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We use a variety of techniques to keep our Snapchat audience engaged--a typical Snapchat story may include an assortment of interesting and eye-appealing images, selfie videos where I can face my audience and convey a message in an enthusiastic tone of voice, drawings that lead into topic (e.g. I may draw a food item and then in the next Snapchat I'll introduce my latest burger recipe post), time-lapse emoji art to boost daily retention rate, etc. 

Ways Our Mini Family Can Help Your Brand

#1 Sharing our Experience with Your Brand in Live Time

The best way to truly engage our audience is to share our experience with them through visual storytelling (this especially rings true for hospitality/travel, restaurant, and lifestyle brands). 

For example, we recently partnered with Lexus to promote the Lexus CT200h and drove around the valley with our Snapchat audience and shared our favorite foodie moments from all across the valley. Through authentic and visually appealing storytelling, we gave our audience a taste of wanderlust for the foodie scene in Phoenix coupled with the adventure of exploring a large city from a sleek, Lexus CT200h. 

Click here to see our blog post overview from our  Snapchat partnership with Lexus!

#2 Featuring Your Product in our Snapchats

We love getting presents in the mail! Recently our friends at King Arthur Flour surprised us by mailing us a gift box filled with their products, and we shared the unboxing with our fans on Snapchat! We shared a tweet that included a sample of some of our Snapchat story from that day, and tagged King Arthur Flour to drive our Twitter audience to also engage with them (I have found that my Twitter audience and Snapchat audience take a liking to similar content!)

#3 Implementing Your Brand's Snap Code

Implementing a snap code into our stories drives our audience to engage with our call to action. When we work with a brand, we can incorporate their Snapchat code right into our story and encourage our audience to take a screenshot and follow your business to help you expand your own audience and gain reach!


Sample Snapchat Stories (Saved to YouTube):

We Love to Share Foodie Snapchats! Here are a few examples:

Sample Snapchat Metrics
*Last Updated May 2016

Average Story Snap Unique Views: 500+
Average Story Completion/Retention Rate: 85%
What Our Audience is Saying:

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