A Comprehensive Review of Glo Skin Beauty Treatment in a Box At-Home Professional Facial (Bio-Renew EGF Cell Repairing Facial)

Have you heard of the Glo Skin Beauty Treatment in a Box? Today, I'm reviewing one of their treatment boxes, the Bio-Renew EGF Cell Repairing Facial, and sharing my experience with it.

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Glo Skin Beauty is one of my go-to beauty brands. I absolutely love their skincare, and they have some incredible makeup products, too. Earlier this year, I saw that they introduced their Treatments-in-a-Box collection, and this came out right before COVID-19 started consuming every waking moment and all of social media and news headlines here in the United States. So, admittedly, I forgot about these boxes.

Fast forward to now, in the middle of gift-giving season, and our family is still social distancing. I have not been to the spa since last year. As you can imagine, I am much overdue for a facial and all kinds of self-care spa and beauty services. But then, I remembered that Glo Skin Beauty had put out their Treatments-in-a-Box. Since so many of us are in this position and are overdue for some advanced self-care, I figured it would be a great time to test and review one of their Treatments-in-a-Box before Christmas. 

If you or someone on your holiday shopping list would enjoy a professional-level, at-home facial kit, then I invite you to keep scrolling with me while I share my experience and my results with you! 

What is Glo Skin Beauty Treatment-in-a-Box?

A professional-grade, single-use facial treatment kit. 

The Treatment-in-a-Box kit comes with all of the products and accessories that you will need to perform the complete at-home facial by yourself. This particular treatment, the Glo Skin Beauty Bio-Renew EGF Cell Repairing Facial, is meant to "restore and revitalize your complexion" with their "advanced plant stem cell and vegan epidermal growth factor" products. 

What comes in a box?

I got the Bio-Renew EGF Cell Repairing Facial, and the box includes: 

Glo Skin Beauty Treatment in a Box Unboxing and Review

How long is the recovery period?

Like all professional chemical peels, you can expect some sort of downtime. The Glo Skin Beauty website says that it has 0 days of "potential downtime" aka recovery. As the standard with any significant chemical peel, Glo Skin Beauty's website recommends waiting 3-4 weeks in-between treatments. 

My personal experience with the recovery of this peel/treatment was great! I saw nothing of concern with my skin during and after the treatment, and like the website suggested, I did not have any downtime. I did, however, to make sure that I did my treatment when I knew I would be at home and inside to prevent sun exposure. While it was not recommended or even required to do so, this was an extra precaution that I took which I would like to think helped with the fact that I had no downtime after this treatment. 

How does it compare to a spa facial?

The products are excellent and I have nothing but great things to say about Glo Skin Beauty skincare. This is why I was interested in their Treatment-in-a-Box in the first place! I trust Glo Skin Beauty products because they are made with excellent ingredients and they give me consistent results. 

One great thing about this kit, while it is definitely a bit of an investment in your self-care, is that it costs a fraction of what a professional spa would charge you for this level of a peel. I have been to numerous spas in Phoenix and Scottsdale that offer comparable facial treatments and their services cost up to 3X more than what you would pay for the Glo Skin Beauty Treatment-in-a-Box. 

As far as comparing it to the experience of having a facial treatment at a spa, the one downside with this kit is that you have to do everything yourself. First world problems, right? But seriously, one of my favorite things about going to the spa is just laying there and doing absolutely nothing while my skin is taken care of and pampered for hours. 

When you do this Treatment-in-a-Box at home, you will be the one applying everything so you don't just get to sit back and relax. That is unless you can convince your significant other or your roommate to apply it for you! Adam and I talked about how the next time I try one of their Treatments-in-a-Box he volunteered to apply the products next time so I can just lay there in a bathrobe lazily while he does everything for me--which sounds amazing! I would say that the experience and the cost are the major differences between this facial kit and facial treatment at a spa. 

Opaque makeup bag with 3 skincare items inside next to a photo collage of a woman's face with no makeup after having an at-home facial

The Results

I am happy with how this facial turned out! 

I realize it is a Level One and there was no expected downtime, so I did not notice that much of a visible difference in my skin other than looking more glowy when the facial was complete. That said, my face immediately felt a difference to the touch. It was a lot softer and smoother when I touched it. 

The morning after the facial, I did notice a little bit less redness in my face than I would normally have when I wake up. I know this was not marketed as an anti-redness facial, but this was a noticeable difference when I woke up the morning after my afternoon facial. 


  1. You will have plenty of leftovers of 3/4 of the products you use. This kit is marketed to be single-use, but with the exception of the cleanser, there was plenty of product left over for the mask, serum drops, and oil. So while the price of the box is an investment, you will definitely have more product left over to use multiple times (with the exception of the cleanser that comes in a tear-off pouch). 
  2. The clean fragrance is refreshing and reminds me of a spa facial. You know how sometimes when you smell a skincare product it can really make or break your experience with it? Well, I really enjoy the natural fragrance of these products. Normally, fragrance in skincare is unnecessary, but the combination of the ingredients and the product themselves put together gives a nice spa facial scent. You know the one fragrance most spas have that I'm talking about? It's almost a medicinal smell, but more refined.
  3. The products delivered the majority of results they said they would almost instantly. And that's really what I expect for skincare and I was not disappointed with my results! 
  4. I like that it came with stuff it didn't have to come with and it made the experience better. What I mean is, they could have easily put together a kit with just the Glo Skin Beauty skincare products. But instead, they also included a headband, a mask brush, and reusable cotton rounds. I really like the reusable cotton round and the mask brush, and I will probably continue to use the headband as well when I am applying other skincare. 


  1. While I really like how my skin looked and felt after the facial, I did not notice any firming effects on the surface level after using this facial one time. Which, honestly, isn't really that huge of a downside for me personally since firming is not my #1 concern. However, the fact that this kit is marketed towards the three key benefits being strengthening, radiance-boosting, and firming, I thought it was worth mentioning that I did not experience any noticeable firming. For the price of the kit, however, the lack of firming results was enough of a concern for me to mention is as a con. 

Would I recommend the Glo Skin Beauty Treatment-in-a-Box?

In a short answer, yes. Absolutely! 

I really enjoy Glo Skin Beauty products and feel like this Treatment-in-a-Box is another one of their hits. I am also quite happy with having plenty of leftover Bio-Renew EGF Drops, Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil, and Phyto-Active Firming Mask. I have used these products at least a dozen times since I did my initial facial, and I still have some product left over. 

While I did not have the most luck the first time around with seeing any firming effects, after using the firming mask another time and increasing the amount I used, I definitely felt the firming effect the second time around. What worked for me is doubling up on the products. This worked because my face is larger and I tend to require a little bit more product than the recommended amount, (and I also apply the products to both my face and my neck).

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Glo Skin Beauty Treatment in a Box Home Facial Review

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