Not to mention, the Omega-3's in this oil help contribute to Bowie having healthier skin and a healthier coat!

#4 He goes nuts for CBD because he recognizes the smell of it!

Once Bowie learned what CBD products smelled like, now whenever he smells them, he goes nuts for them! Bowie absolutely loves the taste of CBD oils and his CBD treats, and he has ever since he first tried it. There have been some CBD products we've tested that he hasn't responded to as much, but here are the Lazarus Naturals products that Bowie absolutely loves: 

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