Pamper a Mom in your Life with these Self-Care Gifts for Mother's Day

Here are a few self-care gift ideas for Mother's Day featuring beauty items she will love (and use!)

mother's day beauty gift guide

Mother's Day gift-giving can be such a flop. You hear too often about moms getting afterthought gifts featuring items you'd find at the Home Goods checkout line. You know what I'm talking about, right? Fuzzy socks, a coffee mug with hot cocoa mix or tea inside, or one of the hundreds of basic candles lined across the queue. She doesn't want to be an afterthought in line at the store. You know what my friends who are moms say? They just want a considerate gift that they can use (not for their kids or husbands) and to be appreciated on Mother's Day. To me, that sounds like self-care at its finest!

Give the special mother figure in your life a self-care beauty item she can actually use for Mother's Day this year! Skip the candles and flowers this year and buy her something that will help her take time to relax and practice some self-care. This could differ from person to person, but generally speaking, for women who have a skincare routine these items are GREAT gift ideas. 

You know what makes an excellent gift? Something someone would love, but they normally would not go out of their way to buy it for themselves. Each gift idea on this list is one of those kinds of gifts and is perfect for Mother's Day this year! Many of these products are also available on Amazon Prime, and linked below I've included some affiliate links. When you purchase a product using one of the links below, Amazon will give me a percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. This is just one of the ways we keep our site up and running, and we appreciate you using our affiliate links to support our site! 

A mini-fridge for her skincare

There are so many mini fridges you can choose from, but if you are planning on buying one for your mom or a special mom in your life, I'd recommend thinking about what would look best in her bathroom first (especially if it's going on her countertop). All white or white with a mirror front would most likely be ideal, but there are plenty to choose from online to give you an idea. My suggestion? I like this one from COOSEON and it's available for Amazon Prime!

There are plenty of benefits to keeping skincare cool, but what makes this gift idea special is that it's something she may already want but just hasn't purchased for herself yet since it's not really a beauty 'necessity.' Sometimes the best gifts are the ones we want but never buy for ourselves! 

OSEA Undaria Body Polish

I am *obsessed* with this body polish and it's my absolute favorite I've ever tried! I think everyone should try it and use it, so for obvious reasons it had to make it onto this list. And there are plenty of good reasons it made it onto my best of 2020 list. 

The OSEA Undaria Body Polish is a luxurious, physical exfoliant that works so great before I shave my legs and also before I give myself an at-home pedicure. It is made with amazing ingredients for physical exfoliation of the skin like Undaria seaweed, hemp seed oil, and volcanic pumice. I apply it right in the shower just before I shave my legs, and it leaves my skin so soft! Beyond the excellent formula and the right kinds of ingredients, I really love that this body polish comes in a tub and not a tube. I scoop a little bit out and I always get the right amount I need without wasting any excess product which is awesome! As we near closer to the warmer months, the mom in your life may really want this in her bathroom! Get this amazing body polish from OSEA available on Amazon Prime here! 

Glo Skin Beauty GlyPro AHA Resurfacing Peel

Bring the spa day to her with this at-home, professional-grade chemical peel from Glo Skin Beauty. I have been a huge fan of the Glo Skin Beauty Treatments in a Box, and their GlyPro AHA Resurfacing Peel is truly the closest skincare treatment I've ever done at home that's come close to giving me esthetician/spa results. 

What's really great about this treatment box is that they give you everything you need! To top that off, the ingredients are the best of the best, and Glo Skin Beauty is one of my favorite skincare brands because their products always deliver great results. 

With this GlyPro AHA Resurfacing Peel, one thing to keep in mind is that it does have potential downtime just like any other chemical peel. Their instructions say it could be 0-5 days of peeling, sloughing, and redness. My personal experience with this peel? No discomfort whatsoever, and regular cell turnover results you'd expect from a professional chemical peel (I had very minor bumps that gradually went away once all the dead skin cells turned over and the peel was fully complete). It is a really awesome peel and I love that I can do it from home for a fraction of the price I'd pay at the spa!

The mother in your life who loves going to the spa to get a facial or chemical peel will appreciate this box more than you know! After a year of social distancing (and most of us staying home and not going to the salon or the spa), so many of us are behind in our regular skincare treatments. This chemical peel is fantastic, high-quality, and what's even better is that she can get professional results from the comfort and safety of her home! Grab this professional chemical peel from Glo Skin Beauty on Amazon Prime!

Drunk Elephant The Littles™

There's something really luxe about being able to sample the best samples from a beauty skincare line. The Drunk Elephant The Littles™set is the *best* minis kit with the best value I've seen! I love Drunk Elephant products because they have so many incredible ingredients, and they always deliver excellent results. 

What makes this kit ideal for Mother's Day is the fact that it contains 8 of their skincare bestsellers. Drunk Elephant has a luxury price point, so the value in this kit is that you can try multiple products in smaller, travel-size quantities for the price of one of these full-size items. I have tried and liked each and every single one of the products in their The Littles™ kit and I highly recommend it as a gift! This Drunk Elephant The Littles™kit is available on Amazon Prime! 

Jackpot Candle Bath Bomb

If you can find out what her ideal ring sizes are, this gift idea is an absolute winner! What's awesome about Jackpot Candle bath bombs is that each one comes with a mystery ring inside valued between $15-$5000! I had such an amazing experience getting a Jackpot Candle and their bath bomb would be such a perfect gift for Mother's Day!  

Most of the moms in my life enjoy relaxing and taking a quiet bath, and bath bombs are perfect for self-care. There are so many bath bomb options to choose from, but here are a few of my favorite fragrances: 

Pursoma Bath Soak and Body Brush

I have been enjoying Pursoma bath soaks for well over a year now, and the Pursoma dry brush was a game-changer for me! But I'll be the first to admit...this isn't something I normally wouldn't buy for myself. But now that I have, it's a part of my regular self-care routine! 

Being stuck in self-quarantine throughout the pandemic had me taking more baths and practicing self-care to keep my anxiety at bay, so I took plenty more baths in the last year than I have my entire life. Trying different bath salts and bath soaks throughout my time at home since last year, my absolute favorite is the Pursoma Just Breathe Ritual Body Soak. For the mom in your life who enjoys soaking in the tub, these would be the perfect gift for her! You can get my favorite Pursoma bath soak on Amazon Prime here, as well as the Pursoma Detox Body Brush on Amazon Prime here

Check out a few more of my favorite Pursoma bath products available through Ulta Beauty:

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