Reviewing Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Mystery Box and Comparing it the Most Expensive Mystery Box

I decided to give the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Box one last, we find out if I regret it. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Mystery Box on white marble

Earlier this year, for my first Jeffree Star Cosmetics box, I went BIG! For my first mystery box purchase, I ended up spending a lot of money and then...I hated half of the items that I got.

Back in January when his Valentine's Day mystery boxes came out, I remember seeing everyone unboxing their Mini mystery boxes on YouTube and Twitter and thinking, "I would have been a lot happier spending less money and getting only a few things." Which lead me to the decision that I made on October 16, 2020. It got me thinking, "what if I try one last time?" 

I really didn't have any intentions of buying another Jeffree Star Cosmetics mystery box. But on this particular launch day, I was reminded of seeing Valentine's Day mystery boxes and regretting not getting the smallest one. So, I said, "you know what, I need to compare the experiences and get some takeaways to share on the blog." Which is how I ended up ordering 1 Mini Mystery Box from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Halloween Mystery Boxes sale. 

Today, I will be sharing an unboxing of my Mini Mystery Box and comparing my experience buying the smallest box for Halloween (the cheapest) versus buying the largest box from Valentine's Day (the most expensive). 

And if you're looking for a comprehensive review of how Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mystery Boxes work, you should check out the blog post I did for that here

Unboxing my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Mystery Box Halloween 2020

Let's talk about what I got in my mystery box! 

#1 Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Liner (Unicorn Blood)

This is my first of his lip liners so I am really excited to actually try it out. I am also pleased that it's a darker lip liner because I have been needing one. Not to mention, Unicorn Blood is a great color for fall and winter so I am here for it. I am super excited about this one!

#2 Jeffree Star Cosmetics The Gloss (Wet Peach)

I do enjoy wearing peach blush, so I am willing to give this lip gloss a fair chance. The monochromatic look is definitely popular right now, so the next time I pull out my peach blush I will be trying out this gloss in the shade "Wet Peach." I have used his gloss formula before, and I do enjoy it so I am happy about this product! 

#3 Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick (Unicorn Blood)

I have been wearing his liquid lipsticks for years, and I don't have Unicorn Blood right now so this was not a duplicate for me. I am quite happy with getting it, and I am happy I also have it in lip liner now, too!

Overall, I am SO happy with what I got in this mini mystery box! And I did not get any duplicates which is always nice. The fact that I get to try a new-to-me product (I hadn't gotten around to ordering any lip liner when it launched so this was new to me) is an added bonus. 

Unboxing a Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Mystery Box

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Unicorn Blood and Wet Peach Lip Product Boxes on White Marble

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Products on white marble

My Cheapest Box vs. My Most Expensive Box

So, let's compare my two price point experiences with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics mystery boxes. My most expensive purchase was for Valentine's Day. For this Halloween launch, I opted for the cheapest mystery box.

During the Valentine's Day mystery box event, every single size of the boxes got at least 3 exclusive items and the cheapest box was $60 (and it came with 3 exclusives items and 1 non-exclusive item). So while that 'mini' box would not have been considered cheap by most people's standards, even the smallest size box had exclusive items during Valentine's Day. But rather than getting the $60 box, I got the $145 box which was the largest.

But for this time around for Halloween, none of the sizes of the mystery boxes were expected to have any exclusive items. None. So I chose to play my odds and see what I could get for the smallest investment, aka a $25 mystery box. 

So purely from a mathematical standpoint when you take exclusivity of items away from the equation, the Mini box (aka the cheapest box) gets you more value for your dollar. 

Halloween Mini Mystery Box - $25 mystery box (Items estimated value is $52)

-contains 3 items (0 items are exclusive)

Valentine's Day Supreme Mystery Box - $145 mystery box (Items estimated value is $285)

-contains 12 items (5 items are exclusive)

My Final Takeaways:

#1 Exclusivity matters.

Mystery Boxes with Exclusive Items vs Mystery Boxes with Non-Exclusive Items

Between these two launches, I was more excited leading up to buying the Valentine's Day Supreme Mystery Box. Why? Not because of the amount of money I spent and getting more items, but rather, because there were exclusive items up for grabs. 

Let's clarify what I mean by that. Non-exclusive items are what Jeffree Star Cosmetics sells on their website. Exclusive means you will ONLY get this item if you buy a mystery box. 

In other words, during that Valentine's Day launch, Jeffree Star Cosmetics made and released items that would only be available and distributed through the mystery boxes and never sold on the website. AKA a collector's dream. So here's my takeaway for you: if you care about exclusivity and the possibility of getting a special item that will never be made again, save your cash and wait to opt for the mystery box event where they promise you exclusive items. 

I would not recommend getting a mystery box if it does not promise at least 1 exclusive item. 

Getting exclusive items is half the fun of these mystery boxes, so if you're not getting any exclusives, don't bother. Just save your money and buy what you want specifically when Jeffree Star Cosmetics has a sale (or buy it from a third party website that sells his products like Beautylish). 

#2 The mini mystery box made me happier.

I was significantly happier with my mini mystery box experience compared to his biggest mystery box! I liked all of the items I got in mine and I did not get any duplicates. Obviously, my experience will be different from the next person because what they get in their mystery box and what they have in their beauty collection already differs from me. But speaking directly to the two different mystery boxes I got, I am much MUCH happier with my experience with the smaller box. 


Bigger doesn't always mean better! 

#3 Mystery boxes are a fun pick-me-up.

I mentioned this last time during my first review of my big box, but I think treating yourself when you can afford to is important. Now more than ever, we're all struggling to find a little joy throughout the day and if your joy comes from makeup or even just doing a little bit of retail therapy when it's responsible to do so (after your bills are paid, of course) I say you should go for it! 

#4 If you already own JSC products, keep your expectations low.

I think if you are already own a lot of Jeffree Star Cosmetics products you should go into the mystery box experience with low expectations. The reason I say this is even though he has so many different shades and many different products, getting a repeat of what you own is bound to happen to many, many people. The bright side of getting a duplicate is you have a backup when your product goes empty, or you could even regift it to someone who's recently complimented you on your makeup! Ultimately, keeping your expectations lower will make you happier in the long run.  

Do you know someone who's thought about buying a JSC Mystery Box? Share this post with them and give them all the details! 

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